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  1. I knew this would be in CA. Weren't they supposed to fall into the ocean a while back?
  2. You are in control over what happens when you can no longer control it.
  3. I'm honestly surprised that an X-Type of that vintage is still on the road. I had the car it was based on in high school. It was a babied, one-owner example that I got from a great aunt who was too old to drive. When I got it, it barely had 60K on the clock. That was, without a doubt, the biggest hunk of junk I ever had. When it ran, it was a fantastic car. It handled so well, it had features that were unheard of in a $20K car at the time, and the 2.5L V6 was a hoot to play with....but the electrical, transmission, and just general quality issues (mine had the B-Pillar trim of the correct car on one side, and the trim of the Ford model with different interior lines on the other side) was just too much. No more European Fords after that. I guess it also didn't help that, at the time, The Mother had an S-Type that was also a steaming pile of hooey.
  4. Sears, an original tenant in one of our malls since 1972, was kicked out. Best Buy, which had a standalone store on the same mall campus, replaced it. For a while there, I was sure Best Buy would go under, but they pulled through and, I have to admit, they have some decent deals on good stuff.
  5. I can handle old. But Golden Corral tends to attract the trashier crowd who thinks they're affluent. They can eat STEAK EVERY NIGHT and have a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. The billboards amuse me.
  6. I bought a mattress and box spring through Amazon. They were both Prime, so I took the day they were supposed to be delivered off from work so I could be home when they arrived. Only the box spring came; UPS left the mattress in Minneapolis. A quick complaint through chat and they fully refunded the mattress price. I got a free mattress and another day off.
  7. If you willingly listen to NPR, you deserve to put up with whatever snoozefest they air.
  8. Sometimes I think you're secretly Emme Hall.
  9. I just refused them since they wouldn't work with me. I'll order them when I get my refund. I'm not in any hurry to get any. The guy actually suggested I get a smaller supply of contacts and wear my glasses more. Uh, no?
  10. I'm irritated. I had an eye appointment last week, and ordered new glasses and contacts. I normally get contacts through ContactLensKing (I believe it was Tee who suggested them many moons ago) and they've consistently been the cheapest. The eye place I went to said no no, they're cheaper because they have a $200 rebate! OK, with the rebate, it IS cheaper, from $368 to $336. I do the rebate thing last night, it's only $100. They're no longer cheaper, and had I known that, I would not have bought from them. Do I make a fuss when I pick them up? Or do I simply say, this is what happened, and I will be going elsewhere in the future. Not that the $15/hour front desk jockey would give a crap.

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