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  1. I'm late to the game but I came here searching for information about this company too when I saw that my cable provider, Time Warner Cable, was floating an ad for them. I also did a Google search with 'billfloat' and 'complaints' and I got at least a dozen hits. I'm a bit surprised that so many reputable sites are promoting this company when there are so many complaints and cries of "Scam" all over the internet. Lisa R, apparently replies to all of them, and in a few cases, they are still unresolved or the people never posted that they were resolved. The most recent complaint I found against them for either not paying a bill as promised or repeated deductions from a checking account was mid-October 2012.
  2. I need an online checking, money management, budgeting tool. It needs to be online because DH and I have two checking accounts and one savings account and DH needs to be able to view the accounts when he can't access my computer (where we would have software like Quicken or Microsoft Money installed if we were going to install either). I want something that will import from our bank accounts, let us add transactions and reconcile them, tag transactions according to what they were for (food, gas, utilities, etc). The adding transactions is most important because I want to see upcoming bills and payments and know what our projected cash is AFTER those payments. Does anyone have anything they use or have any suggestions?
  3. That's good that she likes her hair - so many of our babies don't. Just tell her she'll be able to style it herself in a few years. My 8 year old certainly couldn't comb her own hair at that age. If I'd let her, she would have been looking CRAZY. I'm surprised you can't find a natural stylist near Cleveland. Hmmmmm. I think that it was (is) a big help that DH has always stressed how gorgeous her hair is and how gorgeous she is. She's definitely Daddy's Girl, and having Daddy emphasize how perfect she is has been good for her self-esteem. Also, all her "uncles" (non-blood related) as well as her uncles and cousins rave about her hair, too. I've actually gotten to the point a few years ago where I would start interjecting with "Yes, but she's also a great gymnast/whiz at math/terrific artist/really smart" to avoid her falling into a vanity trap. Of course, the older generation of the males in my family don't get why I always stress those other talents, too.
  4. Oh yeah, I'm in northeastern OH, does anyone know of any natural stylists in the area? (Heck I'll go as far as Columbus or Pittsburgh if someone can really help take care of my DDs hair!)
  5. We blow it out about once per year. That's usually all it takes to remind her of the time and effort involved with blowing it out to wear it straight. OTOH, her friends already comment on her hair and how much they love it and wish their hair could be curly. Two of her school friends just love to touch her hair and pull out her curls. She even says that she loves her "girly-curly-curls" and doesn't ever want her hair to be straight permanently. "Just for a day or two, Mommy." Then we blow dry it, it takes two to three hours, and she's happy to dunk her head and bring the curls back again after a day or so. So, at least we have no hair envy. She just wants to be able to style it herself.
  6. Tender headed doesn't begin to describe it! We actually told our neighbors to ignore the screams because we really were not torturing our daughter. When I get out the comb and hair product, DH is always like, "Oh! It's medieval torture time!" However, we have found that having lots of episodes of "Phineas & Ferb" and "Chowder" on the DVR work wonders for distraction.
  7. I'm happy to let the hair do what it wants when I don't have to care for it Like I said, her hair is gorgeous and I love it; just not enough hours in the day to care for it when she's in her moods where she wants to wear it down. It IS more manageable when I keep it in braids. Big problem is DD is getting to the point where she wants to do her own hair because she's envious of her BFFs (Asian and white respectively, both with STICK STRAIGHT hair) who do their own brushing and braiding. I'm happy to start teaching her, but then we're back to the whole lack of patience problem. It's struggle enough to get her to shampoo and condition it.
  8. Finding a natural hair specialist is going to take some work, but I'll look into it and try. I think it's going to take some phone calling and some legwork, but I'm willing to do so. I've been told that DD has 3c or 4a hair. (Depends on who's doing the telling). I think it's 4a because the curls streeeeeeeeetch nearly to her backside but look to only be chin-to-shoulder length. Gorgeous hair, it really is. I think her hair is just to die for, but the styling and care is a lot and she's far from patient and cooperative. (She also has ADHD, so I'm sure that's a factor in the lack of patience. It's also why I'm only considering the relaxing; I don't know if she could sit still for long enough, even with a book or her DS to distract her) Another thought, does anyone know of any product that might do a "fake" relax? Pull the curls out a bit so that they're longer and less tight? Her hair just tangles so easily, even with braids, the hair will be frizzy and fly-away, and the ends will come undone and tangle together by the end of the day. Heck, her hair tangles while I'm combing it out or undoing the braids. I'm actually glad to hear that the stylists were all just lazy. I know her hair isn't easy, but it's nice to know that there are solutions. I just have to keep searching. Would two strand twists work better than braids? I could probably get more done, and get them in and out faster too. Would elastic bands work better on the ends or just barrettes?
