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  1. How do she go about cancelling the warranty and possibly GAP. Through the finance company or dealership? Would the dealership be able to change the APR on the loan if she cancels? Have her check with her insurance company and see if they offer gap. Some do some dont. Could be cheaper. If not, Id keep the gap and cancel the service contract if she doesnt want it. Her monthly payments probably wont change when she cancels any of it. It will reduce the loan amount so she will end up making fewer payments. Thanks everyone for the info! I guess she will be visiting the dealership this weekend.
  2. How do she go about cancelling the warranty and possibly GAP. Through the finance company or dealership? Would the dealership be able to change the APR on the loan if she cancels?
  3. She didnt put any money down on a $23,000 vehicle. The GAP might be important. The APR cost of 6.5% is about $5,200 compared to .09% is about $70.00 if my calculator is correct.
  4. I had a relative who just recently purchased a 2018 Toyota. She financed the car and was approved by Toyota Financial with no money down with a credit score of 680. The dealership gave her an interest rate of 6.5% which I believe is kind of high for that credit score. Anyways, the finance manager told her he would give her a good deal on her financing because she knew the salesperson. He said, he would lower the financing rate to 0.09% to save her money on interest which she can apply the savings towards getting extended warranties which she eventually bought. It seems like the finance manager pulled a fast one on her to make money off the extended warranties. I was wondering if she can cancel the extended warranties and GAP insurance which added an additional 3k to the total cost. She purchased the vehicle just two weeks ago.
  5. It could lead to a decrease in your Credit Limit? Really? Request Credit Limit Review If you would like us to review your credit limit, use this form to let us know. Please be aware that this review could: 1. Lead to a decrease in your Credit Limit. 2. Impact your overall credit score.
  6. I've done it. Great to hear. I assume you need a Sam's Club Membership in order to use their gas stations?
  7. You need to wait at least 4 months before pushing the luv button again.
  8. I was told you can also use your WM card at Sams Club's gas station also. Has anyone tried this?
  9. Dealers do this from time to time. When they sold you the car, they were under the assumption they can sell your loan to a bank. Unfortunately, there are times when banks are not willing to take the deal which is probably your case. If you are unable to get a co-signer, then you will need to return the car and get whatever downpayment or trade-in you put towards the car.
  10. gca

    Logix BS

    You just need to have $500 in your account on the last day of each month to avoid the fee. Then you can withdraw the money the day after.
  11. I keep CCMP for daily monitoring/pulls and SC for TU B*
  12. Credit Sesame will not work as well.

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