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  1. The appeal to emotion so common today is getting to be a bit too obnoxious. Local news ran the same kind of sob story a few months back: single mom, slew of kids, facing eviction. Except people did more research than the reporter and found that she wasn't being evicted for non-payment, she was being evicted for destroying the place, and this was her SEVENTH eviction. Furthermore, the owner still has a mortgage to pay, and taxes to pay, and maintenance to do, and all the other costs associated with a property. Unfortunately, the renter will eventually end up on the street no matter what unless they pay up. The back rent isn't forgiven, it still has to be paid. If they're unable to pay NOT, how in the world will they have the thousands of back rent to cough up when this temporary courtesy expires? The likelihood that these people have $6-10K laying around is slim to none.
  2. There is no quick and easy solution to good credit. It's relatively easy, however it's a process. Think of it this way: you can't built a good home quickly. Everything good and long-lasting starts with a good foundation. I'm quite far-removed from the beginner's credit journey, so someone please feel free to jump in and correct anything that may have changed, but my first step was a simple credit card. In my case, it was a Discover More Student card sometime in 2005 I think. It had a toy limit of $750. In the time since, I've had almost 80K in student loans (which, IMO, don't really count), multiple prime credit cards (the crappiest card I have is the Visa from my bank, which I think is through First National Bank of Omaha or something?), car loans and leases, and multiple mortgages. I don't have hundreds of thousands in available credit like some do, but I don't want that. My scores are somewhere north of 825 on FICO8 depending on bureau, and what I earn on my rewards cards/taking advantage of new sign up bonuses adds up to an extra paycheck per year. The point of this is, don't expect an overnight solution. You'll get there, and the best time to start the process is now. Research your options, make calculated decisions, and you'll be exactly where you want to be.
  3. It's December and that annoys me. I have a crapton of vacation time to use up, but I don't know how to do it.
  4. The upside is, the economy will be much leaner and more productive when this is all over.
  5. I like the pop-up screen. It's certainly better than the "iPad glued to the dash" approach some carmakers take. If I want an SUV, I want a REAL SUV. Not a minivan with hinged doors that are so common today. Meaning I want a longitudinal engine and a proper 4WD system
  6. Yikes. That's bad. Unfortunately, I've had to take the "treat every dealership employee as a special needs student" approach, until they prove otherwise. The lady I leased my current daily driver from is great. Unfortunately, the service department is awful, and honestly I'm done with the brand anyway. It goes back in a year and I don't know what I'll be getting next. As old and outdated as they are, I really, really want a Lexus GX460 or LX570. I may snag one of them before they go the way of the dodo bird, despite the stigma of having a Lexus (again).
  7. Shopping at Walmart and living in a trailer likely save money too. They're not things all of us are willing to do, however. I've driven a few EVs, and too many remind me of large, enclosed golf carts.
  8. I forget that there are people out there who still work in office buildings 😐 But you can still time it before your daily shower. People still bathe regularly, right? 🤣
  9. I don't understand the concern for running out of TP. Just schedule your deposits before your shower. Problem solved.
  10. Weak people are easily manipulated. See also: daytime TV commercials.
  11. That sounds like it was a problem before, but is now fixed. On the topic of haircuts, one of the barbers at my old shop opened a new shop of his own. Great haircuts, now with the added benefit of not having to go downtown to encounter the drunks and bums.

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