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  1. Nothing wrong with that. She's using her resources. I thought about it, but I don't trust just any barber.
  2. All it's missing is My Chemical Romance. Does that G-note send you shivers, too?
  3. Royal Pains was pulled off Netflix last night and I just found out Mad Men is leaving on June 10th. It's a shameful, shameful day!
  4. Reality TV. Period. I admit, I watch the business-y reality shows like The Profit and whatnot, but most of reality is just garbage. I'd be happy if all I could watch was Top Gear, Frasier, and Cougar Town. Oh, and That 70s Show.
  5. If you say "Frasier," we're going to have issues, CV.
  6. Anything with Will Farrell. I can't stand the guy, and have serious reservations about people who think he's funny.
  7. I am, in fact, a Subaru Ambassador. Subarus and Audis are gold in CO/WA/anywhere it snows. I would look for something with a 6-cylinder. Subaru 4-pots can have head gasket issues, and the 6-cyl is just a more powerful, smoother, more enjoyable powerplant. Unfortunately, the 3.0 demands premium fuel (3.6 takes regular). If they don't mind a "classic" (read: old) model, and they can find one, a 199x-2001 Outback Sport has easily the most reliable Subaru engine available: The EJ22. Powerful enough to not hate it, and doesn't suffer the head gasket issues that plagued the EJ25. My 1998 had 344K on it before I decided that was enough (or it decided, either way it had a metric effton of miles). Models that had the 6-Cylinder would be the Outback L.L. Bean, Outback 3.0R, Legacy 3.0R, and Tribeca models. All Tribeca models had the 3.6, while the Outback/Legacy models used the 3.0 until 2010 when they used the 3.6. If I have some spare time this afternoon, I can peruse the CO Craigslist and see if anything catches my eye that you may want to pass on to your friend.
  8. Basements aren't for storage! They're for theatre rooms and pool tables and guest bedrooms!
  9. Annual bill. Texas property taxes are crazy, don't compare them to here. 🤣 You're lucky down there by having more inexpensive housing prices. I remember when my aunt and uncle built their McMansion in Sugar Land. $340K built a palace. Here, it builds you a basic home with an unfinished basement. 😒
  10. House hunting. Every one I find, has one thing that keeps it from being perfect. Or, it has $7000-8000 in taxes. How hard is it to remove tile flooring from a concrete basement floor? 😒
  11. There are only two pet people weirder than cat people: bird people, and horse people.
  12. I'm not a fan of the Rolls. I would, I would, however, rock a Bentley Bentayga or Flying Spur.
  13. Maybe I'm not doing it right. I buy whatever beans Costco has on sale, grind them in the morning, place in Bodum, let it brew, drink it, and handle my day. Later on I throw a K-Cup in the Keurig for my mid-afternoon snack, and repeat the process in the evening. I'm getting to be a man of routine in my old age.

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