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  1. varinia

    IRS denies withdrawal of paid tax lien

    Heck, looks like I'll never get out from under this. I'm just doing all I can to have enough cash to pay by October, after the extension.
  2. varinia

    IRS denies withdrawal of paid tax lien

    But I'm not late for 2015. They're only due on April 15th. I don't have the funds to pay them ahead.
  3. I had a tax lien for 2010 taxes. It was placed in 2012. I went into a payment arrangement with them and everything was paid off by April 2014. On my credit reports it said that it would fall off in 2018. So, reading that I can apply to have my paid lien withdrawn, I also wrote to the Credit bureaus, hoping they'll just take it off. Instead they confirmed and now they based it on the last activity date and it'll only fall off 2021. Well, I figured that the IRS would just approve my withdrawal and it wouldn't matter. Got a letter today, that they denied my application, because I'm not in compliance with making estimated tax payments for 2015. I always file extension and pay a penalty in October. I thought that was my right. But I also thought that the withdrawal was automatic, once you apply. Any suggestion? I don't want to get into a squeezing a lemon match with the IRS, but this will pretty much screw up my credit for the next 6 years.
  4. varinia

    Does anyone have the website

    They could have mistyped the house number and it was returned. At that time it goes to the 'Stale check' file for 6 month then it will go to another stale check list for 6 months and then it will go to the state for a certain number of years. I suspect some of those 'typos' are done in purpose.
  5. varinia

    Does anyone have the website

    As I recall, the accounts move to 'unclaimed' after they have gone seven years with no activity. Centex, actually, the time frame for 'holding' of funds completely depends on the origin of the funds (estate, victim's restitution, tax auction and many, many other sources). it can be from 6 months to 10 years, before the funds are turned over to the state, if they're turned over to the state at all. And if the funds aren't claimed with a certain timeframe the state can keep them. This is a huge revenue source for the states and they don't really want people to claim the money
  6. varinia

    Does anyone have the website

    there are many different types of Unclaimed Funds. First they will sit in different Holding entities, which might be Banks, Insurance companies, various Government Agencies. Some of them will escheat tot he State after a certain amount of time. Others the particular holder can keep, if not claimed within a certain timeframe. The irs funds are different from the insurance funds and they're not on the same list. If you claim the funds, they will verify if you're the correct person or not and only disburse after. So, put a claim in, even if you're not sure. They will check
  7. varinia

    Father commited credit fraud on me when i was 9.

    the thing is, if your dad doesn't get consequences for his actions, what's to keep him from doing that for the rest of your life? It's not as if you can just apply for a new SS#. So, if you let him get away with this without anything and take care of it yourself, it's as if you're enabling him, telling him that it was and is ok to do.
  8. varinia

    CA won't delete after I paid for delete!

    You can sue 'pro se' in Small claims court. I found that the companies back down pretty quickly, if they're in the wrong and you have proof. Once you have filed suit it will go to their legal dept., who will want to settle this with you. At least that's my experience. Filing in small claims court is usually less than $ 100.00, depending on your county.
  9. varinia

    Procedural Request

    Oops, meant 'in the FCRA'
  10. varinia

    Procedural Request

    HXF, where exactly do I find the law that states what a 'procedural request' entails in the Fdcpa?
  11. varinia

    Procedural Request

    They basically just wrote that they ask the creditor for verification and that's what they use. And if I have any problems with that I need to contact the creditor directly. This was a formal written Procedural Request. Don't they have to give me more than that?
  12. varinia

    CA increased balance

    An old charge off that was $ 4500, is now being reported as $ 6,900 by a new CA. Do they have the right to increase the original amount?
  13. Frankly, I gladly show my ID when I buy something. They're only protecting me. What does it matter if a cc is signed, if it's used by a thief? It's not as if the merchant can tell that the card belongs to someone else. Who's signature would they be comparing it to? I think ID comparison is a good thing. It keeps someone else from using my card if they ever stole it.
  14. varinia

    will adding my physical address to CR's hurt in any way?

    A friend tried that, but the address showed up on his reports flagged as a mail-drop and it caused all sorts of problems. I haven't had a problem with that
  15. But even that can be problematic. I had a judgment paid off, but the atty did not report it in court at the time. I caught it years later and forced them to file it as having been paid. But because this was only done 3 years later, that's the payment date the CRAs recorded. I even forwarded letters by the atty to the CRAs, saying that this was paid 3 years earlier, but the EX and EQ refused to change their date. So, even though the facts were corrected in the courthouse, there was no way to change the filing date back 3 years. I had to sue EX and EQ to change to the correct payment date.

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