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  1. SCOTUS rules https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/16pdf/16-349_c07d.pdf
  2. Only one inquiry and only on Equifax which I think is worth the $11k bump in credit limit and the ability to earn $320 in cash back on one swipe.
  3. I don't know what or who they pulled yet. Don't have a credit report pull again for another 5 days. I may do a back door pull as I have not done one in 5 months. My spending is all over the place, travel, food, utilities (bill pay), auto/motorcycle parts, school for my daughter, etc, etc. While I could likely get more by matching categories etc I am just happy at this point to get the 2% and garden a while. We are SOOO much further along than we were this time last year. Made it through nearly 7 years of tough credit issues and are on the right side of 700 now. May look into better % the first of next year but for now I am working our current cards to get them established with very good limits.
  4. Thanks so much for the number. Even though the nice lady said it would be sometime next week, just checked my account and now have a $20k limit. That is the highest limit card I have. Onward and upward. I just could not fathom not getting the 2% cash back on the $16k purchase....that's $300 for using my card as compared to writing a check
  5. Call back and see if they can match on name and last 4 of your social. I don't remember the last time someone needed all 9 digits.
  6. Thanks. That EO number got me to a nice lady who will do a manual review. Said it will take a couple of days but at least we are moving in the right direction
  7. I've had a Citi Double Cash for four complete statements now. Request a CLI from $9k to $20k and received a CLI to $15k which is great but I need $20k. I called the # on the card and was told by the nice lady that since I already requested a CLI there was nothing that could be done. Is that so? Or has anyone had any luck countering their counter? I put about $6k through the card a month with one month hitting $9k. All PIF by the statement date. I have a $16k purchase to make and would love the 2% on it.
  8. Thanks! It has seemed like an eternity since everything went in the dumps. By using lots of the information found here we were able to keep our head afloat, stay in the house and now recover.
  9. 2008 and 2009 was a disaster for us. After working through suits and judgments my reports are clean. We closed on our refi for $475 a month in savings which will be applied right back to the mortgage and have us paid off by 2031. Knowing my median score was 759 I went on a little app spree Cap1 Venture $15k Citi Double Cash $9k Lowes $5k Home Depot $1701 (? - they got burned in '09 so I assume that is the reason) I had been using a Cap1 Quicksilver for cash back but the Double Cash will be my go to card.
  10. Have done both of those over the last 60 days and they continue to verify....
  11. I have one bad mark remaining on my EQ report. It is due to drop off in May and no matter what I do, I cannot get it off early. The EQ reps are sticking to their policy no matter how much I beg. Of course this is of my own doing and I have no one to blame but myself. What is more irritating is having to listen to that darn sales pitch for their credit monitoring every time I call in. I try to remain nice and listen but it is getting old so today I told the lady, "I'll sign up if you will delete that account". There was a pause on her end that seemed to go for about 10 seconds and then she said sorry, can't do that. My hopes almost rose thinking she was going to oblige. I have begged, I have pleaded....have not cried yet, that is the next step LOL
  12. We'll add this to the shelf of board games but will always keep the paper money version for reasons stated above.
  13. My wife went to Family Dermatology and all bills have been paid for over a year now. We received a bill for $870 a couple weeks ago and the bill does not match our EOBs from Blue Cross. Tried contacting them, then started researching them and came across the below article. At this point our plan is to keep our documentation and let them sue us or send the bill to collections and fight it out with someone that will actually respond. Any other suggestions? http://www.cbs46.com/story/28264040/medical-practice-accused-of-over-billing-ignoring-patients-doctor-brushes-it-off
  14. Start reading here; http://whychat.5u.com/hipltr.html
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