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  1. I was happy to see I just got an automatic CLI on my US Bank Altitude card. I use it a lot and just made a large purchase which brought me closer to the CL, so I'm glad they upped it. The same thing happened a few years ago with my Barclay card as well as my BoA card. I usually also get approved CLI from Amex and Citi when I request it online. However, I'm struggling to get an increase from Capital One. It seems like a catch 22. My oldest card is from Capital One. I've had it for over 10 years. I used to use it a lot back in the days but because the limit is only $3000, I haven't used it for about 6 years. Every year I ask for an increase and I'm always denied, whether I request online or call them. They say it's because I don't use the card, and my response is always that I don't use it because the limit is too low. What is the trick? Is it really just start using it? What are your experiences with Capital One?
  2. Sorry for digging up an old thread but does anyone know if it's still possible to get ones APR lowered at Barclays?
  3. I fully agree that student loans should not be forgiven and those who take them should be held accountable. I admit it's a struggle. I missed a lot of the first payments when I got out of school, but feel good about being a model citizen nowadays. That said, having an educated society and workforce is better for all of us. We should encourage education. However, graduates with large student loans are bad for economic growth, stability, and a healthy middle class. We need to find ways to lower the costs. I'm in support of subsidized community colleges and even lower APR on student loans. I also question the need for athletics in higher education? Rather than being on a costly college team, they could hold a part-time job or volunteer at the school to keep costs down while getting valuable experience.
  4. In this post I’m using mobile payments to refer to Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. The reason I got the US Bank Altitude card is partly the travel credit but mostly the 3% (4.5% if used on travel) back on mobile payments. I use mobile payments as much as I can. Actually, in Europe last year in didn’t touch cash a single time and used my phone 99% of all the payments. So you can see that I like the Altitude card. That said, as more and more merchants support mobile payments and more people are using it to pay, do you think US Bank will change the card terms?
  5. I'm not sure if it's still the case, but I remember the Target branded credit card used to be pretty easy to get for those with a thin file.
  6. I'm pretty sure it's all about data mining/sharing. Lyft has a partnership with Hilton as well, to share data about their customers with each other.
  7. Unless they add a benefit or two, I agree it’s not worth it. I had the card once but didn’t like as much as some of my other cards with the same AF. I hope other creditors don’t follow.
  8. Digging up an old thread but I didn't see any other general thread about this card. Having had subpar experience with hotel cards in the past (except maybe the SPG) I got the Aspire card based on a recommendation from a friend who said Diamond status makes everything different. I'm not loyal to any hotel brand, but I'm not opposed to Hilton either. Anyway, my friend was correct. After I got the card and the Diamond status that goes along with it, my experience with Hilton has been elevated to new heights. Holy cow! What a difference! I didn't get any bonus points based on previous sign-up churning. However, all other benefits make up for the annual fee. At least for me. However, I guess I'm a good candidate to thoroughly use this card. There are multiple nice Hilton resorts and hotels in my region, I travel at least once a year to where there is a Hilton property (Executive Lounge saves on breakfast, snacks & beverage expenses), and I've made use of the airline credits. My best experience was in Austin, where because of my Diamond status, they let me check in at 6am. And in Seattle, they waived $110 worth of valet parking fees.
  9. I'm really happy with this card. Specially since I covered the $400 AF in just two charges: Booked a rental car for $600 and therefore got a $325 statement credit. Bought a new $2600 camera for work using mobile pay, and therefore made $78 cash back. Since I use Apple Pay any chance I get (3% cash back or 4.5% travel credit), this has become my daily spender card.
  10. Had a short layover in Vancouver BC and used the Priority Pass with a guest in the Plaza Premium Lounge in the US flights terminal. Worked great, but despite its name, the lounge was not very premium or desirable. Could hardly find a seat, temp was freezing cold, and there were food/drink spills on the furniture. We left as soon as we finished our complimentary food and drinks. It was actually more comfortable to be at the gate.
  11. I got it last year because there are Radisson hotels where I travel. But it totally wasn’t worth it. They are overpriced whether you pay or use points. Ended up transferring my points to United miles.
  12. But no link on their main website, which they used to have before. And you can’t PC your Premium card to the no-AF anymore. They seemed very disinterested and gladly cancelled my card.
  13. I noticed the Radisson card is on longer showcased on US Bank's website. Is that a sign they are pulling out?
  14. FYI, it's currently available in all states except Nevada and Hawaii.
  15. I'm traveling in two weeks but just had the idea of getting the Aspire card before my trip. Question to those who have the card already.... do you remember how fast you received it in the mail? I'm asking because these things seem to vary wildly...even within the same bank. My US Bank Altitude arrived within 2 days while my US Bank Radisson took two weeks. Thanks!

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