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  1. Yep have read all this... just trying to determine how we're experimenting with reproducing his results.. Will await the coveted PM.
  2. No PM yet... but if I can I'm an early puller as well. Thanks.
  3. I'm game if recruiting window is still open.
  4. So can we get a summary of what the current issue is? Do we think TU B* using SC is dead or is that TBD?
  5. Nope - still waiting here also. I believe reading in pages prior that the update last month was around the 24th.
  6. Tomorrow will be one month since approvals, pin/card/etc all arrived last week... but still not showing on any of the CRAs...
  7. Has anyone apprvoed after 9/24 seen their account report to and CRA?
  8. Applied 9/24 instant approval for membership and 30K Visa Edocs signed and funded on 9/24 Account has NOT reported to any CRAs yet. Membership cards received in mail early Oct. Pin code received in mail on 10/10
  9. thanks so much for the quick response Brian. Haven't checked the FHA limits. We are in Cincinnati, OH area. Plan is to sell current home. Probably looking at $10-15K net profit after costs and fees. 17500 should not be a problem for us. Any recommendations on banks or CUs that are most reputable / generous?
  10. We just had our 5th child this year and we are out of room in current home. Need to upgrade to 5BR house. $500K is the high end of our budget. Wasn't planning to move this soon but rates and still good and the local market is moving. The problem is that we have very limited cash on hand so FHA seems to be our best option. Looking for some CB help to determine what i can reasonably expect to get approved for. FICO Scores are between 700-750 depending on the CRA. (should all be over 720 in 30 days after 60K in NASA FCU brings down our cred util) Gross Monthly Income is ~$15000 DTI is about 30% (4400 across credit cards, auto loans, and current mortgage of $1200) Based on my very limited research, it appears that our best case scenario is a 0 down ARM (5/5 or a 5/1). DW is getting her masters for nursing so our outlook in 5 years is pretty good. Which banks or CU's would be my best option to start with? Appreciate the help very much!
  11. I just did it. I'm a secodary / AU on my wife's acct.

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