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  1. Hey everyone! I received a FEDEX two letter envelope for "loan modification" I called Countrywide last night and they requested income from both me and husband. I gave them both of our incomes. They are going to send out a loan workout form for us to fill out and mail back. What are the "guidelines" for approval for this loan modification. I currently work, but my husband is retired/disabled and gets social security income only. We are behind 2(two months) on our mortgage and our current interest rate is 6.5%. We paid for our condo two years ago $154,000 zero down. and it's now only worth $94,940!!! We will be paying our May 2009 payment and future ones, just behind two months. Our current monthly mortgage payment is $1,360.00. I wish they can lower it!!! We currenlty have alot of bill such as homeowners fee's, auto insurance, home owners insurance, gas, grocery etc... What information "SHOULD I PUT " on the modification workout sheet in order to get approved for the modification and not denied??? Thanks everyone!
  2. Hey, I was out on the town last night having a couple drinks, the place was really dark and the music was loud, I was given a bill in the dark gave them my American express green card signed the receipt added the tip on the same bill, when I get home went straight to bed today this morning I look at the bill it was for $299.00 instead of $29.00. How should I approach this charge? I was going to call American express over the phone and dispute this charge follow with a letter in the mail via certified return receipt. I just can't wait for the bill to arrive and then dispute it...what should I do? Wait for bill?
  3. Hey, I need to know if DUI charges show up on credit reports? Also does any type of "criminal charges" show up as well? The state of charges is Florida. Thanks everyone!
  4. Hey everyone! I applied online for the Chase Freedom Visa and got the 30 day message. I called the number on the application but when I call, my call gets forward to an outsource call center and I can't hardly understand them. I have tried calling several time's even at different times but still my calls go to outsourced office. Does anyone have a direct contact telephone number to the chase credit department to check the status on my application??? Thanks!
  5. Hey everyone! I'm going to the mall to apply in person for instant credit at the register at the following stores., American Eagle Outfitter's and Abercrombie & Fitch, I hear that they ask for a major credit card at the register when applying, what credit card should i give them? Should I give them my Citibank PremierPass Card or my American Express Rewards Green Charge Card??? I'm unsure which one to give them since Amex is a charge card, but they ask for ANY major credit card. Thanks Everyone!
  6. Hey everyone! I purchased a 2005 Mercedes Benz C230k sedan, about four months ago. The dealer offered me GAP insurance but the price was way to high! Now im trying to find a company that offers GAP insurance. I live in FLORIDA. Does anyone know of a reputable & reliable company that offers GAP insurance in Florida? Thanks!
  7. Hey everyone! I going on my Honeymoon next weekend, I plan on trying to use only "one" of my credit cards and it's gonna be my "one month old" new Citibank Premier Pass Card. My question is should I call the number on the back of my Citibank card and notify them that I'll be using the card alot on my honeymoon? Reason is I'm going to be in different Cities of such as Miami, Orlando and Kissimmee and I don't want my card getting flagged. I'll be paying for Rental Car, hotel, gas, dining, and Universal Studios tickets etc on just this card. I been using the card so far and I have had no probelms yet. I don't want my call to customer service flag up something on my account and end up with them reducing my credit line while on my honeymoon. What do you guy's think call the or not? I have my Amex Green just for back up, but that card is pay-in-full every month Thanks Everyone!
  8. Hey, Is anyone else having problems viewing their credit card account online at Citicards.com ?
  9. Hey everyone, I'm planning on renting a car next week and the cheapest rate I can find is renting from Dollar Rent a Car. I have read many post stating that when other's have rented a car using their "credit card" Dollar rent a car "pulled a hard inquiry" on Equifax and or through other CRA, is this true? I went to the Dollar Rent a Car website and also called the toll free number and asked this question and they stated that they only pull credit reports when using a "Debit Card" and they "WON'T" pull credit if using a major credit card. I plan on paying with either my Citi MasterCard or Amex Green Card. The reason why I ask this question is because I don't want to go through the hassle of them pulling an unexpected and unnessisarily hard inquiry on me while me paying with a "major credit card". The car rental will be in Florida.
  10. I have a couple weeks left and still haven't gotten the ring engraved yet. I don't know what to have engraved in it. I was thinking "Eternal Love Exotic". How does that sound? or can someone help me work with the word "eternal". I replaced my name with exotic for the post lol. I really need to have the ring engraved soon but I'm stuck as to what to get engraved, so many ideas and still i'm stuck! The engraved is gonna be Block Letters according to jewellery store that I bought the ring at, Block letter's is all they offer.
  11. Hey everyone, I was approved for the Citi Premier Pass MasterCard, with a credit line of $4,000.00 . I don't know what my FICO scores were when I applied. Just got the card in the mail, I still haven't activated the card yet, is it possible to get a credit line increase at activation? Who has gotten an increase at activation? Thanks!
  12. I know this post is old but I was interested in some info. At the time you got the MBNA Line of Credit, what were your FICO scores at? Did you apply online? Mail the form back to them? or Telephone? When approved did they request W2's or pay stubs? Thanks...
  13. Hey everyone, I'm having a funny problem with American Express's website, my statement closed and I'm not able to see the charges that are on the statement online like before. All I get is the payment due. The only thing it's letting me see is recent activity like always. What happen with seeing the charges on the Closed statement? Is it just me or what?
  14. Which AA card, what the exact card name?

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