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  1. That's sad to hear. Who's the new Patelco is any exist?
  2. I'm lost. This has really changed over the years. Before one service was good, files didn't get chopped or anything extreme.
  3. I had I had my two chase accounts credit limit reduced also(one after the other). I called them and ask them why was told my utilization was too high. I explained that it was an error and I had my limits restored with one card being increased $500.
  4. Hello board, I had an credit card that was closed after a bad ending between me and the bank. The credit tradeline is perfect and it's the anchor of my credit file since it's the oldest. I've recently come to find out that somebody opened a savings account with the same bank in my name(information) and I can't believe how. Wouldn't they call/notify me to make sure , or even pull my credit report or realized that the person couldn't even spell my information correctly? Can I sue them for negligence or try to find out if somebody in the company is responsible?
  5. Sorry for just responding to the topic and thank you to everybody who tried to answer. It seems like theses banks are just getting billions of tax paying dollars with the intention to give out loans/credit, but they are just sitting on the money or going to spas. Lets see if this other $800 billion change anything.
  6. Appreiciate it BamaInvestor. So it's that cold still. Wasn't the big banks bailed out so they could lend money/credit to the public?
  7. Whats up board? With this being a new year and all, I'm thinking about adding at least 1 or 2 trade lines to my file but i'm curious as to what is the actual climate these days? Has it gotten better since the fall? Has the banks decision process become more scrutinized, needing to provide more documents, etc? Are the banks stingy with credit lines now? It would seem from reading that credit unions are in much better shape and are the best options, but im still curious about the banks.
  8. Good news is that a new BT appeared for my Chase freedom card after it expired, but my Citi card bt offer appeared to have expired before time so I don't know if that will be coming back.
  9. I'm not too interested in opening any new accounts, especially now in this credit crunch I'm sure the banks are giving out smaller limits. Thanks though.
  10. YMMV Offer expired and I don't any any new ones. Great
  11. Experian never worked for me. I always figured it was because I put the freeze on before signing up.
  12. Anybody able to get the same sweet deal from last year?
  13. This happen to me also today. I didn't receive a email or anything.
  14. Thank You cajun. Once you use a offer do you get another one? I used the intro offer on my chase pro card and as of now they have no new offers for me.
  15. why don't you call them and find out? It's not us, CB members, making BT offers. I did and the reps didn't know. I asked CB hoping somebody had past experience.
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