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  1. I'm starting to think that way too. How would OP know how they settle accounts? Do they tell her/him they call up 10-15 people that has the same account? Anyway, would it be that many people in the program that will have the same account with the same creditor? Uh huh... and someone who *just* signed this debt settlement deal has SO much to say about how WONDERFUL it that they just HAD to sign up to CB to give their personal testimony in their very first post... hmmm Nope. Ain't buyin' it This is a great forum, but we all have different opinions. If handling it for your self works, then great, if doing debt settlement works, great, and if debt consolidation works for you thengreat. Just do your research and find the right institution. There is not and probably never be any ONE program that is the best for all.
  2. sounds like you received one of their "friendly" hand shakes too.......... Always get a written document Before sending any monies to the creditor, no letter, no money. Secondly, any monies over $600.00 "forgiven" is taxable. Shouldn't bother you, primarily because you did spend it. Otherwords if you only settled out for 5K on a 10K balance (in writing) then you would be liable for taxes on the any amount over $600.00 forgiven and in the above case that would be $4400.00

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