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    Before Creditboards: 18K Carloan at 18% paidoff 2005<br />Finance Company installment loan $1K TU FAKO 550<br /><br />[color="#993399"]Post Creditboards:[/color]<br />Target $200 now visa 1K<br />03/06 Orchard Bank [s]$300[/s] [s]$500[/s]650<br />06/06 Hooters [s]$1100[/s] [s]$1600 [/s] 2K <br /><br />06/06 USFFCU Visa $2k/750<br />09/06 Badcock Furniture $2k/<br />12/06 Macys $1799<br />01/07 Carnival Seamiles 5K Whoohoo!!!!<br />3/07 Circuit City rewards 3.5K<br />04/06 Student loan rehab complete<br /> EQ:0 EX:1 TU:2<br /><br />[color="#993399"]Ficos 06/30 EQ 648 EX 675 TU 667[/color]<br />12/30 EQ 642 EX 652 TU 678<br />2/7 Fico: EQ 657 3/01 TU 675<br />6/30/07: EQ 685 EX 700 TU 684
  1. Ceejaygrl


  2. First approval this year. Citi Thank You preferred. Limit 1K. They pulled EX 677 AND EQ656. 2 pt drop on EX and so far no points change on EQ. I called recon number this am but was told to wait until I get the card.
  3. I agree with whomever said take your credit card with you. My scores were mid 650s at the time. I applied in store and got a $800 limt. then gli to 1100 then around 1700 last Gli in April was for about 1200 it took me to 3500. APPLY!!!!!
  4. Im not on here much but I lurk every occaision and now I finally ready to get on the Kona plan. "For real this time" No apps since 12/07 Icanmakeit I....... can......... make it!
  5. I had a car like that up until a month ago and it was a 98 Plymouth Breeze
  6. Update. I kept the Borders card. Did the online CLI request and took the hard. Requested 5K got a whopping $100. That was Monday. Today I called the number on the back of my card. Got transferred to a credit specialist. She reviewed my report and increased me to 5K which matched my Juniper CL! Wow NMAC and a decent Chase limit all in the same month!
  7. Thanks for the info Logic. I didn't realize that about the 1st payment.
  8. Marv you are the fount of all knowledge!!!! My car broke down Wednesday. I start reading in the auto forum on Friday. By reading I was able to check some good auto resources and A dealer websites. Well today I went to the Nissa dealership. I told them I only wanted them to run NMAC for the the 4.9%. I asked up front what do you need to qualify for the at rate. The sales manager said 720. I only had about 690 or so. He said he could probably work with that. They came back and said yes!! I also go the two $500 rebates which I thought I would have to give up in order to get 4.9. I would have missed out on that without at least trying at the dealership. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU...............infinity
  9. I'm from the CLI at 6 months and auto CLI every 3 mos thereafter. Opened in July 06. 500 increase in jan? 3 mos later cli. ........ speaking of which, I'm due for another soon.
  10. Wow! way to to go JR. That totally rocks
  11. Got my gaudy little 1K limit Target visa in the mail today. I wonder if I can get a CLI on activation. Worth a shot anyway.
  12. Thanks for the info. I logged on to check and sure enough my limits and all were there. hope i did the quotation thing correctly.
  13. Good news Ex is up to 700 Eq and Tu have not moved from the mid 680s. My Fico says the #1 thing is my lates-- car loan and providian--older accts. They are horrible-- up to 120 days. Car loan paid off in Feb of 05 only reports on Equifax-- it dropped off the other two from a dispute I did with Experian I think. The providan/wamu is on all three. I want to dispute them as never late I figure the worst thing that will happen is that they won't respond and I will lose these credit lines. I think I read that happening to a couple of people when they disputed the details of a CL. Does anyone have an experience with that? I had not anything with these in the past because I thought the age was helping more than the lates were hurting. 2nd question: My student loan is reporting with an open date of around 1990 but no pay history until 2007. My fico says my oldest credit obligation is 9 years old. Does it only look at revolving credit versus installment? Thanks for your input
  14. Hello Tightwadmom, I got my first auto cli at 6mos/6th statement Jan stmt. this last one was 4 mos later in june. That should make things as clear as mud.

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