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  1. I remember a consumer advocate lawyer telling me about the family that owns TU, deep pocketed for sure. Marmon Group I believe is the parent company--also known to some as HYATT HOTELS. Anyone have a link to a story about the family, etc...thanks. Their lawyers are often "in house" though they also use Kogan (part of the firm name) out of PHILA. At least someone in here has taken on Kogan pro se and won, have heard several victories over this less than invincible firm.
  2. Verification procedures for a PO BOX that may in fact be a valid address include notification to _________?? Recall that the consumer's address is allegedly verified by Riskwise--who surely need not verify its own address. If, on the other hand, a forum board poster verified the address, a PO BOX..verification procedure (singular) may be appropriate. "Welcome to the Riskwise credit file ordering system....." Sounds suspect...I am not a deep pocketed collection agent, confirmed.
  3. I understand what you are saying, and I have my CR's up to date with TU, EX, EQ. I wasn't aware there was an underlying CRA called CreditWise, and that Target used them. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Compiling fictitious stories sounds like a fun day's work, lol.
  4. Target is actually stating that the application for credit is denied based in whole or in part on information that Target obtained from a CRA, Riskwise? Or is Target stating that they could not process the application because they need more information from the consumer? Hard inquiries on Equifax? (or TU or EX) They sound like a Section 603(w)(2) agency based on the "Person Report" sample. ------------------------------------------------------ "Welcome to the Riskwise credit file ordering system. You may select one of the following two options at any time. To order a copy of your credit file, press "1.' Otherwise, press "2" or remain on the line for mailing instructions... (I stayed on the line.) To write for your consumer file information, address a letter to: Riskwise PO BOX 1455 St. Cloud, MN. 56302" This is a link for a request form for a "Copy of your Person Report Information." http://www.lexisnexis.com/terms/privacy/da...ersonReport.pdf And here is a sample copy of a Person Report: https://web.lexis.com/consumeraccess2.0/sam...rson_report.htm Lexis states that the information obtained by subscribers is NOT to be used for certain purposes: "Use of the information provided through LexisNexis RiskWise online is subject to all applicable state and federal laws and regulations, including but not limited to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Drivers' Privacy Protection Act, the Drivers' Privacy Protection Act (and related state legislation), and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and are not to be used to determine a consumer's eligibility for credit or insurance for personal, family or household purposes, employment or a government license or benefit."http://www.lexisnexis.com/riskwiseonline/ I dialed 1-866-897-8126, the number that Riskwise set up for consumers to order their credit file: Meanwhile they have a "credit file" request line set up and Target knows the number. Tough to know what is really going on at this stage but it is fishy for sure. Equifax will delete those inquiries faster than you can say the word "delete." That is what they want to do to save Target's butt.
  5. http://www.lexisnexis.com/riskwiseonline/ RiskWise, LLC appears to be a LexisNexis company. Riskwise sounds like a CRA that does not want to be held to laws that apply to CRAs.
  6. It seems like creditors are finding new ways to get around providing adverse action notices. One way to avoid an adverse action is to request additional information from the consumer. I would check to see if they pulled your CR. If they did, then what I said above is more likely. If they did pull my CR then I would definitely provide proof of the information that they were allegedly unable to verify. you can try this number for Target..it worked when I lived in Minny: 800-659-2396 Inability to verify a phone no. sounds very bogus and the address (as mentioned above) is suspicious as well. I know that we think of the Target Red and they are all good people, etc... but always remember that CRAs work with big companies to commit fraud on consumers for their mutual benefit. People that you would never suspect, reputable banks, etc.. big fraud.
  7. Gang, if you save envelopes, can you comment on what city or state the envelopes say (pertaining to mail from CSC or Equifax)? I believe that all mail comes from.......the nationwide CRA. All of the envelopes I am aware of state a city,state of origin that is NOT Georgia and NOT Texas. (Miami, FL) I believe that Equifax is the ONLY one making disclosures. Thanks
  8. Equifax does not dispute knowing of its FCRA obligation [**29] to respond to consumer requests for credit files. Indeed, its off-line backup policies are specifically designed at least on their face to comply with the disclosure requirement. WILLIAM SPECTOR v. EQUIFAX INFORMATION SERVICES NO. 3:03cv253 (JBA) UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF CONNECTICUT 338 F. Supp. 2d 378; 2004 September 29, 2004, Decided
  9. I would file in my own before a different state.
  10. Has anyone gotten (what appears to be) a CSC Credit Services file in response to their annual report request? Mine went as follows: TU responded fast and got me my file. EXPERIAN alleged that it could not read my apartment number. EQUIFAX alleged that it could not read my apartment number..laughing. It got funnier.
