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  1. I noticed the Radisson card is on longer showcased on US Bank's website. Is that a sign they are pulling out?
  2. FYI, it's currently available in all states except Nevada and Hawaii.
  3. I'm traveling in two weeks but just had the idea of getting the Aspire card before my trip. Question to those who have the card already.... do you remember how fast you received it in the mail? I'm asking because these things seem to vary wildly...even within the same bank. My US Bank Altitude arrived within 2 days while my US Bank Radisson took two weeks. Thanks!
  4. Really? They made it sound that it's only the first year of having the card? I'm happy to hear it renews every year. Yeah, to be honest, I actually prefer not to use it....that would mean my layover is too long, haha. Anyway, I'm traveling soon and wondering if you've used PP at lounges at SFO, YVR or FRA?
  5. I'm a bit disappointed in the Priority Pass is only for a year. I don't mind only having 4 visits per year, but wished it lasted longer. My biggest draw to this card though is the rewards for mobile wallet spend.
  6. Impressive they sent mine with UPS Next Day Air and arrived in a nice classy box. 😁
  7. Great deal! I'm waiting for my card in the mail. Hoping it will come quick. I'm traveling soon and will definitely make use of the travel and mobile category spending. My only wish is that Amazon would accept Apple Pay. But that's not gonna happen anytime soon. 😒
  8. I'm might be very bad at this because I've never gotten an interest rate lowered.
  9. I agree. I'm not in the military but live close to a base and have known several young recruits. It baffles me that they fall for such predatory selling/lending practices. I would think that the military would want their warriors to be in the best fiscal health and try to help them avoid such pits.?! Sorry for going off topic.
  10. I don't think so. You have to have either your debit card or bank account. They do allow credit card now, with a surcharge, but I believe you still need a debit card or bank account linked as well.
  11. I see Zelle advertised at my banks, but I've been using Square Cash and TransferWise the last couple of years and don't see any benefit in switching.
  12. To me, the article can be summed up with: 1) having the ability to spend tons of money 2) having rich friends who allow you to do their spending 3) having a business with a lot of expenses
  13. I have a 14 year old son. He travels with school and needed a credit card recently, mainly as a backup to his cash. I added him as an AU on one of my sock-drawer cards that I keep for "oldest account". It only has a $2500 limit and only gets occasional spend of $10 every few months. When my son doesn't travel, I hold onto the card. I think it's great for his credit history as well as teaching him responsibility. I might be lucky to have a very responsible son though. Last time he traveled, I forgot to ask for it back. He had it in his wallet for 3 months but didn't use it a single time. Now if that was me at that age, my credit history and parents would have been in trouble.
  14. Yeah, it's a pet peeve of mine. I know it doesn't affect my finances. However, I'm an app developer and whether I like an app or not is usually a deal breaker. I switched my credit union based party on the website and app.
  15. I wasn't going to apply for another card until next year, but realizing that 9/10 purchases I make are mobile payments, this might be the card I should use. I just have to overlook the US Bank app....I'm not a fan.

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