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  1. I show my actual company income. Not sure that it's appropriate to share here.
  2. Yea. Two actually. BOA new biz card instant approval 26K. BOA CLI 40K up from 20K took two days. None of these ( have 4 total) show up on my personal reports
  3. When I go to Extra Payments and Payoffs it just allows me to make an extra payment. That's where I go to make the additional payments I've made. Nothing on there about how it's calculated. I guess it's not a big deal but I always thought principal payments went directly to principal. I emailed my Suntrust manager today and he said that's not how that works with Lightstream... But if I keep going the way I am with payments I will hopefully have it paid off in a year or so..
  4. Thanks Marv - I did - twice. The second time a more seemingly competent person said that's just how it is.
  5. So I have a question about my Lightstream loan. I was under the impression when you make a "principal only" payment that it went directly towards the principal. Apparently that's not the case at LightStream. The highlighed payments are extra payments I've made. IN some cases the interest paid on the extras were more than the normal payments interest. I called Lightstream and they really could not answer it. One lady tried to say something that was clearly scripted but you could tell she really had no idea. Anyone have insight into this? https://imgur.com/a/w6vyqlN
  6. I have a loan with Lightstream. They were awesome. I've been searching for a rare car and finally found one and needed to jump quick. I applied online on a Monday. Monday afternoon they emailed me with a couple of questions and told me I would know within 24 hours. One minute later they emailed me the approval. Logged in and signed docs and money was in my account the next morning and wired the next afternoon. I was BLOWN away with how quick they were. Another thing worth noting - I applied for an auto loan. They never once asked for information about the car. I was surprised they sent the money directly to my personal checking (Suntrust) but they did. The interest rate was a bit high but making double payments to offset that - and every time I make an extra payment they show what my new payment could be if I wanted to change it. After reading the mortgage hack post thread I am thinking about doing something similar here. But in any event quite happy with Lightstream.
  7. fxdm70


    Thanks Centex and CT. Clearly I misunderstood! Much appreciated.
  8. fxdm70


    Well this will probably sound a bit naive - but I thought we never wanted to go over 30%. Not just for scoring but so lenders see that as well. This has always been my motivation for doing it.
  9. fxdm70


    Centex - do we have a list of lenders that tend to frown on this? I've been doing this for years! I pay my CITI, Chase, and BOA cards not bi-weekly, or on a schedule but whenever my balance gets closed to 30 % and I always PIF before the cycle. Just took a quick look on my account and I made 3 payments to CITI and 2 payments to Chase this past cycle. BOA only one time. I have plenty of available credit but we spend 25K-30K plus per month. I've asked BOA and they said they could care less but never inquired with Citi or Chase. Chase being my lowest line out of the 3. Any input on this is greatly appreciated!
  10. Thanks guys for all the input. I've decided just to leave it alone
  11. Shifter - agreed. Gonna do the CLI first - then combine. @Kat58 Thanks for posting that!
  12. That's what I was wondering. Wasn't sure if it would help get higher lines or not. Not that I need them at all. I use them just for points - but like many here I just love to see how far high I can go Thanks Indy!
  13. NO - I have plenty of other lines open. Most in the 15K - 30K ranges. All zero balances. Just would like to hit that 100K level.
  14. I have 2 BOA personal cards. One has a credit line of 57K and the other 39K. One card (57K) doesn't have rewards so i was going to combined both and have a single card at $96K (and gonna ask for a 4K bump to make it an even 100K). Are there any advantages or disadvantages of doing this? I heard here, many years ago, something about cards over 50-75K don't do much for your score - but again this was years ago and very possible I am confused Thanks!
  15. Hey guys - I don't post much but figured I would kick it back up as I am starting to build my biz credit. My personal credit is fantastic and I've been using personal cards for business for years - so finally figured it was time to start down this path. Here's what I opened this month for reporting: Uline NAV BP Fleetcor ($1000 limit) Summa (bought a $65 download) Strategic (Just now bought $80 - thanks guys for posting this TL) Quill (just applied for credit to buy HP printer ink hopefully approved) Denied for Citi biz and Chase biz ( i have a long relationship with both banks so was kinda surprised) I already have 2 BOA business credit cards $7500 each but from what I can tell - they do not report.

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