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  1. Cellular shades. Seems to me the MCM trend has lasted quite a while. It was a thing when Mad Men was on and that ended...many years ago now. I have a few MCM pieces that I got before their value jumped, but my current house doesn't work for that trend. My old 1968 house was an MCM dream/nightmare depending on how you looked at it. It wasn't the beautiful 1950s-early 60s MCM. It was from when acid was in high use....and it showed.
  2. That's not that smart. If you want anything over 65", just get a projector.
  3. I like the midcentry modern vibe. I just ordered window treatments. WTF are they so expensive?
  4. Does that mean we have a new pope?
  5. Which neutral color is more "in" now? Tans or grays?
  6. 1st jab yesterday evening. nothing negative to report.
  7. That looks very Mad Men-Mid-Mod esque. If I was going to Mad Men my bedroom, I'd outfit it with Joan and Betty.
  8. Generally I like the look of tile. Tile is the proper flooring in wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms. However, I've gotten used to the warm wood look in my kitchen/dining areas and I think tile would be a downgrade, aesthetically speaking. This is all too confusing.
  9. I hate laminate floors with a passion. They look and feel cheap. Unfortunately, my kitchen and dining have laminate. It's a high-quality laminate and looks quite nice, but it's still a clicky-feeling cheap floor. I'm going to replace it with tile eventually, but I really do like the look of the wood, so I'm thinking of going with one of those porcelain or ceramic wood-look tiles. Would that look tacky? I know never, ever to put hardwood in a kitchen, but I don't think I'd like the look of tile.
  10. They weren't dead. Just on vacation.
  11. Internal sensors that think the load was a lot more dirty than the timer originally indicated? My dishwasher's screen is on top of the door so it's hidden, but it projects a little red picture on the floor to indicate the cycle.
  12. I want a Lexus GX460. I know they're old, outdated, etc. But they're solid, proper BOF SUVs with the engine facing the proper direction, and they're made in Japan. Unfortunately, to get the features I'm used to, that pushes me into the $70K Luxury trim. I'm torn.
  13. Carvana upped their offer for my car. I could now walk away, 28 months into my 36 month lease, with about $2K in my pocket. This is really tempting. I don't know what I'd want next.
  14. I don't know if my headache is caused by the beer I had last night, or missing my evening coffee, but it's irritating me.
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