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  1. S1403STL20FST Used it twice this week.
  2. I added my stepson and my wife to my Discover and it reported within about 2 weeks. His last name is different but address is the same. They did not ask for the address when I added them...just automatically sent to my address which was fine anyway.
  3. Makes 0 sense! No CC company is going to open an account (or back date the new account if approved) for you just because you love the card...lmao! And the fact that you call them and tell them how much you love it will have absolutely no impact on whether you are approved for the same card with AMEX or any other CC company.
  4. You have to become a member before they will process the application for credit. You can complete the app but you will notice that it will not be pulled until you apply for membership and pass the chex pull. Then they will happily offer you any of the credit products.
  5. received a secure message last night from Tobyhanna but when I attempted to login it had 2 challenge questions as if I had set up an online account already but I hadn't....so I could not login and since its the weekend, guess I'll call on Monday... Zic
  6. Joanne called me and said I just needed to open the account then the application could be processed for the CC. She did note my open autos and if I was happy with my current C.U. Seems cool. We will see though. Zic
  7. OP said it was pulled in Oct. and just recently again. So the recent pulling seems to be the main concern even though he never signed off on the first one either. OP said he never signed a credit application. Thanks BRBiz Yes I see the concern. I would dispute with the CRA's. It just seems rather pointless for someone to pull so far after the fact.... Keep us posted
  8. Did he clarify and I missed it? Did they pull it in the past and he just discovered it recently or was it pulled just recently? If the pull was in the past then there is nothing he can do because giving his info (which should have been done with a signed credit application) gave the dealership authorization to access the applicants credit file. If the pull was just recently which would make ZERO sense then it was an unauthorized pull. Getting an attorney will do absolutely nothing for you but incur a cost to you. The inquiry can be removed by disputing the inquiry, it will be removed.
  9. ughhhh this adventure of yours just reminds me that I need to clean ours
  10. How? If you miss the payment "date" They consider it as "late" although not reportable as 30, 60, 90.... Internally they score it. If you ever go for a CLI, they will auto decline you (YMMY) for this. Capital one, does this also. I used to be very sloppy and pay 3-5 days "late"... once I got my head in the game, fixed my credit, even with my scores I have two company's that wont touch a CLI until I have 12 months of "on-time" payments. And thats why I have 2 capital one cards with 500 dollar limits, and 125K in revolving credit, made up of mostly 7500-15k cards... It is so true. Ideal example is with NMAC (Nissan Bank) I will have a customer with an 800 score and perfect pay on everything across the board, but they will DECLINE the app. You're like WTF!?!?! then you get an analyst and they explain never 30 days late but late quite a bit plus payments moved to the back of the loan = cbr perfect internally not so perfect. Same with cards like capital one...never miss a payment according to cbr but you wont get a cli because they say you've been late. Sucks...
  11. Guess we're both "old", lol! That catalog was amazing , thicker than our phone book and just five bucks. I remember as a child going through and marking everything I wanted , then leaving it out for Santa .. I guess Santa didn't shop at Sears lol Taking me back.....it was awesome....the big book.....

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