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  1. Oh thanks for posting this! I do have a question though; would it be easier if I filed a motion to vacate after I pay this or should I request that they do it? Also do I have to file a motion for my husband as well even though he should have never been sued? I'm so confused and stressed about this.
  2. The judgement was granted about 3 weeks ago. The lawsuit was very vague. I can't seem to find the copy which is why I took the amount off of the last statement. I know I made errors all along the way.....so stupid. I should know better. The other thing is that they included my husband in the judgement. He was never responsible for the bill, never signed anything and I am the subscriber on the insurance. That has to be illegal somehow.. Should I ask them in writing to vacate the judgement after I pay? How would they go about doing this?
  3. Yes I was served by mail which prompted my phone call and payment to them.
  4. I have been absent from this board for years; doing really well with credit finally, bought a home, car and scores in the mid 700s. Last year, I had surgery and ended up with a balance that I thought insurance was supposed to pay. Went to collections and I fought it until I got a notice that I was going to be sued. At that point, I gave up and realized it wasn't worth it any longer and paid up. I called them first, and was assured that if I paid, that they would not go forward with the suit. I stupidly did not get that in writing. I dug up the last statement and got a money order for that amount. No settlement, no deals, just the full amount. Apparently, that was not the most recent statement from them, which was $61 short. A month later, I get a notice from the court saying that there was a judgement against me for $61. I am furious and would have paid the $61. It was an error on my part, I know...but really??? Do I have any recourse at this point? I can pay it, but what good is a paid judgement....it still has tanked my scores, and I already had one credit card drop my limit in half. Thanks for your input.
  5. That sounds even better...do you have personal experience?
  6. Through this board, I found out about the Walmart free FICO, so on March 2nd, I got my score. On the side, it states that scores will update on the 10th of the month. However it's still stuck on March 2nd. Is there an update button that I"m not aware of or will it update automatically next month? Oh, and is this a REAL TU FICO? The reason I ask is that I got a score from an auto loan app and that one is about 20 points lower than this one. Thanks.
  7. Well if it makes you feel any bettter Cap One outright denied us when I apped online. We are almost 2 years out of BK and have very little new established credit. When we went to buy a car the dealership got us approved through Cap one at 8.99% . Loan was for 23K and change and we put 1 k down and had a $1200 trade. I think their automated system leans more to the denial side if it sees something it doesn't like. I would go to a dealership and see what they can do. Well, this is couraging. We'll try that next after a bit of clean up
  8. So I applied for an auto loan with Cap One with my husband. My credit is ok, but my husbands isn't so hot. I can't get the loan on my own due to DTI. I was expecting to get denied for high utilization or baddies, but here is what we got: Applicant: Original loan amounts on one or more mortgage accounts are too high. Applicant: The year your mortgage loan was originated. Huh? My first mortgage is nothing out of the ordinary and I have a second mortgage that we got in 2006 for a remodel. Even with the two combined, I still have almost $100k in equity. Anyone seen this before or know what it means? Thanks!
  9. Probably not. Uncle Sam just sent me a love letter, telling me he took my $1300 refund. I'm not too upset, just helps to get it paid off. Just don't count on it and if you do get it, it will be a bonus.
  10. I don't think this is the case anymore. I tried to sign up online and it wouldn't let me, so then I called and they said you had to be a member to get the Credit Check Monitoring. Guess I'll try another. I didn't know USAA restricts CCMP now. But like Bob said, it's worth joining. I would love to joing USAA...I don't have anyone in the military. Any other way to sneak in?
  11. I don't think this is the case anymore. I tried to sign up online and it wouldn't let me, so then I called and they said you had to be a member to get the Credit Check Monitoring. Guess I'll try another.
  12. I did a search but all the info seems rather old. I just started some repair work and need to check all three reports daily. I'm ok with FAKO scores for now; I'll check FICO later down the road. I know that USAA seems to be popular, but I'm not eligible. What does everyone recommend?
  13. are you sending this to the CA or the lender? I see i should probably get that sample letter revised.... I am sending it to the CA. So is the lender the entity that is on my credit report? I am confused because the credit report states that it is AES, the printout's from the CA state National Collegiate Trust and the CA is different. I'm thinking that AES is the lender, they filed a claim with National Collegiate Trust, who paid on it and the CA is collecting for National Collegiat trust. Correct me if that sounds wrong...

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