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  1. Wow, thank you so much for that very detailed response. I really appreciate it.
  2. Thank you for your response. My credit score is just above 700. Both loans will be similar amounts around $15K each. My cc utilization is currently high at 40%.
  3. This year I'm planning to take out two loans. An auto loan for a new used car and a personal loan to consolidate cc debt. Now, to get the best success and lowest rates, which should I take out first? Should I take out the personal loan first because that will lower my cc debt and therefore give me a better rate for the auto loan? Or should I take out the auto loan first because it's more important? BTW, these two loans will be from two different credit unions. What's your opinion?
  4. I'm interested in their Power Cash Rewards card. I'm not a category spender and my spending has subsided, so I currently want a no-AF card with cash back across the board. 2% on everything is appealing.
  5. I became a customer with PenFed last year and now have checking, savings, one credit card and one consolidation loan. I'm interested in getting one more credit card from them as I try to consolidate banking. However, my score currently took a dip (because of taking on more debt from family member in hardship). There's nothing bad on my report, just high utilization. What do you think the odds of approval are for another PenFed card? Do they value loyalty over score?
  6. So I purchased the iPhone XS in 5 months ago and paid full price. The main reason for upgrading from my previous phone was because it had a second camera lens with 2x optical zoom. Well, I just figured out that the 2x optical zoom only works in brightly lit areas. If you are indoors in a moderately or dimly lit room, the iPhone disables the 2x secondary lens and only uses digital zoom on the main camera. There is not a single word on the Apple website mentioning this. Does this give me legal grounds to return the phone for a full refund, considering it was false advertising?
  7. Thank you both for your reasonable responses. I'm definitely leaning towards PC-ing it, if they will let me. I read somewhere that you have to pass the anniversary date before they let you PC the CSR. Is that true?
  8. That is a question I'm grappling with. I'm so indecisive with this card. Ok, so the AF is $450. I definitely make a travel category purchase every year that's above $300, so that brings the net AF down to $150. That is the amount I'm trying to justify to myself. I was thinking about the rental car insurance benefit, but that is already covered by my personal auto insurance, so that is not needed. I was also considering the Priority Pass membership benefit, but I never make use of that, even though I fly several times a year. I was also considering the Global Entry benefit, which I definitely must have. But my current Global Entry expires 3 years from now, and I don't see the AF being much of a benefit to cover 5 years of Global Entry ...3 years from now. So unless I'm missing something else, that leaves the value of the points. However, I don't think I'll be spending that much with this card. My daily driver is the BoA Alaska Airlines card (which is a very valuable card to me). Am I missing something? Should I keep it just because it's my only VISA Infinite card...or keep it just because Chase would never let me apply for it again?
  9. Back in the days I negotiated a settlement with Amex and I was put on their blacklist. Every couple of years I would contact them to beg and appeal, but that did nothing. Just out of the blue, and without letting me know, they removed me from the blacklist after 11 years.
  10. Now I think I know why my accounts are restricted and that I didn't get higher CL. I received the decision letter today and it said it was based on "No Credit File/Activity" with Equifax. I have over 30 years of activity on my Equifax report so something must have gone awry. Will appeal yet again.
  11. Thanks for your responses. I requested a recon but that went nowhere, so I'll just start using it for smaller purchases and hopefully get a CLI with continued banking.
  12. I do stay in a Radisson at least once every other year. This coming summer is one of those times. I'm planning to use the bonus at that time. Now, whether it makes sense in the long run is a different story. I'll know in two years. But probably wouldn't make as much sense as having another SPG/Marriott card.
  13. I do. I don't always PIF. My FICO score. Last time I checked it was 720.
  14. So I just pulled the trigger on a PenFed Gold card today. I was looking for a no frills card with high CL and low APR. I've read a lot of success stories here on CB. However, considering my score is above 700, I was quite disappointed when I received a CL of only $1000 (the lowest I've ever gotten) and an APR of 14.49%. With that kind of CL, I don't even know if I can use it. Do you know if there is any way of raising the CL and lowering the APR? Either now or through future actions? Appreciate your input.
  15. Turns out I wouldn't get the bonus for either of their hotel cards, so I opted for US Bank and Radisson instead. I do appreciate Amex having that pre-check tool.

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