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  1. Thanks guys for all the input. I've decided just to leave it alone
  2. Shifter - agreed. Gonna do the CLI first - then combine. @Kat58 Thanks for posting that!
  3. That's what I was wondering. Wasn't sure if it would help get higher lines or not. Not that I need them at all. I use them just for points - but like many here I just love to see how far high I can go Thanks Indy!
  4. NO - I have plenty of other lines open. Most in the 15K - 30K ranges. All zero balances. Just would like to hit that 100K level.
  5. I have 2 BOA personal cards. One has a credit line of 57K and the other 39K. One card (57K) doesn't have rewards so i was going to combined both and have a single card at $96K (and gonna ask for a 4K bump to make it an even 100K). Are there any advantages or disadvantages of doing this? I heard here, many years ago, something about cards over 50-75K don't do much for your score - but again this was years ago and very possible I am confused Thanks!
  6. Hey guys - I don't post much but figured I would kick it back up as I am starting to build my biz credit. My personal credit is fantastic and I've been using personal cards for business for years - so finally figured it was time to start down this path. Here's what I opened this month for reporting: Uline NAV BP Fleetcor ($1000 limit) Summa (bought a $65 download) Strategic (Just now bought $80 - thanks guys for posting this TL) Quill (just applied for credit to buy HP printer ink hopefully approved) Denied for Citi biz and Chase biz ( i have a long relationship with both banks so was kinda surprised) I already have 2 BOA business credit cards $7500 each but from what I can tell - they do not report.
  7. Anyone know if AMEX Blue Sky Preferred offers convenience checks or BT checks? MODS: How come all my posts have to be approved? THis forum is supposed to be open and honest. I honestly answer posts and it seems I am demonized for it...... just sayin.....
  8. fxdm70

    US Bank Flex

    Daytona Beach
  9. Citi and AMEX AU's DO report. And do ask for SS. At leat with Citi AA and AMEX Blue. Any others, I am not sure of.
  10. I'm to say. You did get lucky. I hope for your well being, that you made changes so that whatever led to your credit repair won't happen again. you could have found an hour a month to look at your dispute results and write a few letters. You didn't want to. So, to make the assumption that some of us don't know what we are talking about.........well never mind. Never EVER stated that anyone knew what they were talking about - do you guys read these posts or just get mad at everyone for not doing it by "the book" -- seriously?
  11. Just to reiterate - I never promoted anyone. OP asked.. I answered, honestly...
  12. I used xxxxxx a few years ago. This board told me it was a DIY. I run a business and when I said I didnt have time. I really didnt. So I elected to outsource. Sure, I paid for the service for about 8 or 9 months.. .but now I enjoy an 800 FICO score and over 200K in available credit.... So did I "really care" sure I did. BUT - some dont realize that some of us really DONT have the time. To make the assumption that they dont care becuase they say they dont have the time is... well never mind.. OP - I was happy with xxxxxxx. Few years later - my reports are still PERFECT... of course I was told I was lucky too - maybe I was.. .whos to say...
  13. ****UPDATE***** I pretty much wrote off US Bank...... but I was wrong!!! 15K new credit! Making my 2012 App Spree pretty da** succesful if I dont say so myself I dont even have the card yet. I saw it on MyFico when I pulled it.. My Eq went down 40 points to 755 but I opened up new accounts and had a few INQs.. so gonna stay cool for another year and just try to build the new ones up...
  14. Wow, that's awesome. I need a road map from you. I filed Bk13 in 2005 Converted to Bk7 just before the deadline in 2010 and got discharged 5/11. I have a mortgage that does not report because I did not re-affirm and cant get credit anywhere. Also cant get scores above mid-high 600's. I just finally got approved for a $10k card at DCU but cant get any love anywhere else. Well your free to contact me - but I did some techniques that were frowned upon here at CB....
  15. Systematic CLI's for sure. Most of my cards have been opened for years now. Only recently I opened up USAA and just this week Citi AA.. And as far as I am concerned YOU DO qualify for NFCU... WE're all family on this board, right?

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