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  1. Leave it to a home improvement thread to bring out all the old-timers. Nice to see everyone doing well.
  2. I need to get another manual to further distinguish myself from the riffraff. I miss rowing my own gears so much.
  3. My current box of checks is from when I first opened the account at this bank...in 2010. Pretty sure there are a few books left.
  4. Which is still nearly double what it was just a few short years ago. Ahh, the good old days.
  5. I don't mind heat. I HATE humidity. It's been too damn humid. Dew point was already 67 this morning when I started work. Going outside felt like walking into someone's mouth.
  6. I've been wanting to replace my microwave for a while, but today it decided now was the time. Local Bosch dealer had no timeline for availability. Luckily I found a place online that seemed to have one in in stock. Lowes said they could get me a Bosch Benchmark by...the end of September.
  7. I've gotten really selective over where things come from. I'll gladly pay more if it's not made in China or some other third world disaster "developing country." Especially large-ticket items.
  8. My car has a 3.0L Supercharged V6. My buddy has a car with the same engine. He has an aftermarket intake that allows for a supercharger whine that makes my pants fit tighter. Part of me wants to do the same, but another part of me thinks it doesn't fit the image of my car. Then there's another part of me that thinks a 500hp supercharged stealth grandpa sedan is hilarious. Maybe I'm growing up a little.
  9. Buying a pearl black car was a really dumb idea.
  10. Our last KMart, dating back to the early 60s, was just knocked down this week. The property is being developed into low-income senior housing. A common question was..."is that area even safe enough for old people?" This should be interesting.
  11. I don't even look at what gas costs anymore. The daily driver just gets 93 from Costco, but the toy gets ethanol-free 91 from Fleet Farm. Both needed gas this week. The gas bill for the house broke $100 when the highest last year was....$70? Two months in a row now where the electric bill was over $200. I feel for those who truly can't afford the inflation but everyone saw it coming. If I had a nickel for every "told you so..." I wouldn't have to worry about inflation. Jeremy Clarkson's smug face has nothing on mine.
  12. I've received more mail for my neighbors this week than I did for myself. Including a package. USPS sucks.
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