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  1. I was talking about Sofia Vergara and...the guy from Married With Children. TAD would be the male version of Sofia 🤣
  2. I had $68K when I graduated. With a 25-year repayment period. I turned it into 7.
  3. They go to the school first but any excess ("overage checks") is disbursed to the students to spend as they please. My University had a slight scandal because they got in bed with a company called HigherOne to handle their overage, which put the excess funds on high-fee debit cards as the default option, with paper checks or direct deposit being options. Students max out their financial aid and end up pocketing a few thousand every semester to spend on partying or whatever they want. Over 4+ years, this can add up to an extra $20-30k in student loans that didn't have anything to do with education.
  4. For some reason, I picture you two as the couple in Modern Family, only he's....male.
  5. I work in finance for one of the largest tech companies in the world, and I have never seen a $2000 coat. HOWEVER...this is a PNW-based tech firm and they tell everyone during the new hire process that they don't drug test, so you can take that for what it's worth. It may be on the casual side 🤣
  6. Hold up. What kind of coat costs $2000 that a male would wear? We're not talking about winter gear here, are we? Because...I live in the freakin' tundra and manage just fine with a $500 North Face cheapie. I thought about a Canada Goose but, even when it's -20, how much time do I spend outside to justify it? My office is heated. My home is heated. In the 7 minutes it takes to get between home and work, I have heated seats and heated steering wheel and sweat my arse off already. Heck, it was 18 when I left this morning and the forecasted high is 34. I'm rockin' a spring coat. A $2000 coat in Texas? It better be made from the finest furs. 🤣
  7. The thing that gets me is, student loans aren't used for just education. It's used for partying, cars, and lord knows what else. The day the overage checks hit your accounts was a big party day. Borrowing so much just so you can live a lifestyle you can't afford isn't my problem. I was a student. I lived like a student. I lived like I student when I was a student do I didn't have to live like one for 25 years after. Nope. Not my problem and I'm going to tell anyone who wants to make it my problem to go lay a brick.
  8. I believe this was on Top Gear or one of their spinoffs. VW sells more sausages than cars. TheMoreYouKnow.gif
  9. It would only be relaxed to the degree of other unsecured debt obligations, but it would be much more costly for the unprepared borrower, since they would no longer benefit from the heavily subsidized interest rates. I'm unaware of what the market rate is for an unsecured loan for an unqualified borrower, but I can certainly guarantee it's over the 5-8% that student loans typically are. It seems that today's students have forgone all responsibility, therefore they need to pay the consequences.
  10. If you like your Lincoln so much, replace it with a newer version. The Zephyr was renamed the MKZ a year later and is sold in AWD variants. American depreciation nearly guarantees a good deal on a late model.
  11. There's a few simple solutions to this: either A) hold student borrowers to the same standards as every other unsecured loan, in exchange for taking away the subsidized rates. Or B.) tie financial aid to declared majors, the problem being you cannot change your major. Useless degrees get zero financial help. Useful degrees get traditional financial aid.
  12. What happened to them and why the mass exodus of all the oldsters?

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