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  1. Hello all, My husband and I are hoping to buy a house in the next few months, we are prepared to put down 20% - 30% down, our fico scores are in the 720-730 range...but we went through a foreclosure a little over 2 years ago. The foreclosure is the only baddie for both of us. Do we have a chance to get approved for a loan, or do we have to wait a few more years because of the foreclosure? Thanks is advance for your help
  2. I'm currently going through the foreclosure process. My lender has been paying the property taxes on my home for the past year. It is listed as "escrow advance" on my statements. If those payments show up on tax form 1098 under "Real Estate Taxes paid" in box 5, am I allowed to claim them as deductions? I technically didn't pay them, but the lender did on my behalf. I'm a little confused about how this whole thing works. Help please!
  3. Thanks for all the help! Yes, we have funds for a down payment for the vehicle. We'll try and work with the dealership and see what happens.
  4. How high of an interest rate? Like 15%?
  5. Thanks. I guess we'll try that route.
  6. My husband needs to buy a new van, since the one he has is pushing 100K miles and needs a lot of maintenance. Unfortunately we're in the process of foreclosing on our house. We haven't made a mortgage payment since July 2012, and the bank has yet to file an official notice of default. Our credit reports just show missed mortgage payments and not foreclosure. Current credit scores are in the 640's, before missed payments they were in the high 700's. We keep very low balances on our credit cards (utilization: me 5%, husband 4%) and a current 15k auto loan for our other car, which we've had since 2012, before we stopped paying mortgage. The only negative on both of our credit reports is the mortgage. My husband's yearly income is about 80K and mine is about 50k. My husband tried to get an auto loan through capital one a few months ago but was denied due to missed mortgage payments. Now I have no idea where to look for a loan. Also, should we try applying jointly, or try for an individual loan? Should we try going to dealership to see what they can do for us? Are there banks out there that will even give us a loan? Do we have any chance of approval? Help please! Also, we're planning on trading in the van, but probably won't get more than 2k for it. We'll probably need a loan for 15k for the new one.
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    Great....too bad I can't just have a signature stamp! Thanks for the info!
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    My husband and I are in the process of refinancing our mortgage. A notary will be coming to our house this week for document signing. I'm curious, what documents will the Notary have us sign? We've already signed a bunch of papers and sent them back to the bank, along with all our bank statements and copies of our social security cards. What else do they need?
  9. I have an old paid charge off still on my report, and 2 late car payments from more than a year ago, other then that just my orchard, hooters, and chevron cards I got last year...I've been very good at paying all my bills on time and keeping my utlization very low I guess my hard work paid off! I still can't believe it!

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