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  1. I understand that most people are going in with $25k cc and $15k LOC - but since LOC has higher interest rate - what is the max CL for a biz cc? I like the low cc rates, haven't applied for any personal cc yet. Just became a member although my SP has been a member for a few years. Want to apply for a biz cc and want max CL - but I don't see that posted on their site.
  2. So to lease a Range Rover - can you use Ford ? Or does it have to go thru Ally ?
  3. I've never financed a vehicle thru my business. We now have a strong credit file on our biz and will be looking to lease a new Range Rover - is there a big difference in the interest rates you get when you go thru fleet ?
  4. That is a great rate for Lightstream. What I would like to know if you have commission income (W2) are they going to want 2 year tax returns like mortgage companies do? BTW - SOFI that is what they wanted, and I passed on that. I already have offers for Personal loan from Discover, Penfed, and NASA....that don't even require pay stubs. However, I did want a larger amount ($75k).
  5. I had many years ago but when it started to report to personal i closed it. Don't know if that has changed.
  6. Where do you get Elan biz LOC ?
  7. they are cutting the cards down ? What did I miss? I didn't read the entire thread.
  8. Does anyone know if they request income docs at a certain point? I have $35k current limit and would like to request $50k. *Also what kind of interest rate is everyone getting ?
  9. Yes I have I'm in SoCal and got approved for $22k and now have $35k limit.
  10. Does anyone know if Cap1 Biz LOC reports to personal c/r ?? Because the credit cards do.
  11. I concur that Exp does not give creditors names but I was told by Nav (they have some exclusivity with Exp) that they are working on including last 4 digits of account number (so that it can be easier to identify) creditors. This is of great help for my company since we have quite a few creditors reporting on Exp & Equifax.
  12. I signed up for Nav, upgraded to take a look at more detailed credit scoring on my business. It helped because it came up i didn't qualify for sba loan - (prob cuz type of biz) still working on determining the reason - but in the meantime it helped me when and if the right type of financing for me is available.
  13. Yep me too. I just received an email from AA - giving up to 40k miles if I apply with LC for personal LOC - so that sounds a bit interesting. I'm just getting business membership setup with Navy and will hit them up for CC only - and then will need to decide on which place to apply. I have a major marketing plan to start as soon as I finish my website - so will be preparing for that. Good luck everyone and lets keep sharing
  14. Is it % of "Gross" Income ? and does anyone know the % amount ?

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