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  1. There are several baddies on my credit report that I could not get removed and 2009 is my year. By October, all of my bad items are supposed to drop off my reports. Two of those are old Capital One accounts that went bad. They've tried to sic Associated Recovery Systems on me and today I got a voice mail with one of the jerks saying the following (this is verbatim): "This message is for __________. ______ I am just calling to let you know I made a modification to your file. I just wanted to advise you that if I don't hear back from you by tomorrow at the latest I will be forced to keep thi
  2. Actually I meant independent not Indianapolis. I do belong to a credit union (which I forgot all about) so I could go that route as they do offer loans even if I am purchasing from an individual.
  3. Ok, here's my situation. The transmission in my wife's minivan went kaput. It will cost way too much to get it fixed and the van is a 1995 model and has some other issues so I am going to junk it. I have about $2500-$3000 cash to either buy a car or use as a down payment. The thing is, I need to get a vehicle that seats 7-8 passengers and I'd rather go the Expedition or Tahoe route as opposed to another minivan. However, I don't want to buy new, and I also don't want to buy used that's going to cost me $10-$12K and saddle me with $200-$300 payments each month. I also don't really want to
  4. bump Anyone? Thanks
  5. I got denied by Jared for the following reason: Unable to verify address. That's it. I have to be able to get past that one. Anybody have a number to call?
  6. You can check the status of your Juniper application online: Juniper
  7. So I push the luv button on my Chevron card and I get denied (no pull at all soft or hard). I've had this card for two years. I've used it sporadically but would always pay it off or have a very small balance. If I didn't PIF, it was always more than the minimum. Around two months ago, I took a vacation and we drove. I used the card for the entire trip and used up nearly all of the available limit but paid that down to a small balance. So I was very surprised to get turned down. When I got the letter back, I couldn't believe their denial reasons: 1. Average utilization on account over last
  8. It's been a long time. I've successfully removed some baddies off my credit reports but some remain (the people at Cap One never forget to remind the CRA's have I have two CO's with them). By the summer of 2009, all of the negative items on my credit reports are scheduled to drop off. Question I have is, how good are the CRA's at following those timelines? If they show an item is scheduled to drop off in January of 2009, will it drop or do they need to be reminded? Thanks
  9. I called. Got a whopping +$300 increase . I've had this card for a year now, use it for business so I use it quite a bit and always pay it down, so I was surprised at what I thought was a small CLI. I asked if they could do any more than the $300 because of business travel, but said no. She was asking all sorts of questions and I got the idea that if I answered a particular way, she would have increased it more -- especially about traveling overseas. So if they ask, tell them you're going to Europe or something. Maybe it will boost the increase more. Good luck!
  10. No. I took out a loan a few years ago and still had the deductions made in addition to paying off the loan. It never showed on my credit report. Don't see how it can since you're essentially borrowing from yourself.
  11. I am working with Bank of America to do a refi and they said that they can go as low as 560.
  12. Cedric, Thanks. That makes things a whole lot easier for me. I appreciate it.
  13. Lower interest rate? I'm paying nearly 9% as it is. Ok Brian (or other experts), let me ask you this because I'm confused. Is the ONLY issue I am facing is getting the second to subordinate? Just read elsewhere that subordination is required because if there is a refi and the first is paid off, the second automatically becomes the first and that's where the subordination requirement comes in. IE, if I fall under the guidelines for qualifying for FHA Secure with my first mortgage, the only barrier is getting the second to subordinate. Yes or no?
  14. I'm sure that is an issue. But the first hurdle I need to clear is finding a lender that will go over 100% on the CLTV. I've made every one of my mortgage payments on time, so it would be stupid for the second not to subordinate, especially if the first is going to be lower. But like I said, my issue is finding a lender willing to that. If anybody here can do mortgages in Florida, let me know. Thanks
  15. I have read that some lenders are willing to go up to 120% on CLTV for people like me with two mortgages and a property that is valued at less than what it was when I bought. Loans are $180K and the property is probably worth around $160K. I've got no late payments and looks like I fit under FHA guidelines to refinance the 80% mortgage, but I cannot seem to find a lender willing to do this. I have tried my local credit union, BOA and Flagstar. Wells Fargo was going to be my next inquiry, but I figured somebody here would know. A broker told me HUD wasn't allowing these loans to excee
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