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  1. I've had my $20K Emigrant Direct card since Junami. I have not had any AA on this account. I use it regularly, and sometimes carry a small balance. I wouldn't freak out about AA that hasn't happened yet. I'd use the card as you normally would and if AA happens, cross that bridge when you come to it. Barclays is YMMV. Some have had great luck with them, others not so much. I think the number of people who get AA on a Barclay's account is a very small percentage...
  2. KatyG


    I think 30 days is standard on this one. They verify your Speedway Rewards number, etc. Mine was not instant.
  3. I am interested in finding this out because Macys has caused me some headaches that I would like to close that after 12 months and reallocate if possible.... You cannot reallocate to/from or between branded cards like Sears, Macy's, Home Depot, etc.
  4. Citi's relationship with Visa has been pared down significantly. There was disagreement between Citi and Visa regarding branding issues, so Citi moved almost all of its business to Mastercard...
  5. I am sure that would be the case. I have multiple Citi cards, and when I was approved for the Expedia PP, they called me and told me that they would give me the $2K minimum, but anything else, I would have to reallocate from my other cards cause I'd hit their ceiling.... Thank you And may I ask your advice/experience ? I'm getting ahead of myself since I haven't even applied yet for my first Citi card. But .. Assuming that I'm approved, how long do you think a person should wait before applying for a second card ? I'm planning to apply for a Dividend Platinum Select (mainly for my car-gas and utilities) and then apply for a second card and use that 2nd card as a BT card for the 0% intro BT I've read that the limit is two applications per 60 days, but I thought maybe there's an unofficial rule of thumb for spacing apart two applications Well, I applied for the AA and recieved an instant approval first time out. So I waited one day... and applied for the PP. Also instant.
  6. Hi all, I took a look at my EX report today through the backdoor and saw the last Amex AR I have was Nov 18th or something. Well, I've had new accounts hit, so I am really curious WHY I am not seeing any A/Rs? EX is frozenm but they can obviously see it if they want since they are a current creditor. Have they switched to EQ or TU for A/Rs? What gives?! Thanks!
  7. DW just converted her AA to Upromise. She had to re-allocate from another Citi card she had to make the min requirement for Upromise (which is 5k). The CSR straight told her the requirement. Thank you I was wondering .. Maybe the answer is an obvious one that I'm not seeing, but I don't understand the logic behind a creditor having a minimum CL requirement. Also, I wonder if this requirement for a minimum CL might be another reason that some people get turned down for a particular Citi card, i.e., the person satisfied nearly every approval criterium but was still turned down for the card because the CL he/she qualified for was below the minimum CL requirement. I am sure that would be the case. I have multiple Citi cards, and when I was approved for the Expedia PP, they called me and told me that they would give me the $2K minimum, but anything else, I would have to reallocate from my other cards cause I'd hit their ceiling....
  8. Navy frequently asks for docs. They've asked for docs on my CC and my NavChek. They asked for docs for the loan for the motorhome too...
  9. Good luck in finding out the story OP. If it was in fact filed in GA, it does look like it may not be renewable.
  10. Also, when was the original judgment?
  11. I am assuming this judgment was renewed after 10 years. Once you have a judgment, 'normal' SOL rules don't apply. A judgment is collectable for 10 years and continuously renewable. So, unfortunately, as PP has said, you need to find out if this judgement was renewed. If so, what they did was legal, and it may be in your best interest to work with them on a payment plan. Looks like they are ready to start playing hardball including bank account levys, garnishment, etc. depending what is legal in your state.
  12. HELOCs are SECURED.... And most rates I am looking at are about 7.25 to START, if your credit is PERFECT. Oh, and CLTV on a HELOC right now is about 80% with most banking institutions. Most people just don't have enough equity to tap into, even if they wanted to... but most importantly it is secured. And Advanta is EXTREMELY conservative, most people cannot get an approval on Advanta UNLESS FICO is over 720. And AMEX and BT?! Come on! Who the heck is dumb enough to do a BT with AMEX? Let the FR's and closures begin....
  13. I live in MI, so for Chase, MI is TU country...
  14. Yeah, RBS is on my list... The Kroger 15 cents off is really good, but there are no Kroger gas stations around me, really. The points you get for Speedway's card rival any other card out there if you like rewards as gift cards... I have no qualms with that!

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