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  1. Yea I read through that who-vs-whom link I posted and just came the realization that I'm too old for that muscle memory change... but I'll definitely try and do my best. "I would like to know with whom did Chase pull?" 🙃
  2. Once you come out, you can't go back in. #PointOfNoReturn
  3. Ok that's really nice from Chase. ESL says it's not a big mistake...I spelled it correctly . https://7esl.com/who-vs-whom/
  4. Not just Chase Amazon, I got AutoCLI on my Chase Slate. I thought I was being rewarded for usage and no lates until I read about thousands of Chase customers getting limits increased.
  5. This is true. I went through the same as OP with NFCU. Fortunately, I arranged to settle cc debt for less than owed, pif the auto loan, received the title free and clear. Plus I got to keep my other NFCU cc, personal+biz checking accts. Valuable lessons learned.
  6. Update #2 YAY! I went ahead and paid off the auto loan. NFCU removed the lien and I received the free & clear auto title today. Such a relief to conclude that chapter of debt and being able to maintain the use of my NFCU Visa, personal and business banking accounts.
  7. This is GOOD news. Since NFCU and I have had our 'love loss' for each other in 2020, I've been in planning my generous CU relationship. Lo and Behold, I stumbled upon remembering I opened USAA checking/savings back in the day with they had public open eligible. Through some log-in digging and phone calls, I was able to re-fund accounts. So funny the Transfer page still shows my old Washington Mutual acct numbers. 😅 Any tips on how to best to 'manage your accounts' with them? Eventually I'll apply for a USAA CC when my scores reach the 700s.
  8. Thanks for your experience. I'll do some 4-figure test deposits and see if it meets my needs. I agree, for large checks I deposit to my business account.... which have been NFCU mobile deposit at times. lol.
  9. I revived an old USAA account recently, but didn't know about the immediate avail of mobile check depo. Is there a max $ amount on this instant funds? If you have a USAA CC, do you know if you make a payment from your USAA account does the available credit update immediately also?
  10. Update #1 I settled the charge off back in November 2020 and my CRs now report zero (0) balance with 'Settled for less than owed' remark. Saw a score boost and still have my personal and business deposit accounts along with NFCU Rewards cc.... and auto loan ($4k). I did receive the settled account letter from NFCU. Should I still refi the auto loan with another lender or just pay the auto loan off in the next couple months with NFCU and get the title given this settlement letter and reports reflecting paid charge-off. It'd be great to not have to go through a loan app and incur a HP along with a dent to AAoA.
  11. Thanks. I very well may update here once the vehicle loan is paid in full. I'm thinking it may be a good to keep small balances across my accounts and cc until my credit profile is strong enough on it's own.
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