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  1. Dena

    Walmart CLD

    I doubt they CLD'd because you didn't carry a balance or as you say "owe them money". You were CLD'd for non-use. You didn't use the card.... why are you surprised?? Why am I surprised? I did use the card I just havent used it this year. If that is their methodology then close the account dont use the CLD bit because that to me serves no purpose they still are paying to maintain my account no? Dont give me the BS and jump all over me...Im really not in the mood and sick of some of the people on here who are nothing but negative...I guess I wont post here anymore....BYE!
  2. Dena

    Walmart CLD

    I am really getting tired of these banks...I had a walmart card for like 2 1/2 years a mere $400 limit..I was gonna go there today and use my card which I havent used in a long time to get tires...I log in and they chopped my limit to a strange $124...I am just fed up I called and the guy says you havent used your card this year...yeah so? Bc I dont owe you money you decrease my limit? CLOSE it I told him..I am just finished with all these crazy banks..Forgive me for not being in debt to you, thats a good reason to lower my limit. I said I was going to use my card today but you just lost a sale so hope that works out well for all the customers you screw over...SO soon I will be rid of Amex completely too...who is next? hmmmm time will tell! stay tuned!
  3. Yes I am sure my clear card will be next...Well I had 51K with AMex...so I already lost about 26K...and assuming I lose clear thats another 10 they will likely cut off I have a 3100 balance on there with a 15K limit so I expect they will drop it to 1000 above my balance...I will have lost 36K give or take by then...I am really going to get whacked big time...I may be knocked into the very low 600's bc of this and will prob lose all my accounts..I have high balances on other cards...Amex may very well be the reason I file for BK down the road...I hope it never comes to that but it very well could if citi and chase come after me....
  4. Sorry Dena. I had the same experience last night talking to an AMEX CSR. All she could talk about was my EX CR and how my score was too low and new accounts (just 1 new account btw). She told me there was nothing that could be done and no chance of reinstating my CL. I calmly said "well thanks anyways, I will never use AMEX again and my christmas wish is that you go bankrupt, goodbye." LOL ....That is a good xmas wish...I honestly hope Amex goes bankrupt too..It would make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside...I find it strange bc when I used to call Amex their CSR's were top notch, always polite..always...The past 2 times I have called I have been met with hostility and rudeness and basically a we dont give two craps about you as a customer attitude..Something is going on there I dont know what but something is definitely up
  5. aww Thanks guys...I am hoping it doesnt get much worse...At least when Juniper cut my limits I was able to call and speak to someone in their credit dept who put my lines back where they were...Amex you cannot reason with at all...I mean all this guy kept talking about was my EX credit report and I kept saying to this bozo why did you give me cards 2 years ago then? He had no response to that just told me to clean up my credit report...I mean is he kidding? I really wanted to cuss this guy out but I restrained myself... I just wanted to add if you guys with an Amex have any derogs on your reports whether it predates the amex or not expect to get a CLD I think thats the criteria they are using...Anyone with no negatives I dont think has to worry all that much..altho this is just my theory...
  6. Yup they really suck...I am not surprised by this..I expected it..My score is going to take a hit big time from this..I will likely be Ratejacked by citi and chase bc of this..Im sure of it
  7. Well I think I am officially done with Amex..They slashed my Blue card last week and I just logged in and they slashed my starwood card to 1K over my balance My card went from 20K down to 9600...(How nice of them) I called of course, not expecting any resolution and I was met with the hostile CSR telling me about my EX credit report and how they will keep reducing my line as I pay it off bc of my EX report..I have a Tax lien (filed in 2002 and discharged) and a serious delinquency (BOA CO from 2003 long since paid off) Both of these events were there way before I got an Amex card in 2006 which I pointed out..I further went on a rant (merely to make myself feel better) and told the guy he should pass this info onto the high ups at Amex..I stated you know when you cut peoples limits down like you do you tank their credit scores which leads to ratejacking by other companies which in turn pushes people into bankruptcy and in the end Amex is simply screwing themselves bc alot of these accounts will become uncollectable and you have noone to blame but yourselves...I said have a nice day and hung up...Didnt help any but made me feel better...I am BT all my Amex balances and closing all my accounts..I will not ever deal with them again..They are pathetic at best...
  8. Toz...sorry to hear...They hit my Blue last week 16K to $1700 (583.00 balance) I paid off and closed...not worth the aggro...They have definitely gone over the edge, Im sure of it...I got my letter the other night..there were a whole host of reasons on there (none citing derogs or anything) mostly my payments were not high enough...(Last month I had a $15 min payment and paid $150.00) and this has been the case since I got the card ALWAYS pay 10 times more than I have to...Also some other bogus reasons including I used to much of my credit line..Lets see 500 bucks out of 16 grand? preposterous...all I can say is RRG!!!!!
  9. In your case since you only lost $500, I would keep it open...I lost aLOT so decided it wasnt worth me keeping it..You can always ask for a CLI later on but I doubt they would have ever restored my limit so I figured why bother.
  10. Thanks Tax..no worries I paid the account off and am over it..Now if they hit my clear or Starwood I will probably have to reevaluate my now calm demeanor...we'll see...
  11. Thanks all..I have managed to muddle through my day (still working actually) and I have to say I think that in spite of everything...I will survive the wrath of Amex...
  12. Sara I did ask that..I said what can I convert it to she said nothing it wasnt eligible...HUH? As if its a subprime card..its a visa signature card with a 12K limit...Did this suddenly become subprime? cause I just dont get it... OK Just to update**** I just called AGAIN...I was told the same thing. The SWA visa sig card cannot be converted..period...Perhaps this is something recent but since I was told the same thing 2 times I tend to believe it...I was told the system doesnt allow conversions for this card and to just apply for the one I want (as if I would be dumb enough to do that with 3 chase cards already)..The rep said this never happened to her either that she couldnt convert..baffling!
  13. Breeze you are just so polite as always...I unfortunately cant be that polite to OP so I will stop after I say WOW!
  14. Yup..maybe Amex will go bankrupt next...I have to say it couldnt happen to a nicer bank
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