  11. Tee, yes there is a reason why I bumped an ancient thread. I bumped an ancient letter from Key Education Resources dated October 23, 2002. The letter states CSC Credit Services as the CRA that provided Key with information that ..resulted in the denial. The disclosures of my rights include a "step by step process" regarding how I should go about disputing info on "this credit report." I should obtain written proof from the furnisher and submit it to Key Bank for review. I would have to post the whole letter in order for you to see the complete picture that I am looking at. Based on what I have learned, any credit denial letter that does not include a nationwide CRA in the list of CRA(s) from which info was obtained should be RED flagged and inspected for misrepresentations of FCRA rights, no matter how subtle and no matter how facially immaterial they seem. Read the whole letter because even Key's starts out with a plain statement of my rights with seemingly immaterial inaccuracies ("free copy of this report"). The remainder of the letter blatantly overshadows the rights. I can't imagine that there is a letter out there that is as bad as Key Bank's. I do not obsess myself about technical violations, certainly not with respect to myself, I have gotten a taste of the reality that I think occurs within Key Education Resources' office on at least some occasions, perhaps regularly. It includes verbal disclosure in an abusive tone of the consumer report, namely the derrogatory information. The Manager of Key's Boston office IMMEDIATELY began this process when I spoke to him, seemingly unaware that I was merely calling to learn who furnished the report to Key Bank. Even after making it clear that I just wanted to know who furnished the report to Key, he said: "I am looking at your EQUIFAX report that contains the dergogatory information...now HOW can I help you?" He kept up with it, relentlessly, and so in retrospect as I connect the dots I realize that he was accustomed to doing this. I don't intend to make anyone hyperactive about technicalities--I am not in favor of this. I am confident that many relatively unsophisticated consumers are getting DUPED BADLY in a way that none of us would because we know most or all of our rights. So, that is why I am interested in learning about: ..any credit denial letter that does not include a nationwide CRA in the list of CRA(s) from which info was obtained should be RED flagged and inspected for misrepresentations of FCRA rights, no matter how subtle and no matter how facially immaterial they seem. Read the whole letter... Key's letter requires the consumer to use a phone # that (I believe has always been a recorded message 800-392-7816) and "explain that you have been denied..because of derogatory information.." Realizing that the verbal conversation cannot happen, consumer calls Key at the valid # for Key listed in 2 places on the letter. Key provides verbal disclosure, abusively, and off you go..."If you feel the information is incomplete or inaccurate, obtain written proof of the incompleteness or inaccuracy from the appropriate vendor(s) on their letterhead. Mail required documentation to: (address) OR FAX: fax number Phone inquiries: 800-458-6731 On the front of the letter, it starts out with "...you failed the credit review process." The theme is to deny consumer rights, so make the consumer feel worthless and admit that derogatory info caused a denial even though this may not be true...but that phone conversation does not happen at a recorded line and so the consumer calls Key, ready and willing to provide verbal disclosure even to those (like me) who just call to learn the name of the source CRA. That was a Manager, by the way. "Questions regarding this process or this letter may be directed to 1-800-458-6731." The designated CRA is designated to fit squarely into the form letter. Thanks for reading and sharing information.
  12. T, the offer is to get a copy of the report(s). An offer to get a copy of the credit report or reports from one or more (CRAs). Figure it out? There is something to it.
  13. If anyone has a current phone# for CSC Credit Services, please let me know. My observation is that this company does not want consumers to be able to contact it. During the last year that I lived in Minnesota, I reached the conclusion that CSC owed me no statutory obligation (pursuant to Sec 607,609, 611 and others) and no right to my information. I am writing a consumer complaint and wish to comment on the present status of CSC's contact info. Thx and hope everyone is well.
  14. I GUESS I'M REAL SPECIAL THEN!!! I CLICK ON "PERSONAL INFORMATION" AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE... Dispute an item POPS UP EVERYTHING I CAN DISPUTE IS UNDERLINED AND HIGHLIGHTED IN BLUE <{POST_SNAPBACK}> GEORGE, however, if you click on one of the underlined addresses, names, or telephone numbers, you will receive another popup requesting that you contact Experian by phone or mail in order to dispute this item. Experian online permits dispute of "type of address." If you dispute a type of address, it will be deleted on the very same day or the following day. Experian will send you (by USPS) a blank copy of your credit report and may or may not list investigation results. Experian sells many address and name products. Here is one such product: http://www.experian.com/products/pdf/address_search.pdf
  15. Equifax has at least one FDCPA case out there as well.

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