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  1. I don't know if my headache is caused by the beer I had last night, or missing my evening coffee, but it's irritating me.
  2. You mean you have bosses that aren't MIA at all times? I don't know if I should feel lucky now or what.
  3. Quality journalism is on the decline, in all industries. If it drives clicks, it's good enough. If you want quality automotive journalism, you'll have to settle for John Davis SHOUT TALKING AT YOU on MotorWeek. I'm only half kidding about that, but I do enjoy John Davis.
  4. That girl is the worst. The manufactured hood accent is the epitome of everything wrong with the pop music industry. Sadly, that's not even one of her worst songs.
  5. It's cold and I'm thankful for heated seats and steering wheel.
  6. I think I have a picture somewhere of my old Lexus GS stuck in 3" of snow. When you're outperformed by a Prius, it hurts.
  7. If you want some accidental hilarity, put me behind the wheel of some FWD ishtbox with an open differential. Who knew you could chirp tires in a Honda Accord?
  8. I can't drive 2WD cars anymore. I'm so used to having grip (and a lead foot) that I chirp tires too much. Oops.
  9. Make sure you renew your subscription to keep your heated seats working.
  10. Uhh...Kenan Thompson was on All That on SNICK. Then on Kenan and Kel. Did you not have SNICK growing up? You were a deprived child.
  11. I don't think I've ever owned a piece of Old Navy clothing, and based on the neighborhood that the Old Navy store is in, I don't think I will. Eddie Bauers used to be a quality product at a reasonable price, but their quality seems to have gone all China since shortly after they wrecked their warranty. I would have no problem with Costco jeans if they didn't look like something my grandfather would have worn in the mid 90s. Levis? Aren't they a Walmart brand now? I guess I don't really need jeans anymore. I have become a master at the polo shirt and pajama p
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