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  1. I apologize if this doesn't really fit the theme of the board, but I'm not sure where else to get the correct answer. I am buying a home in a month. There is a chance I may need to tap into my 401k funds. Hopefully, I will not, but I want to be prepared in case I do. I left my job a few months ago. I had $2500 vested in my 401k. I can roll that over to a Roth IRA or I can roll it into my new 401k. My new 401k, I can take a loan for 50% of the vested balance. I am not anywhere near 59 1/2 and this is my first home purchase. So...I know the loan will result in no taxes, but I'm not sure if I am able to borrow immediately from it (I am waiting for a call back on that.) If I don't do that, which is my best bet: rolling it over and withdrawing it from the Roth IRA? Or withdrawing from the 401k? I am confused as to the tax implications for the two different scenarios.
  2. Nope, no federal. Just private that have been on a repayment plan for 2 years.
  3. I bought a used car last January when our old car went kaput. My score was miserable, and I took what I could get (Cap1 at 21%. YUCK) I'd been approved with the blank check at like 12% interest, but once we moved thru the process, I would have needed a couple grand to close the gap and I didn't have it. Of course, I want to refi now. Cap1 won't refi because my loan is thru them. My scores are around 600, but the main problem is really high DTI (my cards are maxed- only $1500, but that's all I have). However, since I applied last time, I had a TON of lates removed from my old car loan because of some effective disputes. So, my score isn't much different, but my report looks better with way fewer lates and such (just high DTI). I also don't have much $$ that I can contribute to the refi right now (if needed). Should I attempt to refi now, or wait until February when I can get my cards paid off and have a bit of cash? I want to get a mortgage in Feb or March, so I kind of hate the idea of paying off my cards, waiting for my reports to reflect that, refi the car, and wait again for my reports to reflect that for my DTI for a mortgage. Any advice?
  4. I have 50k in SL debt. 17k of that are my wife's private SLs, which I co-signed for. They went into default and we now pay them $50/week. How does that factor in to SL payments that would be calculated for a USDA mortgage?
  5. (I'm also hoping that, if it comes to it, I can plead my case that my original loan allowed for me to be 30 days after the grace period before reporting as late. The "inherited" this loan, so I don't believe they should be able to change the rules.)
  6. To make things even more confusing: I had a loan with a local bank.It bank went under and was taken over by the feds. The loans (or, at least some of them) were sent to another bank, who is using CSC Logic for payments. My statements come from CSC Logic, the new bank's name is on my credit reports, and the old bank is no longer listed at all on my report.
  7. Well, I thought I'd paid it. I set up the payment online (they use Western Union for online payments) and it appeared to work as it should. Then it never came out. I logged on last night and saw it was 29 days late, so I paid it. Now it's "pending", today is day #30, and the person I spoke to said he couldn't help. I emailed customer service as well, but I dunno what will come of it.
  8. I am waiting to see if my bank is going to report a late payment on my car loan. Day #30 is today, and the account reported to the CRAs last time on 8/31. If a 30 day late is going to show up, will it be at the end of September when the account updates with the CRAs? Or before?
  9. Tried to make a payment w/ csc logic last week, it apparently didn't go thru. I paid last night and it's pending for today, which is day 30. I emailed customer service to plead my case (the guy I spoke to was of no help). Will they report today, day 30, as late? :(
  10. I have a car loan thru CSC Logic. I paid online last week (when I was already 2.5 weeks late) and it apparently never went thru (the online payments are thru Western Union). I checked last night, and it had never gone thru. I re-paid it, but today is day #30 (and my payment is still pending). I called in and the guy said he couldn't help, and that it would report as 30 days late today, because it was 30 days late today. I emailed customer service after I hung up with him, but I dunno if that will be successful. I've had NO lates in 2 years. I'm so frustrated I could cry. I haven't been late on paying anything, but my pet had emergency surgery that wiped me out and I had to pay this late (but still before the 30 days, I thought). So, my questions: 1) How often do they report ON day #30? 2) My loan is thru another bank, but the payments are handled by CSC Logic. Would I have any luck appealing to the bank if they report? Or is it out of their hands? 3) Will this ruin my chances for an FHA or USDA loan w/in the next year? I was hoping to be approved in Jan or Feb, now I'm terrified.
  11. I'm checking this on TC right now, for the record. I sent a 623 for a mortgage I had a few years ago. It went to 120 days late, and then I sold the house and paid the mortgage. Obviously, it still kinda looks like a foreclosure just because it went to 120 days late. Anyway, I sent the 623 to TU and now I get an update. I log into TC and it says that my lates have been removed. There were 3 30 day, 1 60 day, and 1 90 day, ending in May 2007. But, it also says my pay status is 120 days late. Will this help my score? I have a current dispute with TU, so I can't do the backdoor.
  12. I haven't done anything w my credit- I may file bk but have been repairing my spouses credit with the help of CB. I know better, but I was so close to paying. Ugh.
  13. I got a call at a relatives house a couple of weeks ago, saying they wanted to set up a time to serve me at X date and time. I thought that was odd, but whatever. It's a CA. They do weird things. Someone here said that they would have had to already file suit in order to say that, but I searched and they hadn't. (At that time, they said they didn't even know what state I lived in, so how could they file?) They've called me a few times now, and are now saying that they tried to serve me twice but didn't get an answer at my door. The guy sent me a settlement letter to settle it for like 40%. I asked for it in the mail, he said he could only email. He did, and (of course) needed payment today. He said since I hadn't been served yet, I could settle before I was served. I asked for a scan of the stuff from the OC (a large bank) and he said he couldn't, that he could only send settlement and zero balance letters. (Red flag, I know) Anyway, I searched the court cases online and found nothing. I asked him about it, saying that I know something has to be filed before they can serve me. So he said "it's been filed." He said I could call the OC, who would say that it's been sold and then I might have to call a bunch of other CAs before I finally got their name. Also, he gave me the # for the OC's checking charge offs, and then asked if it was checking or a CC. I played dumb (though I'm honestly not sure)...shoukdnt he be able to tell me that!?!?! Anyway, I feel dumb, but I was thisclose to paying. So now what do I do? I know they will call again (or I will actually get served, I guess). What do I do/say? Is my hunch right?
  14. I have a closed CC with a $3000 that is making my utilization look like 400%. When I pay it and my small credit card off, my utilization will be 0% When I put that scenario into the Myfico Score Simulator, it says that I will gain 0-25 points. I know it's not guaranteed, but what the heck? Shouldn't it be more than that? Any guesses? My scores right now hover around 600.

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