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  1. Paracord. We carry the meds in something that goes with us everywhere, then we don't worry about heat. Husband is basically a walking pharmacy of OTC meds. We keep a small emergency kit with bandages in both cars - haven't run into an issue with them breaking down yet, and they have gotten used.
  2. Meh. I get what you are saying. But there is a reason we refer to the oldest as "she who must be watched". For the same reason, she can not unlock the exterior doors to the house, and she has three aides to follow her around at different times at school. I don't actually have cameras on her, but if the house was bigger or had more than one floor, I probably would.
  3. My neighborhood, a year ago today: http://main.montgomerycountypolicereporter.com/?p=65559
  4. *snort* I have had someone point a gun at me. And I do feel much safer now that I carry one of my own. It's easier to carry than a bow.
  5. Don't eat the meat. I hear it's not really meat. And the cheese is not really cheese. Reason enough for me to avoid our local county facilities. Lock down also don't sound like much fun. And pink stripes really aren't flattering to my skin tone.
  6. I taught high school math. I had a web page that was updated weekly. It had the assignment page for the unit we were working on (which the kids also got in class) and a pdf copy of every worksheet handed out for that unit. You could even get example problems for each assignment. I didn't care if it was a kid accessing the site or the parents. It was a useful tool that could be accessed at any time from home. Absent and need your homework? Check the web page. Can't remember a due date? Check the web page. Forgot you folder at school? Out for a school sponsored trip? Have bible study every Wednesday night and want to do your homework early? Marching in the band? Have to work on Tuesdays? Whatever. Check the web page. I don't know why more teachers didn't do this. It was work for me on the front end, and but solved myriad problems for my kids that needed the extra monitoring from parents and for my students that were responsible and could handle themselves.
  7. Yes, they can. But the problem will be whether or not they continue to enforce it. Our school board demanded that we all keep an updated web page more than a decade ago. Some teachers uploaded an index page then and it hasn't changed since. Ugh. If the school principal isn't on board, it won't happen for everybody. Only the teachers (that know about it) and find it useful will utilize it.
  8. Guns that are sold illegally on the street don't command the price that an honest person would pay purchasing from a dealer. The same would likely apply to bullets.
  9. I admit, I knew immediately what he was talking about, but I have neighbors who bow hunt. And often stand in my yard to shoot at targets set up in theirs. But my freezer is full of deer meat, and wild boar, and there was a cow. I didn't ask too many questions.
  10. Google led me to this: http://www.wsbcompany.com/ I don't know anything about them. Could find no reviews, and their website is a little sparse. It looks perfect for your needs, but I'm suspicious. But then I'm varying levels of suspicious about everything, so you can take that for what it's worth. A search of amazon led to various bags/backpacks that could be hung from the back of the chair. This might be cheaper, and safer than an unfamiliar company, and easier on you back than a over the shoulder shopping bag.
  11. Oddly enough there is a great deal of tech development and research that goes into those bows. That equals money. Lots of bow hunting forums, you should go looking.
  12. Good grief, Charlie Brown. You don't sound like you really care what this chick thinks, so just grow a pair and tell her.
  13. Got up to 91 here yesterday. Down to 40 last night. Weather man promised only a high of 84 today, currently 70. But I see that the computer now says up to 91 today. I'm feeling cheated. I need more days when I can leave my window open.

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