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  1. Quick back story - LVNV was trying to collect on an account that they couldn't validate and I had no record of. They trashed my credit reports, updating every month with a higher and higher total due. Every time I DV'd their "lawyers" I would never get a response and it would pass on to another "lawyer". The account was out of SOL according to their own dating, and ended up falling off my reports in March at the 7 year mark. They still never answered a single DV letter, and the last lawyer to call admitted on the phone that they had no paperwork other than LVNV's order to collect. Today I got in the mail from the same law firm a collection letter urging me to use my economic stimulus check to pay them I absolutely LOVE the way they ended it too, So, my question is, do I send a FOAD letter or an ITS. I WILL sue if they continue this cr*p. Cat
  2. Hey, I'm a SMS guide too! I just started and was accepted last week. I love it, I log in for an hour or so a day, already up to $20 with just a couple of hours. Its not much, but an extra 100 a month doesn't hurt either. Plus, it gives me something to do when my kid is sleeping and my husband isn't home from work yet. Cat
  3. Update again: I called the hospital biiling department. They said my account with the hospital is clear and the bill is for the individual doctor. They gave me another number for physician billing, I called them and cleared up with them the amount owed and to who. I got their amailing address, but the woman said they will automatically forward the payment to the CA. I tried to get her to recall the account from the CA, but it didn't work. So, if I send the payment (money order) to the OC doctor, made out to them with the endorsement on the back that no one else can cash it, will they have to accept it despite their insistance that they will forward the payment to the CA? I want this out of the CA's grubby hands since they refuse to remove the duplicate account from my CR which is tanking my score. Cat
  4. Wanted to add to my last post, but it won't let me edit it. Anyway, I called the insurance company and they helped me track down the claim, I do actually owe the 190.00 (I mis-stated 180 above). Apparently the Insurance Co. sent me a check for the amount covered and I cashed it but never paid the OC. (I had just had my daughter and had a bunch of checks from the insurance all at once, so it probably got sent to a different doctor). The insurance couldn't provide me with accurate info on who should get the payment though because of the way it was billed. So now, I'm calling the OC hospital to see who I even actually owe the money to, the hospital or the individual doctor. Once I have that info, I'll use the hippa payment letter to the OC with appropriate insert and cross my fingers. Is this correct?
  5. I got "validation" in the mail yesterday from the CA. It is just a print out, not even on letter head from the hospital or anything, with basically the same info that I owe them 180.00 for an ER visit. It was stamped with "This is a comminication form a debt collector" and another stamp with the CA name and address. That's it. I haven't received a response from the CRAs yet either. Cat
  6. Had it since December, got the card with a preapproval register slip. I use it alot, we shop at target almost every week - cleaning stuff, diapers, kids clothes, etc. They are the only store near me that carries my favorite line of cleaning products - Method, and I go though it fast, lol. I carry a balance, but make payments of at least 50% of the balance. As for Macy's, I just got my first GLI from them last week, so I have to wait three more statements for another one. Hopefully they'll double me Cat
  7. Logged into my target account to make a payment and found an auto CLI to $500 (started at $200). Woo Hoo Target is very awesome! Cat
  8. Congrats! I just got them deleted last week too. The 1-2 punch didn't work, they just kept updating and verifying with the CRAs and everytime they updated they raised the amount by 100s of dollars. They also passed it around to different "lawyers", every time I DV'd, it got sent to a new one with no answer to me. But the account was due to fall off my reports at the 7 year mark within the next two months and I disputed as obsolete. It was gone within 2 days of the CRAs getting my letters. Liz
  9. I could certainly get a mortgage for around the same price as my rent, but that would not include all of the other expenses that a mortgage can bring, for example, taxes, maintenance (yesterday had a plumbing issue, and fridge died the same day, about a $1500 expense, this would have been a hardship for us right now) insurance would be much higher,water bill, and I would not be in a neighborhood that I would be thrilled with. Renting provides a necessary service one that fits well into my budget, and provides peace of mind. MAC And if you live where I live, you can't get a mortgage on a LIVABLE home for the same as rent. We pay 1300 a month for a 2 bedroom apartment, my bestfriend pays $1800 a month in a mortgage and another 1200 a month in property taxes. Not to mention all the repairs she has to pay for and additional utilities that are included in my rent. An average, ok house, that still needs some work (sometimes major work) goes for around 500,000 in my neighborhood, is most likely on a bus route (terrible noise), has no backyard or a tiny one, and is in a flood zone. Gotta love NY, lol. Cat
  10. I just used an obsolete letter to get an account off of two reports. According to truecredit the date to fall off was Feb 08, according to my individual reports it was may 08. Sent the letters two weeks ago and they were deleted within the week. So, a few months before the 7 year reporting limit worked for me. Cat
  11. Congrats! It feels good to get a new approval doesn't it?
  12. This has me ROFL. I'm pulling my TC report and for the past couple of days they have been giving me card offers up to my neck (since LVNV got deleted). So, I clicked on the First Premier one, just to see what the offer was. Reading the T&C section I see the following: Fees for Issuance or Availability of Credit Account Set-up Fee: $29.00 (one-time fee) Program Fee: $95.00 (one-time fee) Annual Fee: $48.00 Monthly Servicing Fee: $84.00 Annually++ Additional Card Fee: $20.00 Annually per card, (if applicable) So, basically I would get a card with about $20 of available credit after all of their fees! I have to say, I've learned a ton here on this board, the first being - I don't need cards like this! I already have a Hooters card and HSBC for rebuilding, and their fees were enough. Cat
  13. From the Uniform Commercial Code Post-dated checks - A bank may charge a customer's account for a check before the date of the check, unless the customer has given the bank clear notice of the postdating in a timely fashion that affords the bank a reasonable opportunity to prevent the check from being processed. If a bank has been so notified and it then charges the check against a customer's account before the check's date, it is liable for damages. (Section 42a-4-401©) So, no legal leg for me to stand on with the bank. I'll call them tuesday and ask for a credit of the fee, which is what the bank rep told me to do anyway. Still annoyed at the teacher though :/ ETA - cross posted with others above, but found the same info they did
  14. Thanks all. I'm going to do some more research on this, since it really is annoying me. I never write post dated checks, but due to some unforeseen medical circumstances, didn't have the money in my checking account and wouldn't for a few days. Even if it isn't something the bank is responsible for, it makes me question the lady that runs the place and is the teacher. Now that I am looking back at the dates this week, she had to have deposited the check the very next day after I explained the money would not be there until Friday. Other than sheer stupidity, maybe she thought the bank would hold it? Cat
  15. Mods....feel free to move if this is in the wrong forum, but I wasn't sure where else to ask. I paid my daughters gymnastic class fee with a post dated check this week. I asked the teacher to hold the check until today. She agreed and told me to put 2/15/08 as the date so she would remember. She then deposited the check on Wednesday the 13th, which ended up over drafting my account. Luckily the bank covered it, but I will be getting hit with a $35 fee for it. I asked why they honored a post dated check and the rep stated that you can not legally post date a check and that once a check is signed it is considered a guarantee of funds available. Any one know if this is accurate? I'm a bit annoyed at the teacher, but its partly my fault for not transferring money from savings into checking fast enough. I figured I had another day (the rep did say for me to call back on tuesday once the fee hits and they will credit it since I'm a "valued customer" with a good history with them.) Cat

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