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  1. I once had Senex reporting on my CR's. A simple dispute made them go away. Yes, they buy medical debt.
  2. Rent-to-own? I doubt Apple or HP would finance you. I tried for Dell recently, willing to pay the crazy interest rate, and was denied. Maybe your employer has some type of program? What type of work do you do that a computer is required and you are expected to pay for it out of pocket?
  3. I shouldn't have been so naive and let this go. But I had just started classes for the semester and since I never heard anything from the court or CA, except that the case had been closed, I let it drop. I'm dumbfounded as to how they can report a PR with a date 4 mos. ago. And these guys will pay for this. They've now denied me my right to a "fresh start". Today is "copy day", as I must get all the paperwork in order for the Atty.
  4. There is now a new judgement on my reports. From this stupid CA.... I thought they had dropped the whole matter and had told Edelman's office that a couple weeks ago. Now I have a spankin' new judgement reporting on TU and EX. Those bastards!!! Went on the court website and that particular case is closed, looks like they closed it when they finally got notice of my BK. Now I'm more mad and confused. I was not notified that this would start reporting. This is going to tank all my credit repair work, as the date reported is after my discharge. HOWARD CNTY SUPERIOR CT3 Address: IN
  5. The penalties for taking out money of your 401(k) might be rough. While I understand what your intent is, I would have kept the money in the account. Paying the penalities for early withdrawl isn't worth a few FICO points, IMO. Since your issue seems to be medical collections, go into the Medical forum. Many have had success using WhyChat's HIPPA process, myself included. Also submit disputes via USPS, online disputes don't create as much of a paper trail. For now I'd read up on the HIPPA process, and save your money. I've had what I thought were legitimate collections, only to have t
  6. Bank is based out of Texas I think. They have a couple branches in IN, and some in IL. We switched to them because of their conveinent hours, and the fact that they don't place holds on checks we deposit. I can bank on Sunday, and its treated like an ordinary business day. Didn't know they offered a secured CC though...
  7. I would think that if EX did use the proof the OP sent, that would affect any future attempts at having the TL deleted. A paid collection is no better than an unpaid one. OP sent proof that the TL is paid and belongs to them. Am I wrong in thinking this?
  8. tick tick tick tick this will backfire on the OP eventually.....
  9. I filed a complaint with the FTC concerning this, and the accounts are now reporting correctly.
  10. Because this did seem odd to me, I looked it up on the University of Maryland website. And I found where the problem lies.. I can't figure out why the wrong SSN from the CA though. Freshman Checklist for Applying Submission of the application indicates a serious interest in applying to the University of Maryland. Students no longer interested in being considered for admission should send a written request to cancel their application. For priority consideration for the fall semester, the application should be submitted by November 1. 1.Complete the Application for Undergraduate Admissi
  11. It'll be slightly harder to get it removed. When you called CMI you verified the account was yours for them. You could try to dispute it with the CRA's as "I have no knowledge of paying CMI $XXX." But stay off the phone, it's not a concrete record of what occured, and basically considered heresay.
  12. Got a letter from Target today stating they are just going to delete the account since it can't be reported correctly. Also got another letter from Hooters saying if I want to dispute I have to do it via the CRAs.
  13. I don't see a legitimate dispute. They ratejacked your card, which had a balance. Then you sent them a full C&D. And haven't paid anything on the card for at least 150 days. Seems like a valid account to me. If you applied online they may not have your siggy. Are you going to claim you didn't make those purchases on the card too? This seems like a clear cut refusal to pay scenario. And possibly a suit in the near future. You can't not pay your bills just because the rules changed. Somewhere in the Terms and Conditions, in fine print, is a paragraph about what leads to the defau
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