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  1. Terrific. Something else for Tesla owners to huff their own farts over. They're right up there with Apple buyers, CrossFitters, Vegans, and Vector Marketing people.
  2. Cortana reads my emails and sends me reminders based on what it reads. CREEPY.
  3. It looks like a Kia Stinger, and for that, I say no.
  4. Make obscene noises. At lease have some fun with them for wasting your time.
  5. Off Topic: So, a Miata and a Grand Marquis? My image of you in my head is so confused. It just went from Katrina Bennett to Martin Crane 🤣
  6. Anything that can be. Netflix, Hulu, Verizon are the three that I can think of off the top of my head. Any monthly expense I have on autopay on one of my credit cards. My debit card is locked in my watch case. I even paid off a student loan using one of my credit cards. as they were charging me $3 anyway just for doing a one-time payment. Oddly, they only accepted Discover and MasterCard; not even Visa.
  7. The bad: my phone died last night. The good: it's Amazon Prime Day.
  8. It never should have taken this long.
  9. The Outback has always been bigger than the Forester. The Forester, when it was new in 1998, was literally a lifted body on an Impreza WRX chassis. Even the interior from the b-pillar forward was the same. They drove like a rally car with the practicality of an SUV. Then they became SUVs in their 2009 update and lost the "fun" part. Subarus are wonderful cars, and they're the only one left putting TRUE full-time all-wheel drive in their cars (even Audi is going to part-time junk) but I hate CVTs, and Subaru throws them in every one. I also hate 4-cylinders, and they axed the H6, too. Sigh. Back to das Germans. On a related note, I'm with CTSox. I don't drink (much). I don't do drugs. It's not going to impact my future, so I lease. I don't have to worry about maintenance, being under water, I know exactly what my cash outlay will be, and I get a new car every 2-3 years. Honestly, who wants to own a car? I want the things I own to be working capital.
  10. I have succumbed to my company's culture. Mountain Dew with breakfast is completely acceptable. This is my life now.
  11. Meh, the Louis CK thing wasn't anything to lose sleep over. Gross? Well, some people are into that, but he asked permission. Spacey needs to get the Cosby treatment, but he most likely won't. Chris Brown should have been dethroned as well, but the unwashed masses love their celebrities.
  12. I have deer and turkeys in my yard. The deer aren't shy at all and will even play as I'm outside working. The turkeys, however, are ungraceful bastards.
  13. I swear the cleaning people make a game out of where they place my trashcan and recycle bin in my office. They're in different spots every single morning when I walk in. I'd make a note with instructions if I believed they could read.
  14. Meh. I knew nothing would come of it. Hollywood being Hollywood and all. Rapists and whores and not much else.

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