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  1. Maybe it is just a glitch because I just checked my biz gold and it still says 2002. I guess only time will tell...
  2. My apologies if this has already been mentioned.... It seems as if Amex is no longer using my open date from an old AU account I once had and is now reporting the date I actually opened the account. I logged in my Amex account today & noticed that my member since date changed from 2002 back to 2006. Then I checked my reports via CS and all the bureaus are now reporting the 2006 open date. Hopefully this is just a glitch. Has anyone else noticed this change?
  3. LabQueen


    That's exactly why I recommended that the OP ask USAA specifically about the product; thanks for the clarification
  4. LabQueen


    Did USAA specifically say it has to be auto, renters or homeowners? If not, have you thought about applying for a personal valuable property policy? Depending on what you insure, it can be as low as $5 a month. I'm insuring a couple of rings valued @ 10K total & my policy with them is $6 a month.
  5. I guess they made an exception for me then because I refinanced my auto loan that was already with them.
  6. I recommend writing another letter that explains your situation as opposed to sending a template. Give details and specifics. Send a letter expressing your goodwill.
  7. Last week they had a segment on the news regarding this subject and they interviewed some "credit specialist." He said that Fico, Bureaus and other agencies report that the average score is over 700, but the nationwide average is actually 555 - 565....and instead of reporting that an "optimal" score is over 700 they report that an "average" score is over 700. I really can't remember the reasons why because I was just waking up....This news channel usually posts their segments on their site. I'll see if I can find it and post it...
  8. beavis956 That is exactly what I'm experiencing....
  9. It is interesting because I just pulled my EQ and all of my softs dating back to 2007 are still there. Even softs that have ND in the CCT reports are there....perhaps it is only retreiving some of my info (ie addresses & tradeline names which is registering as a soft with EQ, but not actually downloading the tradeline history. I don't know. I'm just going to call as soon as a get a chance.
  10. I just started CCT on 3/18 and I think that CCT and/or CS is the problem for me also. I also have CS and I was receiving B* on EQ about every 4 days. I was sure that when I started using CCT, my B* rate would increase but it didn't. Since the 18th I have had only 1 B* and that was this weekend. After reading your post, I actually reviewed the account history tab on my CCT & CS reports and my EQ tradelines all have ND, even on my archived reports. I'm about to call CCT right now. Good Catch, OP!
  11. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=326232 Thanks Doodah and Peekaboo.........my point exactly
  12. In reading your post, you seem a bit angry. Calm down, pay your bills ontime, and then watch the offers roll in. I agree with this statement 100%.Earlier, it seemed as if you took offense at the fact that I applied for a chase card. You implied that I was wrong for applying because my credit scores were already good and that I already had some nice credit cards. So I ask, What is exactly wrong with obtaining and maintaining credit responsibly? http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=327504
  13. 1Flyfisher: Credit Repair is not my hobby...maintaining and obtaining my credit responsibly is....I hated credit repair also and I'm so happy those days are over. Keep up the good work and in time it will pay off.
  14. None taken...That's a good question. I wouldn't classify myself as obsessed, however my close friends may. Instead of an obsession, I think that obtaining and maintaining my credit responsibly has evolved into a hobby....especially from hanging out at the Boards. Nice. A little late-night action. Lol....tell me about it. I was a little ashamed to admit it. I didn't want to apply for anything right now with the creditors being on edge, but I was really bored....maybe if I get a life I won't have all this extra time on my hands!

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