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  1. What happens if you default on credit card, loc, etc. and you did not sign as a personal guarantor - who do they come after? I need a clear anwser - Thanks ahead of time guys and gals.
  2. Ladies and Gents, I am looking to obtain a mortgage in my business name. It is well establish and I have tax returns. I would love to not have a PG, but I would if necessary. I am in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Please Help! Thanks Darrell
  3. I was recently approved for an AMEX platinum. Would this type of card increase my credit score? Thanks Guys and Gals
  4. I had a good experience with them. 80k LOC credit no verification only a 680 fico or better.
  5. I actually had three Cap One cards. They give low lines and do not give you balance increases. I got rid of all of them. I would pass.
  6. I am looking to get a credit line between 250k and 1mm. Does anyone have any suggestion or company a may want to look at. Thanks
  7. Look at this guy, busting balls thanks
  8. I have a ton of inquiries on my experian (30 plus) attempting to get mortgages and applying for business credit. I have a 752 beacon and was recently regected for a LOC. I think this was due to the experian inquiries. HELP!

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