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  1. Hello board... Can you help with any advice in this situation: Here's the deal: I have a friend who bought a home in 2005 using a stated income loan (i know that people knock these loans, but at the time she thought that was her best deal). She financed 90% of 325K at 7.5% fixed. She had made all of her payments on time- even though she lost her job and had to take another one- at substantially lower salary, but still maintains a very good FICO score (700+). Here is the question- is there anything that she can do to lower her interest rate on the mortgage. Again, she mak
  2. Hello CB, I have a question for you... I have a mortgage at 7.5% fixed that I got back in 2006 for 297,000. The current balance is around 280,000 (been making extra payments). I want to know what if there is anyway I can get my payment modified to a 6% or better yet a 5% rate. Here's the problem... When I got the mortgage- I was a realtor- and got a NINA loan. With the tanking of the real estate market, I had to take a job at a substantially lower income- I now earn around 40K per year. My son lives with me- and helps me pay 1/2 of the mortgage. I am still making
  3. Hello CB... I am in the same board (I would like to reallocate). Should I call them to do it? Or should I send a secure message on the website? Which is best? thanks P.S. I only want to reallocate because I have to goRewards cards- and want to take advantage of the 5.9% fixed BT. any input would be helpful thanks
  4. Thanks for the reply... I am familiar with the BofA card, but they won't take anyone with a BK. Any other suggestions?
  5. Good morning all, Quick question for everyone... It has been three solid business days since I applied (today is the fourth day). Should I wait until the end of the week, or should I call the credit department to check on the status of my application. The suspense is killing me. Additionally, does anyone know of another airline card that will take someone at 700 FICO with a BK (even though the BK was 6 years ago). Chase won't. AmEx won't. Tried and failed there. thanks
  6. Thanks for the number. Should I wait for a decision on my application BEFORE I call them. Or should I call them and let them know that I have submitted an application and want to know the status? thanks
  7. Good morning all, Applied over the weekend. Got the 7-10 day message. Can someone send me the website that you can check the status of your application at? Also, can you tell me if I should call the backdoor number yet- or if I should wait for a formal decision before I escalate to the credit department. Thanks much
  8. No problem. I will apply and let you know the result. thanks
  9. thanks for the reply... I will apply later on- but I have read the horror stories here about JUNY and don't want to cause myself any problems. But I definitely want the USAir card. They wouldn't reduce the CL on my current account because I got a new one would they? thanks
  10. hey board, I didn't know that Juniper has so many different products... I want to get the USAirways Card. Currently have a Juniper Card- 3K limit (about 1600 on it now). It is at 7.99 APR. FICO Scores are in low 700s. Higher than they were were when I applied in 2006 (they were around 640 then). I know that JUNY is sensitive about other accounts, but I want the USAir because of the airline miles. I do a lot of traveling with them. Should I pull the trigger? Should I wait? Will applying for this card negatively impact my current JUNY account or interest rate? Pl
  11. Good morning all, I have a question about PenFed. I have a friend who has an account with them, and recently applied for a VISA CC, but was declined due: to a BK (which was filed in 2003) collection items (all are included in BK) since the BK, she has opened new cc's (not with the best terms) and applied for and paid off a AUTO LOAN. No baddies since the BK. I have seen all three of her CREDIT REPORTS myself (scores 640, 632, 651) Will PenFed give her a RECON? Anyone have a backdoor number for them? thanks for all your help
  12. they didn't pull my credit to join, but did pull my credit for the CC and NAVCheck. So should I apply for the Mastercard (other postings have shown that they will give you a VISA and MC with the same limits). Will there be any problems by me applying for the VISA, keeping it three months- then applying for the MC? Lemme know... thanks
  13. How do you opt back in. I know how to opt out- but not how to opt back in... thanks
  14. Good morning all, Hope everyone had a great holiday... I have a quick question for my NAVY FCU Customers. I finally got into NAVY in April (my uncle sponsored my dad who sponsored me) I immediately applied for and received a rewards visa 10K 7.99APR and NAVCheck 3K. I have two questions: 1. Can I still apply for a Mastercard with NAVYFCU- or should I wait until I have had my current VISA card for 6 mos? 2. Do they automatically do CLI or do you have to request them? I have read other posts about requests for them- but didn't know if they do reviews and grant increase
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