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  1. If you pay off the loan early, you will only pay for the accrued interest Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I know that you posted you've already consulted an attorney. My income also disqualified me from a personal BK, but i was to file citing business bk even though they were personal accounts.
  3. Ohh ok thanks. Didn't know ec didn't work for b anymore. That sucks!!
  4. Thanks. But I should be getting 4 a day w my 4, which isn't stacking?
  5. Hi, I am pulling with CS, USAA, MPM, and EC... Doesn't look like i have 4 pullers though from my softs? Does something not stack? CIC/EXPERIAN ALRTS 10/02/13 CIC/EXPERIAN RPTS 08/03/14, 08/01/14, 07/31/14, 07/30/14, 07/29/14, 07/28/14, 07/27/14, 07/24/14, 07/23/14, 07/21/14, 06/30/14 DTC-COMPASS BANK-BKCD 11/26/13 CREDITEXPERT 1-866-673-0140 08/03/14, 08/01/14, 07/30/14, 07/29/14, 07/28/14, 07/27/14, 07/24/14, 07/23/14, 07/21/14, 06/30/14, 04/18/14, 03/17/14, 02/06/14, 01/28/14, 12/30/13, 11/29/13, 10/31/13 PRM-CREDIT ONE BANK N
  6. Yep I LOVE partners now. I used to be annoyed with them. But partners CLI'ed my card from 5k to 13k and now to 20k. Also gave me a personal loan at a great rate, I did it just because it seems that nobody ever wants to give me a PLoan.
  7. chase wouldn't budge for me =( declined me for chase biz credit. i suppose since they ate 25k in the bk that i can't really blame em.
  8. Just spent 30 minutes arguing with Chase to open an business CC for me. They refused, citing that I've opened too many accounts over the past few years. They said 12 is way too many, and I should have only opened 3-5. This is with my running 20-30k a month in revenue through a business checking account. With that said, I did cause them 25k in losses with my bk, so it is somewhat understandable.
  9. It is impressive the success you've had so soon after bk. It was a tiresome and frustrating road when I first was discharged, even 1.5-2 years after. The rejections weighed on me, many times making me want to just give up - in those times I just let things age. It has now been 4.5 years, and finally I feel like I have the upper hand with creditors. SDFCU approved me for a 5k->20k cli, and lowered my interest rate to 6.9% Partners approved me for a 13k->20k cli and lowered my interest to 7.9% Logix approved me for a car loan at 1.99% and 15k at 8.2% OCCU approved me for a duck c
  10. you don't have to call to initiate it. you can do it online, but they will call you if they need additional information.
  11. Woohoo OCCU just approved me for 20k. Good riddance Alliant
  12. I decided to comply since I already burned an hp, but I won't be asking them for anything in the future! Interesting thought on the premise for hoop jumping.
  13. Alliant was one of the first few TLs that I was able to get after my bk in 3/09. Was still a good 18 months, as I was not that aggressive in rebuilding after discharge. Since then I've been able to build back a respectable credit profile and score. But I have had it with Alliant. As part of my fall sweeps, I did a round of CLIs and new cards. Logix approved me for a 15k cc + auto refi at 1.99% Partners CLI from 13k to 20k + a 10k PLoan Barclays approved me for a 3rd card at 4.5k SLM Amazon CLI from 7k to 15k Payapl CLI from 800 to 10k Walmart from 3.6k to 6k So I apply for
  14. boo logix denied my personal loan request. but partners approved my CLI from 13k to 20k and gave me a 10k personal loan yay...
  15. Credit solutions is grcrb back door credit analyst. Don't have their number handy but should be easily searchable Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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