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  1. Cuz


    I recently purchased a home in a rural setting and the municipality is installing sewer lines. Are there any programs available to provide grans/assistance to handle the cost? TIA any input or direction is appreciated.
  2. Cuz


    Pgh PA
  3. Cuz


    It is a primary residence Mid Fico 715 Down Payment $3900/sales Price $39000 Yes origination TIA
  4. Cuz


    Please review and give me some thoughts: New Home Purchase on $35,100 for 20 years at 5.37500% Orientation Charges $866.00 Appraisal Fee 425.00 Mortgage Insurance 15.80 Credit Report 12.33 Tax Service 108.00 Flood Certification 22.00 Lenders Title Insurance 1493.75 Pest Inspection 150.00 Survey 500.00 Well & Septic 250.00 Govertment Recording 167.00 Transfer Taxes 975.00 Initial Deposit 481.60 Daily Interest 78.61 Homeowners Insurance Total Estimated Settlement $6145.09
  5. Cuz


    My offer was accepted.
  6. Cuz


    I put an offer in a bank owned house that was listed as active. Todya the listing turned to contingent. So I contacted my realtor, and asked about the status of our offer. The realtor heard nothing from my offer. So what are the reasons why a status would change? TIA
  7. Chase recently closed 2 of my cards due to non usage in 4 months would not reopen only advised to reapply
  8. 1 more bump for the good!!
  9. Anyone else with any advice? TIA
  10. In February, I filed an online dispute with EQ about all of my school loans reporting in duplicate. The dispute came back as verified and for me to contact AES/PHEAA. In April, I contacted AES/PHEAA about the issue and they said they would investigate and get back to me. In May, they confirmed my loans are reported twice verbally and they would contact EQ to correct it which should take 30 days. Now June, I filed another online dispute with EQ due to the same issue and it came back verified again and to contact AES?PHEAA... AES/PHEAA is saying that EQ was told to correct the issue. I am trying to get approved for a mortgage loan and need this corrected. What should I do now to get this reported correctly? All and any adivice is appreciated..
  11. Cuz

    Amazon Store Card

    Anyone have the number to call for recon? I applied and was denied due to unable to verify identity.. TIA
  12. Cuz

    Amazon Store Card

    What is the number to call? I applied and was denied for unable to verify identity although I answered all of their questions correctly... TIA
  13. I recently had to get a new card issued to a stolen card and they charge $10 for a replacement card..
  14. My SO from PA filed BK 7 in 12-09 and is currently awaiting discharge, he did not reaffirm the vehicle he has financed thru M & T. The current situation is he wants to help a family member with legal troubles and quit paying on the vehicle. He is upside down on the loan by about $2000. His next payment is due at the end of the month. How long do you think he has before reposession of the vehicle will happen? TIA
  15. I was denied too for too many tradelines.

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