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  1. Ok - so I have not posted for a while and somehow ran across this post. If you are still looking for a solution, have you tried The Great Mystery by Philosophy? This stuff seriously saves me from flakies in the dry winter months. I love it!
  2. Add me to the list of women who did not get proposed to. A mutual friend asked DH and I when we were going to get married and I said whenever he's ready. Later that evening on the porch of our two bedroom rented apartment he looked at me and said, "would you really marry me?" I said yes and 30 days later we were married, alone on a beach in charleston,as the sun was setting, barefoot, with simple silver bands - all we could afford at the time. About a year later he bought me a "real" engagement ring, and every year we get new wedding bands and we mutually propose another year. The idea is to never take for granted that we will always be together and to make every day, month, and year count! 5 years after we were officially married, when we were vacationing in Jamaica he proposed "proper-like" with a diamond bracelet (since I already had a ring). Now we are doing significantly better financially with the big house, cars, and the means to do just about anything we want. I would still never trade the "matter of fact" way he "proposed" and our yearly ritual that resulted, for anything in the world. Some would say that new rings each year are wasteful, I say they are worth every penny. To each their own...
  3. When I did it I had to apply seperately for a card (I got the WorldPoints) and then combine. This was when it was all still MBNA - I imagine that is also why you are not getting too many responses. This was a big thing a few years back so most of us did this under the MBNA umbrella and things may be different now. Your best bet is to just call and ask. Good luck!
  4. I get the 7-10 days every time I ask now - it has been the request for docs once or twice and approvals once or twice. I have yet to be outright denied on a 7-10 day notice.
  5. We are in NC and you are right - 99.99% of every pull is EQ. The two recent notable exceptions are Amex (they pull EX here just like they do everywhere else) and WaMu (they pulled TU).
  6. Ditto to that, No F/R here (yet) but they did start asking for docs once I hit 35K.
  7. I used to get regular approvals, but that stopped after I hit 35K on one card - now its always the 7-10 day response. Sometimes they approve, sometimes they ask for supporting documentation. When they do the latter I just give up for a few months.
  8. That's not necessarily true, I get the 7-10 day message all the time and to date the approvals have been pretty regular. I imagine it just means they want to manually review the account. And if your CL includes the amount you asked for - I'd say all signs point to yes!
  9. I just got this notice as well. I am not seeing any real benefit to the upgrade either. Anyone else get the offer? Thoughts about accepting?
  10. I can tell you that's not correct. Many of us have gotten the 7-10 day response (myself included) and not gotten a hard inquiry.
  11. Queen_Majyk


    Anyone successful with a Blue to Starwood conversion? I have tried the phone twice (told no by two seperate CSRs) and email (was sent a link to apply for Starwood...). Egads - I don't care about loosing points and I am trying to pay them an annual fee...it should not be this hard. I am off to pout now.
  12. Congrats - I remember the feeling! Sorry I can't help you with the TU pull - have you checked the Credit Pulls Database (in the top right corner of the page).
  13. I had a BOA charge off and as soon as it stopped reporting I applied and was given a new card. Between that and merging it with my old Worldpoints card I now have my highest limit card. I also have two mortgages, checking and savings. So IME, once its off the reports, its forgotton...YMMV
  14. Bumping and offering up of the Credit Haiku thread: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?s...13&hl=haiku

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