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  1. Pet peeve: LinkedIn is NOT for cold-calling. I received a request a few days ago. Three connections. OK, not the worst. Works for Northwestern Mutual. Oh, he'd like to have a conversation with me because my name came up. Nope. Not today, buddy.
  2. "Luxury." Lexus is about as much luxury as going to TJ Maxx and finding the gaudiest US POLO ASSN tshirt and thinking you've got Ralph Lauren Purple Label.
  3. I don't understand the question, and I won't respond to it.
  4. Your new name is PPO: Perpetual Prius Owner. Something will happen. They'll die. The bank will burst into flames. The Prius will clone itself when you're gone. TAD will buy another one on the way home.
  5. What brand/tire are they? I've always gone with Michelin, but the past two cars have come with other brands from the factory. One had Continentals (crap) and I think the current car has BF Goodrich. Otherwise I get whatever Michelin Costco has on sale. Just put a new set on The Mother's car, and the old set (Michelin Premier) lasted 75K miles. They got a little loud towards the end, but they were fine.
  6. Did they come in there? Maybe TAD through in something extra. 😐
  7. They're installing new LED lights in the parking lot so my space isn't available. 🤬
  8. I had a wheel bearing go on my Lexus GS that had zero of the telltale failure signs. No moan, no grinding, no noise. The wheel literally fell off as I was baking out of a parking space. That was my warning. I hated that damn car and that was the last straw.
  9. I considered myself fat when I could no longer fit in my 30x32 jeans anymore. I have to wear 32x32 so I am essentially round. 🤬
  10. Execs are going to be on campus next week. I'm in charge of finding/creating a quick ice breaking game. Boy am I glad my skills are going to good use.
  11. I want my Germans made by Hans in Germany. Made in America is a slur when it comes to cars, so that leaves out a few BMWs and Mercedes. I'm thinking Macan/Cayenne, Q7/Q8 type things.

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