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  1. I will be closing all three of mine on tomorrow. All three are up for annual fees within the next couple of weeks. CIAO, Bon Voyage
  2. I guess I will chime in -- the individual admitted their fault - I don't believe they were asking for advise just wanted to vent. No one on here is perfect -- so please stop passing judgement and keep repeating a lecture that they admit they got! NO ONE IS holier than THOU!
  3. Connie

    Arriva card

    Hey, Centex - don't downplay playing nickels as of Saturday well really Sunday morning I won $500 on 2 cent machine and I only $20.00 to my name.
  4. Sorry for your mishap but you'll get back on your feet running. Never knew this was an offense but we learn something new everyday. I tried this once and had my bank account closed so I sympathize with you. Think positive; my thinking -- there someplace you're suppose to be but was not moving toward that place/purpose. Keep your head up and focus on finding your path in life for you and your family.
  5. I am going a year anniversary with them started out at $100 in November and I am up to $800 (as of last GLI). I put some hurting on that card and its one of my best as it was one of my first during rebuilding. Tanya and sadgirl, I bought my Coach in August with the increase......sorry ladies --- I know that purse feeling.....
  6. So, does this mean they approved? Not sure - have not heard.
  7. More about CITI close window TransUnion Experian Equifax Past Due: $0 High Balance: $0 Terms: 0 Limit: $0 Payment: $0 Opened: 09/01/2007 Reported: 09/26/2007 Responsibility: Individual Remarks: [Experian] Late Payments (last 7 years): TransUnion Experian Equifax 0 0 0 I applied via a offer in the mail for a PremierPass....
  8. Congratulations --- Enjoy your new home and unpacking as well.
  9. Adventurer... you're on the right track - just stay focus. For what its worth, at least you have a plan. Me for instance, I filed a BK7 in 1997 and did absolutely nothing to or for my credit since that day I filed. I found CB back in early 2006 and did not join until July of 2006 and I started out with a 450 I believe credit score. Since that time, I have increased my credit scores (not sure what they are today but the are lingering in the mid-600s), I have ample savings, I have (too many to count) credit cards that are not maxed out along with a mortgage that I obtained just last month. So you could see what I accomplished in a year (of course you will need for your BK to age some - I believe from reading here) but I believe you will reach that goal. I only wish that I had the board along with the pros when I filed ten years ago. It took me nine years to find my way back on path and I will not gamble with it for the life of me.... So in essence, keep your course - you'll get there (and keep your daughter's picture handy for those times when you need that encouragement).
  10. Thanks, callmeJo that's a relief.
  11. Just curious how would this effect their current customers (those of us who just closed in the last two months on laons)
  12. The Pros on this board is the BEST!
  13. Ouch - make me want to relocate. That is a beautiful and HUGE home. Nice going.

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