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  1. The debt is recent. I didn't think so and thats why I decided to ask before jumping on it. I appreciate all the (non-sarcastic) quick replies...this forum has always been such a help Thanks!
  2. I got this letter from Genesis Financial Solutions on behald of Premier Bankcard. Pretty much: "Once you accept this unique credit card offer and make an initial payment to your new Pearl Card Gold Mastercard account, your charged-off First Premier Bank account (amount $427.87), owned by Premier Bankcard, will be considered resolved." Also... "You can pay down this initial $427.87 balance of your Pearl Card Gold MasterCard with minimum monthly payments of $35. Once yoru first payment is recieved, yoru inicial credit like will be $50. Continue making regular on-time payments andyouc an earn dredit line increases for new purchases and cash advances monthly up to $500 blah blah blah..." Can someone help me to translate this...does it sound legit? I've previously tried to dispute/PFD the premier charge off with no luck. It looks like they are offering a balance transfer...I was thinking maybe having a small balance credit card would be a good way to rebuild credit...but then again I just purchased a home and in 6 month or so i'm hoping to qualify for a 'real' credit card...maybe even sooner... Any advice?
  3. Ok so he said he would do that. He knows he was in the wrong. I'm glad I did not fly off at the handle on him or he may be more reluctant to help.
  4. So it can be reveresed? Let me get this done...
  5. I did not authorize the hard pull. I sent him my W-2's and paystubs for him to review on Friday and told him to talk to his underwriter to make sure that they could work with me before we went ahead in the process. He even sent an authorization form to pull credit which I did not fill out. In the mean time a LO I was working with previsouly contacts me and lets me know they can get me the pre-approval, so I'm like great, and I liked this LO better. Meanwhile the guy who I just sent my W-2 and paystubs to is emailing me, call me, we can get you done, blah blah blah...I don't get a chance to respond to his emails. Next thing you know he sent me an email with the tri-merge report he had pulled and asking me questions and saying CALL ME ASAP. WHAT?! I haven't even talked to you since Friday, I have no relationship with you, and so you pull my info off of my w-2's and use it to pull my report. I was so angry. Then he tried to play dumb like that's what I wanted, I'm like no I said specifically to review info to make sure it would work and then I would let you know when to move forward. And what happened to that Aurthorization form you sent me? In my situaiton I realize that getting a loan is not going to be so easy so I was taking pains to make sure things would work with the companies/banks I choose before I had people pulling credit willie nillie. Anyway, not to harp...I'm just going to ask if he can make that a softpull. For me 4 points can make a difference between me closing and not closing.
  6. Is there anything you can do if someone pulls your credit w/o your authorization? Long story short an overzealous Loan Officer pulled a full Triple report W/O my permission or authorization I'm worried about any additional hard pulls affecting my credit/score
  7. Ok I think I just answered my question by reading the difference between FICO and FAKO
  8. Every now and then I like to take advantage of those free-trial things a credit reporting service may throw out. Just recently I did with that one site called Mythreecreditscores.com or however it's called. So my credit was pulled about a month ago by a loan officer and my Experian was 581, I have a service with Equifax and my current score today is 591 .... But when I got the tripple score with mythreecreditscores.com and Transunion all of the numbers they gave me were in the 540's!! What?? It's just scary because I think I've finally found a bank to finance me and my middle score has to be at 580 or better for them to do that, and I have these random sites throwing out numbers in the 540's I know you shouldn't trust some of these sites but what is going on anyway and how can they just give such incorrect information? Am I missing something? I'll know for sure once I'm pulled again on Monday but ARGH! Searching for Peace of Mind, Ellesig4
  9. I'm a little confused by your response?
  10. Well I'm working with them right now and so far so good. My realtor has heard of them but has not history or experience with them.
  11. Any thoughts on this mortgage company? I'm considering getting a Mortgage loan with them...
  12. According to the creditor the do have an account, specifically with Equifax...they say that they work with the CRA's all the time. Now I don't know if that's only a one way account...meaning that they only report lates, etc...
  13. This one has been a toughie. I actually have the creditor working on it with me and they are getting the run-around as well. I thought I'd come to you guys to see if anyone has any insight. Pretty much I have a Car Loan that's been paid ontime for the past 1.5 years, never a late payment. I'm trying to get this to report to the CRA's (obviously it's not reporting now) in hopes that it will help my credit and credit score. On one hand I have the creditor trying to talk to the CRA's to get it to report...I still don't understand why they are having so much trouble, because I'm pretty sure if I started to miss payments they'd report in a heartbeat The guy at my Auto Loan place tells me that he knows someone who had this done, but they had to use a form generated by the CRA's. When I call the CRA's they are telling me that there is no way they can report this unless contacted DIRECTLY by the creditor (which the creditor is trying to contact them!) and that there is no form they can send for me to have the creditor fill out and return. *SCREAMS* Has anyone ever dealt with this before? Any suggestions??
  14. Ok, along the same lines (in case you guys missed the theme here I'm hoping for a quick bump in score) the third trade line that I have is a student loan that I've had in forbearance for awhile. The forbearance ends soon and I was planning on renewing it, but what if I were to let the account go active, and bring it up to date by paying a large lump sum of 12 months worth of payments? Do you think that would help any, and reflect in a rapid re-score?

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