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  1. Whychat (or anyone else), DD's DH had a car repo'ed in 2013. On the bureau it is not listed as a repo, but as a charge-off. Original loan amount was $16,000. He made 6 payments before defaulting. He was out at sea (USN) and believed he had set up his payments to be automated (obviously, they weren't). As soon as he returned, the vehicle was repo'ed. State is California. He did not receive notice of repo sale or right of redemption. They sold the vehicle at auction leaving a deficiency balance of $11,365 (! What? Did they give the car away?) The finance company is Exeter Finance Corp. The repo was in May 2013 and I see from Whychat's site that one needs to wait until 2 years have elapsed if one is not sure that the notice of deficiency wasn't received. (Her DH said "I don't think so"...) In the meantime, I want to set the ducks in a row to get this kicked off as soon as the 2 years have elapsed. There is no CA associated with the deficiency. Does the carfax list the sale date and amount? Is that why you pull it? I haven't done this one before, so I am open to any and all suggestions.
  2. LC requires at least a 680
  3. Momof5

    EQ site

    Is anyone else having trouble with the site today? It is timing out on both the computer and the cell app. Got an alert today and just tried to check it out.
  4. My mom co-signed for my son's car. He paid on time for the first year. Got out of the Army and couldn't afford the payments. My mom and I made ALL the remaining payments. NEVER co-sign for ANYONE!
  5. Is the TL a CA acct or is it the OC's Visa account. If it is the OC's, the lates drop off at 7 yrs and the account goes to positive status. A CA is always a derog and should drop ~ 7 yrs.
  6. Your total provable monthly gross income is? $37,500? Why finance?
  7. Put the cards on ice. Get a LC loan and pay them off. The 0 bal will report long before LC reports the loan. Hit the CLI increase on all CCs. Keep util to 2% on the CCs and pay off the LC loan ASAP. I did this and my scores went up over 50 pts, got $45K in new avail credit and when LC reported, it only hit my FICO for 1 pt.
  8. I would write to the CEO of the OC and mention that it is your ONLY late on your reports and tell the story of how it happened. State that you were told that it would be deleted but it is still there and ask if he/she can look into this for you.
  9. Momof5


    It can be overwhelming initially. When I returned to these boards after a job loss, my score had dropped to 472. I had been as much as 120 days late on my mortgage (AND took a year to bring it current) and a smattering of 30/60 day lates on CCs and my auto loan. I really thought I was going to be in this for the long haul (7 years)..... The 472 was from Feb 2014. Look at the scores in my siggy. Read, read and read some more. Follow the steps outlined for newbies. Your score will not rebound overnight, but you will get there and we are all here to help and to support you during the process.
  10. Many folks have had success with the Cap 1 EO. Never hurts to try. You will qualify for a mortgage with FHA http://www.fha-world.com/fha-loan-requirements-2015.html
  11. Time to contact Chase. I had issues with their reporting and it took months for them to fix. In your case, it is less complicated, so it may take less time.
  12. FWIW, in my experience, CK scores often head in the same direction as real FICOs. The problem with the real score is you usually have to pay for it (or app for a card that will give it to you for free and most are prime cards which rebuilders won't qualify for). Early on in repair, there can be frequent changes and rebuilders are excited to see them. The risk in CK scores is where I have seen a CK score in the 600s that is actually in the 500s. It leads to app'ing for cards when the rebuilder won't qualify. They not only get the HP, they see their real FICO and are shocked. I think because my credit history is over 14 yrs and my baddies just over the 24 month point, my CK scores have seriously lagged behind my FICO08's. My current CK scores are 668/659 yet look at my FICOs in siggy.
  13. Boy, and I thought I was bad for opening 7! LOL! I agree that the approvals feel great. Time for some "gardening" and let it grow from there.
  14. If you bought your scores anywhere by myfico (or Experian Credit Tracker for EX), they are what we call FAKO scores. For the listing of the ex-wife's CC, if you were an AU on the account, call the CC company and have that removed (status) and then dispute as "not responsible for account. If you were joint on it, you are stuck with it unless they GW. If you were neither an AU nor joint, send the CC an ITS for violation of the FCRA and it will disappear. For the OC that is posting 2 TLs and you only have one, send an ITS for violation of the FCRA. I bet both TLs will suddenly disappear.
  15. I guess that I should list my results from my April app spree (I had 1 23 month old INQ on all 3 bureaus). Discover iT $3500 Home Depot (initial CL offered was $601) CLI after approval to $10,000 Cap 1 Venture $15,000 Navy $10,000 CLI's on my ancient Plat cards: $500 to $1000 and PC'd other Plat to QS then got CLI from $1160 to $3160. VS from $500 to $1000 Chevron from $1000 to $1200 In the garden to let my INQs age. Currently have 1 on TU (from the Cap 1 triple pull), 2 on EX and 6 on EQ.

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