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  1. SomersetGuy

    PlAZA/TR2 did hard pull on TU, who is this?

    PLAZA ASSOCIATES 370 7TH AVENUE SEVEN PENN PLAZA NEW YORK, NY 10001 They are a collection agency. From what I read by doing a google search they do not seem too reputable.
  2. SomersetGuy

    Discover + Cash Advances = CLD

    Why not just give them a call, explain to them that your ATM card strip went bad and that you did afterall PIF when you returned from your vacation. The cash advance probably spooked their computer. You will most likely get the limit restored given the increase you just received on your card. I recently was doing quite a bit of business travel in a short period of time which increased the Balances I had outstanding. I normally do not travel for business. This spooked two major banks which resulted in CLDs. Once I returned and paid off the balances I called both banks and had my CLs restored. One bank even gave me a CLI of 10K one they knew that it was reimburseable business travel expenses. I think that in this enviroment creditors or their systems are easily spooked, but if you call them and question the AA you get an actual person to look at your history and they can override the computer.
  3. SomersetGuy

    Added a new CU and TL to my portfolio today...

    WOW That's great! Congrats!
  4. SomersetGuy

    good gawd

    WOW That is awesome! Congrats!
  5. SomersetGuy

    credit card spreadsheet

    Is there another MOD out there that can upload the spreadsheet?
  6. SomersetGuy

    My Last Girl Friend left me today

    This thread is priceless!!!!!
  7. Did the banker discuss overdraft protection with you. My son had a checking account with Chase and the credit card was his overdraft protection.
  8. SomersetGuy


    Bringing down your utilization by 20% can only help your score. How much will depend on your report. That balloon payment isn't triggered by payments, it has to do with the loan structure. You pay say 100 a month for x number of months then owe the balance in full. Great going on the debt reduction!
  9. SomersetGuy

    Wawa Reins in Credit Rebates

    Well it's off my list.
  10. SomersetGuy

    Sean of the Dead

  11. SomersetGuy

    Anyone use the PayPass? Got one from Citi

    I use mine all the time. Works great and I love it. I kind of hate having to pull out a credit card now.
  12. SomersetGuy

    Frzoen report to stop collection hard inquiries

    I agree completely but the OP stated that the collection agencies aren't adding tradelines to their reports because the original debts are more than 7 years old. The way they are being a PITA is by adding hard pulls to the report. It almost sounds like they know they cannot add a tradeline but also know that they can pull hard. The seven year limit for reporting and I believe the SOL laws do not bar a collection agency from trying to collect. The SOL laws give consumers a defense in the case they are sued. It sounds like a FOAD lettter is required but the freeze might be an added insurance policy in this case.
  13. SomersetGuy

    Frzoen report to stop collection hard inquiries

    Let me state first I do NOT have any personal experience with this. The way I understand this is that no one can pull hard if your file is frozen. If you have card 1 with X bank and apply for card 2 with the same bank you will have to unfreeze your file for them to be able to pull (hard) even though they have PP since you applied for card 2. This has been discussed here quite a bit. Some people here had some success getting a bank to pull a prefered CR pulled using this method. Many more were told to thaw the file or be denied. Current creditors can pull softs for A/Rs. Collection agencies can also pull soft to see if you are in a better financial position to determine their chances of collecting. This might just work in this situation.
  14. SomersetGuy

    Adverse action due to frozen reports?

    Bingo. LOL Then you'd just love Camden! I was pulled over FOR stopping at a red light!
  15. SomersetGuy

    credit card spreadsheet


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