  9. Here's the thing: my daughter's hair is literally right down the middle. DH is white, but his heritage is naturally curly hair. (Side note: I didn't know that for the first few years we dated because he keeps it cut so darn short!) I'm black, and my hair is thick and healthy. DD got the fine natural curls from DH, the abundance of hair from me ... and probably some measure of the curliness from the mixed genetic cocktail. Anyway, I've gone to white stylists and black stylists and her hair leaves them all flummoxed. No one honestly seems to know what to do with her hair because it's not white or black. White hair products tend to be too light; black hair products are a bit heavy. That's why I've spent so much time experimenting and trying to find the right mix from column A and column B. The most important factor seems to be getting enough moisture in her hair and getting a good detangler. I used to use the L'OREAL when she was a baby, but maybe it's worth switching back. I'm also going to check out mixed chicks site.
  10. Her hair is washed once per week. The rest of the regime is: Light, cleaning conditioning rinse in the shower Leave in (moisturizing) conditioner after shower (combed through hair) Olive oil gloss spray (either with or without braids) (also combed through hair) This is all done at night after/during her shower/bath because we don't have nearly enough time in the mornings. Before summer, the conditioning rinse and leave-in conditioner were done every other or every two nights, but summer involves a lot of playing and sweating, and nearly every other day in the pool. (Conditioner is also added to her hair/braids before getting in the pool. The whole concept of swim cap is a nightmare/battle/war) Currently, I'm using V05 for the cleaning, conditioning rinse and rotating products for the Leave In conditioner: Herbal Essences, Oudiad's Krly Kids Conditioner, and Curly Qs Coconut Dream Conditioner. (The V05 and Herbal Essences were suggestions from a biracial hair care website)
  11. I'm feeling kind of lucky, after reading. I have no contact with the ILs. I'm in an interracial marriage and when my DH announced his intent to marry me, his parents disowned him. (I always tell people that his parents didn't like my permanent tan! ) But, according to his mother, he was just marrying me to get back at her. No tears and sadness here. He doesn't miss them and they're the ones missing out. We have an 8yo DD. She's beautiful (I could be biased), bright, creative, funny, compassionate, sensitive, affectionate and the light of our world. They've never known her, and it's definitely their loss. OTOH, my family loves and adores him, and accepted him with wide open arms.
  12. My DD has a head full of pencil tight ringlet "Little Orphan Annie" curls. They're adorable, yes, but also the biggest PITA in the world to manage. I'm finally considering getting her hair relaxed. I don't want to get her hair fully straightened, but I've been told a mild relaxer will loosen the curls and make it more manageable. Has anyone had any experience with this? What are the pros and cons? DD is only 8, but it's been 7 years of struggle and battle with maintaining her hair. The only way to stop it from tangling massively is to put it in braids or ponytails, and even that's a trial. It took me a whole hour last night just to put four braided pony tails in her hair, and that's pretty typical. (Only 7 years because for the first year, her curls were fat and loose and short and very easy to manage!)
  13. Honestly, I don't know to whom I would submit the application. I don't have any idea of what banks would be able to help someone in my financial position or if I'm better sticking with an online application. I suppose that I should back up and ask where the best places to apply would be?
  14. I manage the checking accounts and pay all the bills in my household. However, DH needs to be able to record debit transactions, checks written and just check the balances/budget on the fly (at home or on his smartphone). Any suggestions for online services? I need something that will allow multiple accounts, pending transactions and budgeting. Currently, I'm using Mint, but not very happy with it. It's been annoyingly quirky lately with pending transactions and syncing.

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