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  1. Hello! Looking for help with an update to my credit report today. I received a notification that I have a new delinquency...well, I haven't been delinquent on anything since 2005. I had a vehicle repo from 2005 with Americredit listed for the last 6 years as about $15,000...today they added almost $5000.00 to the balance due. Is this legal? I have no idea what it is for...any help is appreciated! Thank you!!!!
  2. Hello all! I had a voluntary repo in October 2005. The credit report update this morning shows the following info: AMERICREDIT Old - 02/24/2009 New - 02/25/2009 Comparison Condition: Derogatory Derogatory Balance: $14,723 $15,985 (+$1,262) ype: Auto Loan Auto Loan Pay Status: Collection/Chargeoff Collection/Chargeoff Past Due: $567 $567 High Balance: $33,488 $33,488 Terms: 72 Months 72 Months Limit: $0 $0 Payment: $717 $717 Opened: 03/21/2005 03/21/2005 Reported: 01/20/2009 02/20/2009 Remarks: Charged off as bad debt Profit and loss write-off Charged off as bad debt Profit and loss write-off NOTHING changed except the balance?! Can anyone please advise if this is legal, SOL 4 year mark is coming to an end this year. I am so confused and upset, this bad mark has been the same since 2005 and I don't understand the change. Thank you in advance for your help!
  3. Its been about 6 months since I received Macy's at the $100 CL mark. I just received a GLI to $600.00. My credit has went down some due to util and I never applied for Bloomie's. What do you think the chances of a Bloomie's approval is? Thanks!!
  4. I just got a letter yesterday from ER Solutions claiming their creditor is Asset Acceptance LLC with the original creditor as Bally's. This debt is over 10 years old, already was disputed off my credit report and they are offering me 60% off the debt.......Never been so mad as when I opened this envelope.....
  5. Bump for assistance... this is still haunting me
  6. I had a repo on a vehicle in 1999. During the beginning period of my credit repair, I disputed it with the original creditor UUAC. It came off my report and was off for the better part of 2006. In October it reappeared and I have not had the chance to fire off a reinsertion letter. It is listed as UUAC.....today.....I get a letter (first contact) from Crescent Recovery stating that in October 2006 they acquired this debt and are expecting payment!!! Please assist me with how to proceed. Do I send the reinsert letter to TU since it is listed as UUAC? Why is Crescent using the original creditor on the credit line? Why in the world do they think I'm going to send them a dime for this when its been out of SOL for so many years? What actions do I need to take to have them cease collection activity as well as remove the item from my credit report? Thanks!!
  7. Yes. I moved in January, I paid in February, I paid in March, I missed April, canceled on Monday.
  8. Paid in March. I finally got a more in depth answer. The collections department with Verizon states that it was a final bill for the account. I can't get any answer on how can it be the final bill when the account was accruing normal monthly charges and I canceled service on Monday. The final bill for the account was just cut. Is it normal for a final bill to be cut on an account, sent to collections, still accrue monthly service charges, pay on those and be in good standing for the bill minus a portion they carved out?
  9. Have no idea. Verizon is saying that they sent it to collections 2/9. Per Verizon collections department it is for a final bill....well, my final bill was just generated yesterday and the balance is 90.00. Does Verizon send a bill to collections, continue current service and monthly service accruals and when you pay on the bill you still have another final in collections?? I'm so confused because it doesn't make sense. I did confirm that it is for this account that was sent to RMA, they have not reported yet.
  10. Verizon just slammed this on my CR- VERIZON PA More about this accountMore about this account >> Account No.: ******* Condition: Derogatory Balance: $148 Type: Collection Pay Status: Late 120 Days Dates are 02/9/07 and reported date is 04/09/07. Kicker---I paid it 02/09/07, paid my bill on 3/29/07 and it just showed up on 5/21/07?????? What in the world? They report this months later, stating it is derog the day I paid the bill??? How can I get this one cleared up? Your help is appreciated!
  11. Well, I didn't pull TC yesterday after seeing all the problems. I just tried and got the same message....so, still not working....also, when I went to login I got that their site certificate was expired.
  12. The reason there is a stigma goes something like this- If you get pregnant you can't work. If you don't work, you won't pay your rent. And since you are not married you won't have someone to help you with the rent under those conditions. The other stigma goes that if you have many kids they are very expensive. They need clothing and food and shoes and money for entertainment. A single mom can't say no to her kids, so the rent might be late more often than a married family. The third stigma goes like this- kids destory property and are a greater risk. They write on walls, put holes in walls, tear up carpet, etc... Without a father to discipline the children, they will be disorderly and destroy the property. The WORST case a landlord can have is trying to evict a pregnant woman. No judge will do that. All a single woman will need to do is show up in court with three crying kids and the judge will grant a continuance after continuance. Meanwhile, the owner of the property has to make a mortgage payment and the owner might not have enough money to do that. But if you have a good rental history and good employment history you can rent anywhere. Finding good renters is not easy. Owners want renters with a history of payments on time. I would not exclude a single woman with children. Your money is just as good as anyone else. One of the best renters I knew was a woman with a perfect payment history. She had a good job so if she got pregnant her employer would continue to pay her salary and give her time off. If you've got a good job like that I would mention it to the owner. WOW, I've seen many pregnant women work, myself included. Also, yes while there may be the occasional issue of something being destroyed, I've raised my children well enough that this would only occur in an accident and I'm a grown up enough to fix it. So, then landlords should also ask a man (by this method of thinking) how many children he has that don't live with him that he has to pay child support for? While there are very interesting points, the best is that my money is just as good as anyone else. My opinion, if someone doesn't want it because of a perception, then I'd rather give it to someone with a little common sense. I know that stigma's exist all over the place in many shapes and sizes, but its gone beyond insane. Personally, I'd never take my kids to court, its not the right place for them. How about some of the narrow minds thinking that a single mother may be more apt to pay for the roof over her head first?? Guess its to easy to assume the worst rather than assume the best. I understand the landlord needs to look out for his investment completely but we all need places to raise our families.
  13. OP, sorry this happened to you. Wow, this turned out to be a very informative session this evening for me. I'm trying to rent and am a single mother of three. Sorry, but it torks my jaw that in any area discrimination because of a "4" rule can be in effect I'll institute my own law of "4", there are "4" in my family and the new law is that we can have whatever we want, whenever we want...this concept is just as ludicrous. Why is it that a stigma needs to be placed on anyone??? I've seen the most wealthy in the worst rust buckets with holes in clothing and unshaven and they are millionaires..... I understand protecting an investment but to generalize on a normal basis? I couldn't sleep at night if I did that. For me, I chose to be a single mom because my children would be better off outside with love from me than dealing with an alcoholic father just to keep up appearances. OP, I'd rather live in a card board box than to live up to those insane requirements and it was probably for the best that he turned you down. Good luck on your search and I hope you find something wonderful!!!!
  14. Virgo---obsessed! I found this site and can read for hours and hours

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