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  1. TTT I just want to know if I can use hubby's income as my income on any apps I do. Is that legal or is HH income not used anymore (ie have to have a co-signer). Thanks for any response.
  2. Hi everyone. I've been gone for a while, but now I'm really getting desperate to change our situation and starting back here is the first step :-). The last four years have been hard - not hard as in homeless, but hard. I've been unemployed for the last 4 years (and yes, I've tried. I think that being over a certain age (40) and being unemployed for a long period of time has hurt my chances, but I'm a fighter - I'm going down to the end LOL). Anyway, because of this situation, we are in the current situation of needing a new car for hubby. His is a old 2000 Hyundai with 196k miles and it's down 1 cylinder. Our credit is crappy, but DH did get approved at our credit union at 8.99% - however, the payment on that car (a new hyundai accent) isn't gonna work with our lack of income. So, while I'm sorry I drithered on and on, here is my question. I'm unemployed but trying (and probably not the right way) to get more cards so that my score will go up. DH is happy with one card. I don't know what the rules are about using HH income as my income when I'm UE - meaning, I put down hubby's income since that is the only thing we have right now. Any suggestions? I have opted out (did that a while back) and all my addresses and everything are ok. I do have open accounts that are good, but have some previous baddies. I do have 2 open baddies (one for Cache - that's another post) and Columbia House (who conveniently changed the date on my report to 2010 instead of 2002 - SOL is 4 years in CA last time I checked, but it's been a while so I can check. I'm trying like heck to improve all the ones I have (including a CO from my CU that I am paying off diligently). Thanks for any help you can give me. I'm still looking over Psychdoc's credit repair (I saved all his seminars and put them in a binder) but sometimes it's just so overwhelming. I get the fix it part - meaning, writing the letters etc, I'm just not so good on the how to "repair" part = meaning how to get new credit etc. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  3. Well, whatever. I however, see past what has occurred on this board (whether true or untrue) and see the message. Being involved in getting warriors the help they need by calling out the VA about their ineptness, is getting much more involved. Nothing, but nothing motivates someone to do something more for people, than to see how our loved ones are suffering. Some people run races to get money to help our loved ones - other people go above and beyond (and I'm not naming people on here, so don't get all your panties in a bunch). I give her kudos because what she is doing is inacting change in how our wounded warriors are treated. God forbid, one of our children, or family members in the military gets the help they need because she championed for it - what would you say then? And what does it say that you guys can't just let it the freak go? She's been banned on here - why post something and make fun of her because of how she looks? I thought we were adults - not children in 2nd grade. Oh, I forgot where I was - Fantasyland. Where everyone here believes that their crap don't stink and everyone else's does. Now I know why half the board is gone. Mean girls mentality. But hey, it's just words on the internet - they shouldn't hurt - right??? - Unless of course, they are directed at someone else and not you. I'm off this thread, but I feel so much better now.
  4. She does many things to help Wounded Warriors, among writing and fighting the VA (since, hey, we all know that the government is so efficent). If my children were wounded in battle, and had PTSD, I'd want her on my side. You can't judge someone from a video. Dr. Phil is a crock - he's right there with Dr. Oz at times. At least Dr Oz is actually a doctor.
  5. When DH and I got married, we sent out announcements AFTER we got married. My Sister-in-law's brother is getting married, and apparently sent both my MIL here in CA and my SIL (who lives where he lives in GA) a wedding invitation with no way to RSVP. I personally think this is wrong. I'm thinking the one to my MIL was obligatory because how in the hell was she going to attend (we weren't invited). SIL wouldn't be flying back and picking her up. But geez, too cheap to send announcements??? Leave people wondering as to why there was no RSVP - or just let them know they aren't invited... It would have been better to send announcements. BTW - this is an old lady that we live with that is not quite with it. She was all excited about the wedding, but was confused for a while because of the no RSVP thing. SIL was kind of confused too. We have had to go over this more than once - and that gets draining, and upsetting for her. So the fact that she's upset and we were left to deal with it, kind of pisses me off. It ruined DH's birthday dinner, and pretty much the entire weekend. So - that's why I ask.
  6. Syrup is good with eggs. Just sayin!!!!
  7. You use a pressure canner like this one. http://www.allamericancanner.com/ Buy a Blue Ball Canning Book - it'll have 99% of the recipes you'll need. Thanks... That is awesome :-)
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm on a budget here so Corelle is out. I did go to Home Goods and Marshalls and found some good china (Ralph Lauren) that was very pretty, round, white, with blue flowers. I'm thinking we are gonna have to go with whatever is less expensive (like the $3 a plate stuff) and just heat everything in a microwave safe dish (not our dinner plates). The stuff my MIL has is called Gibson china. It's white, round and plain. We only have a couple of those left, along with some other plates that are not microwave safe that are hers. I'm gonna decide tomorrow (Marshalls has a bunch of stuff - I was impressed). I wanted Le Creseut, but it was $15.95 a plate. Maybe when I win the lotto LOL!!!
  9. Can't you "evict" the relative? I mean, how long are you guys gonna give him? He could milk this for years!!!
  10. I have zero tolerance for zero tolerance. There is nothing I find more intolerable then intolerance. Any tolerant society should take effort to tolerate all tolerable behavior, with the exception of intolerance, as intolerance is totally intolerable. Of course refusing to tolerate intolerance is also intolerant, and that too, is totally intolerable and cannot be tolerated. I challenge the good people of CB. Read it out loud. I dare you Echo - Did you have some caffeine this fine evening???
  11. No, just regular city folk. But I don't think there was sunscreen around that time. Hell, I remember when I was a kid, the mom next door used to sun herself with the aluminum sunshade on her face. I'd hate to see what she looks like now. If only people knew that too much sun is BAD FOR YOU!!!
  12. OMG.. If she lies about something as big as this, what else has she lied about? Maybe a call to the IRS is in order - right after the call to the nearest mental hospital. OTOH, I'm happy she didn't actually win. I feel sorry for her co-workers, but her - never. She didn't deserve it after the crap she pulled.
  13. Hmm. The men don't look old. That is what I am saying. It could also be that I am looking at basically unattractive people, or that because the pictures were taken in Black and white, maybe the people would look better. I did however find some pictures of people from the 50's that did look attractive, so maybe my first theory is right - maybe I'm just looking at people that are not unusually attractive or maybe I'm just used to the supermodels of the day. For example - my MIL. I saw her wedding album and she was 26 when she got married in 1954. My FIL looks handsome - whereas, my MIL - NOT. Her dress was beautiful, but her face looked older (obviously not as old as she is now), and when she put her glasses on - not attractive at all. For 26, she should look younger. My mom didn't look so good with her glasses on either, but maybe that was the fashion of the day.

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