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  1. Chipotle no....Qdoba or, better yet, Moe's yes.
  2. I try to keep them as separate as possible. However, at the same time, I love working from home. I have an office at work and I should be there 1-2 times a week but I am rarely there once a week. It depends on the menu. But working from home can create some bad habits. For example, I am NOT a morning person. The idea of getting up and being cheerful and business-ready when I walk downstairs to my home office is just....weird. So I typically work from my bed until noon-ish and then either work from another room in the house, or if it's really nice outside, I'll sit on the deck and work. I'll only go down to the office if I need more screens. As far as work-life balance, I'm lucky that, aside from one short-lived stint that didn't go well AT ALL, I've worked for companies that take work-life balance very seriously. Hard stop at 40 hours, even though we're salaried. Long days early in the week mean early weekends. Weekends are NOT for work unless there's a BIG deadline (which...business days don't fall on weekends so this shouldn't happen). We have people who are workaholics and work during PTO and our ELT threatened to pull accesses if people work during PTO because time away means time away....and denying PTO is almost unheard of. I know it's not like that everywhere and I'm thankful.
  3. I still haven't had anything done. I started in May thinking I'd get ahead of the game. Got 3 quotes. Was indecisive and before I knew it, it was the middle of June and I couldn't get any responses. Now summer is half done and I'm just going to put it off until next Spring. I'm also thinking about replacing the water heater with a tankless model since the one I have is original to the house and I'd rather not have it leak or explode. My current A/C can keep the house comfortable, but it runs all day and I've had to have it recharged the past two summers. I think it's too small for the house to begin with. Sigh.
  4. Attempting to get quotes for new HVAC is rubbish.
  5. Yep. If theft is too high for Wallyworld, there's no way local mom and pops will survive the theft. I can't work up much sympathy though. They wanted these soft on crime policies. Enjoy!
  6. Oh crap. Take care of yourself and get well soon. We need you to keep the sanity around this place.
  7. Why not both? Get a Miata. Cheap. Economical. And 100% pure sports car. AND!! Since you're in MN, you have Zach at MiataSource right there. Problem solved. You're welcome. EDIT: Be careful, though. People on this site (may she rest in peace) struggle with windows on their Miatas at car washes. ABORT! ABORT!
  8. Aren't you near the Twin Cities? That's not rugged. My ancestors settled in Otter Tail County. That's rugged. Granted, I've only left my house 3 times all week, once to get pizza, and I can't imagine winter without heated seats and heated steering wheel. So maybe I'm not as rugged as the Otter Tail County genes would suggest....
  9. Do we suddenly care about gas prices when they're dropping? I don't even know what I pay for gas. I get it at Costco. My car requires premium. I usually fill it 2x a month.
  10. Same reason public schools are failing. Heaven forbid people face the consequences for their actions. Nope, that's mean. So, here we are.
  11. Netflix dropped the That 90s Show trailer. I grew up with That 70s Show and it still goes down as one of my favorite shows. I'm excited and nervous. They always eff up when they bring these shows back. Frasier (the best sitcom of all time, fight me) is also making a comeback and I feel the same way about that. Has anything like that ever been done well?
  12. No worries. They can just use that $0.12 they saved on their 4th of July Cookout last year. It's fine.
  13. I'm a Google house. I've had Google phones since the Nexus came out about a decade ago. I have a Google device in nearly every room (including bathrooms, that's normal...), and I was able to get my company to pay for the latest wired doorbell and Google smoke/CO2 alarms under the name of "home security." I've gotten really used to just shouting at Google to do what I want done in my house, from turning on lights to changing the temperature or listening to music. I have an Alexa that SiriusXM gave to me a few years ago but...the only thing I use it for is to tell me my notifications so the damn yellow ring goes away after a delivery.
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