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  1. No freezes on my reports either. I'll pull it tomorrow and see if EQ shows. I did recently remove old addresses from EQ and it messed with USAA (all others pulled fine). I had to make a few calls before it worked again but since I just signed up for MPM and my current address match I don't see why EQ wouldn't pull. Would I know if I had a fraud alert?
  2. I finally got set up with access to MPM (took about a week. I pulled my first report but it doesn't have any data for Equifax. I pull through USAA, EC, SC and all the free ones without any problems. Will this impact my b* and if so how do I get them to correct it?
  3. We are in the process of purchasing a house with a USDA loan. Rates right now are 3.25% it is crazy low! Good job on the credit repair and be sure to lock in these low rates soon. In my area, near Seattle, the housing market inventory is at lowest it has been since 06-07. Houses are having multiple bids while the rest are short sales. This is causing an increased pressure in housing prices but they are still low compared to prior years.
  4. I attempted to sign up through EIDT the other day but because my email address has two periods their system doesn't recognize it as valid. I called and never got a response. Today I created a new email just so I could sign up. FYI
  5. +16 points to 647. Too many changes to list. Several new accounts (which is helping since I had none) and I think this month none reported a balance. DW just got her card in the other day and has a 688.
  6. I wanted to say thanks to CB and post a little bit on my victory to date. My wife and I started looking for a house in July and at that time started to get serious about our scores. You can see I have been a member since 2006 but the past few years I have been focused on paying off debt and working without credit cards. The past few years all I have had on my CR's have been students loans and a car loan I recently paid off. My middle score in July was 623 which barely placed me at the okay mark for an FHA loan. I have removed some of the baddies since then and also obtained some credit cards which have helped my scores. I now have 643 EQ (was 604 back in July), 647 TU (was 623) and EX was near 700 and I am unsure what it is now since I have no way of checking it. I now have Kohl's $900, Walmart Store $600, Amazon Store $600 and I am an AU on my wife's cap1 secured. Planning on gardening and asking for increases on the GEMB cards in four months while I b*. Once the scores are up and the house is finalized I am hoping to get more bank cards. My wife has Cap1 secured $200 (plan on increasing it), Walmart $700 and she is an AU on the kohl's. Her scores have been really good even without having recent cards. Checked Walmart TU yesterday when the card came and it her TU is 688. The Cap1 Credit Inform Experian score was 702 and unsure what her EQ score is. After I clean mine up more I'll focus on her credit but it appears as of right now most of her issues are the same as mine...lack of current revolving accounts. Should I add her to my Amazon card as an AU? I have also successfully b* TU from 7 inquiries down to 2 and am starting to b* EQ. We are on day 76 of our journey of purchasing a short (long) sale house. The good/bad news is we are temporarily living with in-laws (bad news) but are able to save nearly $2k a month (good news) while we are staying there. I have one more collection reporting on TU & EQ and am working on WhyChat's method. Debating at this point how much it matters. I know it will boost my score a lot but it is a 3 year old collection and we could use the $700 on things around the house rather than paying it and getting it deleted.
  7. Congrats! Nothing more satisfying than getting rid of a baddie...esp midland
  8. You can get them free if you call the bureau numbers and a report sent to you. They are required to send them to you any time you apply or when it is used for insurance. They do not track who declines you or you can back door them online as well. Then perhaps use a monitoring site like usaa so you know when something new hits. None of the monitoring sites will give you specifically what you are asking for though.
  9. Have you tried to recon? I don't see why they would restrict you forever. Making me think I should have waited...
  10. I read on here someone said it is really easy to transfer with PenFed back and forth so I thought I would give it a shot. Because my score was low or some other factor they have limited me and I cannot directly transfer money from a bank (not sure why!). I don't understand why they do this and I'm not even sure how to deposit or pull money out of an account given this restriction. Has anyone else had these restrictions? How long do they last and how do I get out of it? And how the heck do I make a deposit or withdrawal? Thanks
  11. Mine 630 (+4) DW's 731 wait for it, wait for it....+731! She previously had no score. She now has a Cap1 secured and a Kohl's (AU) account reporting and we are attempting to get her signed up for Walmart.
  12. Just wanted to add that I also rec'd two notifications from SC one when I app'd at WM and another when the inquiry hit. Somehow they can distinguish between the app (unsure how) and it landing on the CR.
  13. WhyChat's website explains the basic process of how to fight the medical bills. Not sure what else you are wanting?
  14. Received my card yesterday...score is 631.

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