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  1. Thanks for the link, I used the Discover one and got a 10K Platinum approval :-)
  2. rongotti

    60 day late

    I had a similar situation last month with my car payment. I just forgot to pay and it was 30 days late, not sure why at all. I wrote a letter to the CEO and somone called me the next day. I had to tell a little white lie and it took about 45 days but they removed the late. Dropped my score 93 points ouch! I know from being an executive in banking that they can remove the late, I think mine was done as a professional courtesy personally, but it is possible! Good luck! Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
  3. Actually nevermind, I was looking at the price for one score not both
  4. CPPSAVINGS just worked at myfico.com 10% is better than nothing
  5. Here we go again! Submitted all docs for the short-sales offer we got to the bank. ALL. The bank said docs were missing. I faxed them again. So did my Realtor last week. The Realtor then called yesterday to confirm all was received. They said yes. Then the bank just called me today saying my financial workout sheet is missing. I challenged her on this and she made me wait while she looked into it. Then she said they received the worksheet as a fax but it was off centered so something may be cut off. I told her to look again so after several more minutes waiting she said it was all there and she couldn't see any reason why the reviewers said it was missing. As of 10 minutes ago it's back in review. For no reason of course. Because she confirmed (two people have confirmed in two days) that the docs are there but the reviewers are saying they aren't. So this is how it will go based on the last time: It will take several days or weeks while they "review" the docs. Then, since so much time will pass, they'll say they need the most recent pay stubs and/or bank statements. I will submit those... and they'll have to review that they received the new docs. Then they'll say they didn't receive them again, and I will say they did, check again, and they'll keep sending it back to be reviewed. Then more time will pass and they will need the newer pay stubs/ statements again. Rinse, repeat. For months. Btw, this is the second go-around on the docs on this offer. The offer was submitted a month ago! And the only thing holding up even getting assigned a negotiator is the damn document game they are playing. I do modifications for a specialized group, I handle all of our highly escalated files. I can promise you from experience that when you get a letter saying something is missing 9 times out of 10 it is either illegible, filled out incorrectly or not signed. I cannot tell you how many 4506T forms I have had to get redone. I will sit on the phone and walk someone through it 2 times and they will still send it in wrong. I begin to wonder sometimes if it is the person doing it on purpose to try and delay the inevitable. Sidenote: My fav are the borrowers applying for a loan mod who have stopped paying their mortgage but their $4000 Macy's card payments are getting made LMAO
  6. I glanced at this last night then made some purchases on Amazon, I have about 90% with $30 K and I got an Amazon account for $1,000, might want to check it out.
  7. I requested an increase to my USAA AMEX but they said I hadn't had it for more than 6 months so I applied for the MC online and was approved in 10 seconds at 10k
  8. My orchard bank MC was coming due for a $59 anual fee and with a $300 limit it really didnt serve any purpose to keep it open. It was my second card behind my capitol one that I got during my credit repair. I called them to get the fee waived but they said they couldnt and offered me a $100 increase. With a $20,000 Amex this card hardly delights any more. Good bye Orchard bank! Thanks for the help! They are a good company and I had no complaints would reccomend them anytime to someone lookign to rebuild.
  9. I have never been asked to send docs to USAA. Make that two! I applied and got $20K at 11.15%, compared to my last (newest) credit card at $1,500 and 24% (Hooters)
  10. What is the earliest one should ask for love from them?
  11. My exact situation, and my $1,500 Hooters with no fee was my best as well Congrats!!!!
  12. All of those accounts have $0 balances. I am at less than 1% utilization right now I am just worried about losing my average age of accounts, considerig my car note is going to show as new as well.
  13. Thank you all so much, I am still in disbelief. To think I started out May of 06 with a 544 549 and 565, and to look how far I have come and all you have help me accomplish. I had paid everything off and disputed some more items, but never expected to be at a 700 this quickly. I really can say enough about this website and the people here. I guess I shouldnt close my "little credit limits" as they have been open the longest right? USAA AMEX: $20,000 FINALLY!!!!!!! Jared (Jeweler) : $4,000 Hooters MC: $1,500 Merrick Visa: $750 Capital One: $500 Orchard Bank: $300 Walmart: $300 Auto Loan Americredit: $42,151.97 (Refi) USAA: $40,656 Scores as of 10/08/07 TU: 656 EQ: 700 EX: 642

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