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  1. No you have to register as a Foreign (non-cali) Corporation, which then can have a DBA. The foreign corp. registration fee can be priced higher than a domestic corp. registration. So you will have to pay 2 registrations, one for each state. You will also have to pay taxes to California, on all sales made in California. Basically, if you are doing this to avoid CA taxes, but still intend to operate out of CA, they will still get you on taxes.
  2. Hi, I'm going to set up an PA LLC from my current sole proprietor status. As far as I can tell, basically the LLC will be a new entity from 2007, and my DBA will cease to exist. Now I know I can do an eUpdate thru DnB, but will this change my business start date from 2005 to 2007? From what I have read, all my tradelines will be wiped. What do I do with all my net30/store/credit accounts. Do I just call and tell them to rebill me under the LLC? Or do I start from scratch like this is a brand new business, even though it isn't. I don't really have any balances on these accounts, so it would be easy to close them outright and start over. Any help from someone thats done this would be great. Thanks!
  3. Most legitimate wholesellers/distributors have credit options. In fact not having any financing options and not requiring a resale license are the top 2 ways to figure out if they are legit, IMO. For electronics/computers try: D&H, IngramMicro, TechData. Don't expect magical discounts though. Item pricing unless doing 6 figure purchasing are a few dollars off retail. In fact, sometimes you can find items at retail cheaper than the wholesale price to you, since they are able to buy more quantity.
  4. chaotix

    Net 30's

    No you don't have to order every month lol. But DNB report shows when your last order/transaction was. It is my understanding that after a certain periods old trades will fall off the report. So you'd probably wanna order something ever couple of months. I'm not too sure about this though.
  5. You could probably get a HDMC increase to $25,000.
  6. Does this credit line get you backdoor entry as a IBM/Lenovo authorized reseller? Unless you are an authorized reseller, you can't even buy the stuff right?
  7. I believe they will come the user name on the card, their address.
  8. You should've just let it go. I got the Code 25 on every Citi application I made. I called in about the first one (Staples), and the rep gave me some nonsense. But eventually every single card showed up even HDMC, without PG. My business was 1.3 years old at the time. All the so call 'requirements' seem to be more or less guidelines. It still doesn't matter much for me. I didn't PG HDMC, but I'm a sole-proprietor so its guaranteed anyway. lol
  9. Why would you send more money then you owe? Did you call or ask online? I did a CLI online last week for $3k and it came back approved. Of course a chunk of it went to the dedicated HomeDepot thing.
  10. How do you compete with BlockBuster? Well BlockBuster is expensive, also they do not have flexible returns. You have to pay $4.00 for 5 days for movies, or $7 for 5 days for games. I for one never need a move for 5 days. The game rentals I find too expensive. But again, thats just me. lol your questions too hard. Edit: Idea. Maybe a few playable systems? This will attract customers, no gaurentee they'll buy but the more people you get into the store the better.
  11. Try rentals. Video game margins suck so bad Don't even attempt to compete on eBay to make a profit. People just go there to dump games they can't sell elsewhere. You'll find new releases $50-53 wholesale, selling for <$40. Once the new release hype wears off, dump it on eBay or it'll depreciate on you. I have a few stacks of sealed videogames lying around from when I dabbled in videogames. They now retail for $10-20. I bought them for $45ish
  12. As far as I know, credit card are all personally guaranteed. Whether they check your personal credit, or not before they approve you is the only variable. But the card itself is personally guaranteed. Add to that the business is a proprietorship, you're definitely on the hook.
  13. Based on your good luck, I decided to apply for this... We'll see how it goes. It said they will reply by mail. But it let me choose some options of getting paperless billing, what part of the billing cyle I would like to pay, if I wanted to enroll in online billing. Is that a good sign?
  14. You can try NetBank. netbank.com They will ask for SSN of principal owner, but they will open it with your business EIN/TIN. I don't believe they even do anything with your SSN because I was pretty much approved instantly, just had to mail documents in proving I had a business. I think banks just need the SSN on file so the IRS or the GOVT in general can come after you. But commiting fraud wouldn't be a good way to start a business. And if you do slip by, it's not worth the risk if you business becomes large.
  15. My invoice said NET 10, however, I got it like 15 days after the purchase so I'd have been 5 days late already. They said I had 30 days to pay. And they reported ok to D&B

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