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  1. I just read that Minnesota has one of the highest rates of infection in the country. Considering all their dystopian measures, that must be a real kick in the balls. If Minnesota had any balls, that is.
  2. Modern schools today are designed specifically to have windows that do NOT, open. It's a little crazy.
  3. 🤣Apparently the La-Z-Boy factory had to temporarily shutdown and the recliner I ordered will be delayed. I have two sofas coming from Italy and they're on time. I'm assuming the tables I ordered will be on time too, since they're Amish and they seem to be doing fine. Maybe that's an un-woke assumption though. 😐
  4. I don't understand "up-badging." People who understand cars know you're FOS, people who don't aren't impressed by what they don't know. Who are they fooling?
  5. This one I can fully support. Neck tattoos, face tattoos, ears with holes so big you can fist them...hey, it's your body but they generally don't display a penchant for making good choices. I say this as someone who likes tattoos, albeit well-placed and professional. If they look like they were done in a prison yard, well then, that's certainly a choice.
  6. I still find it amusing when the same Karens who hate law enforcement run to their safe, warm arms when they want one of their rules enforced. Hilarious. I'm all for businesses making their own rules, I'm not for them being forced to make rules.
  7. Heh. You'll love where I got my home office chair. Let me preface by saying, my desk at home is a big, old, gorgeous midcentury modern double pedestal executive desk I found on Craigslist. Think Don Draper in Mad Men. I wanted a chair to fit the style but they were $Texas or looked like crap. When I was commuting an hour a day, through about 10 small towns, I saw a county highway department was throwing away an old desk chair. Probably 50-70 years old, industrial style, like a plant manager would use to wield power over his unionized blue-collar workforce. I thought it was good enough, so I stopped on the highway, turned around, and shoved it in the back. There are a few spots of yellow on the legs that may even be old school yellow road-striping paint. It is THE MOST COMFORTABLE desk chair I've had. Even my office chair in my office on campus, which is break freakin' new (and $612 according to my research) is junk compared to it. It's awesome and it was free, and has a story.
  8. If they're able to do it on their own dime, I give them my blessing. If they depend on others to provide, or use the "how can you deny a child?!" excuse, then I have no problem putting my foot down. No one has the right to bring a child into the world if they're not going to provide for them properly. That's just cruel and I have zero issues shaming them.
  9. It's probably pretty hard to raise a family if you're low-income, but then if you're that poor, you shouldn't be having children to begin with. Pushing a baby out should come with minimum IQ and income requirements.
  10. As soon as the goggles thing came out, I said they're just making crap up to see who listens to their BS. Pretty soon we'll have the unwashed drones sporting old-school plague masks, beaks and all.
  11. I thought about that, but I DID want a new mower. I'll sell my old one, and my Cub Cadet, and end up ahead anyway. I have zero use for a 50" rider at this place. Other people in the neighborhood have riders, but they look ridiculous. I don't have two acres anymore, only 1/3, so it takes barely any time to mow and trim. I do need a leaf blower though. Home Depot has a what looks to be a nice battery leaf blower/trimmer combo kit by Ryobi that I may look into.
  12. If I said "mower that will take you for a brisk jog if you're not gentle with the lever" it wouldn't have made much sense.

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