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  1. Finally a decent answer. I thought about this too, that it might send the wrong signals. A refreshing response amidst all the very obvious “APR doesn’t matter if you use the card correctly” responses.
  2. It’s a pet peeve of mine. I want as low rate as possible. But also comforting for should I not “using card correctly.”
  3. Ok so I have all the cards I want and just planning to stay idle for a while. I have really good credit lines. However, I want to lower the APR on the ones that I do have and I’m thinking that now might be the time. I don’t care if they do a HP because as I said, I’m not planning to apply for new credit in a few years. so these are the lenders I want to request lower APR from: Barclay Hawaiian (0% util) Capital One Quiksilver (0% util) Chase Amazon (5% util) US Bank Altitude (10% util) I’m not a good talker and need advice on how to approach this. My employment is solid so it’s not like I would start maxing them out.
  4. I have postponed and canceled some travel. I have two high $ AF travel cards and it crossed my mind to cancel one of them. However, the optimist in me is saying that this will eventually pass and both cards will go back to being useful and rewarding. I’m holding off with canceling any cards for now, but if the shit hits the fan, I might.
  5. I have ok but not great scores. I just applied for a US Bank card and got a $19K CL. That’s the highest initial CL I’ve ever got.
  6. pronto

    Buying Points

    Looks like you’re doing the right thing. Student loan interest is tax deductible, so better to pay off other debt first.
  7. Totally expected! The pandemic is bringing us the future sooner. One of my regional banks is spending major bucks on renovation all their branches. I pointed out that their branches are empty but they don’t see it that way.
  8. Do you think BT offers will get better or worse as we go into worse economic times the next few months?
  9. Got an advertisement from BoA about the Alaska Airlines Business card. I already have the personal one and used to have the Business card but closed it 1.5 years ago. Actually need the 40K bonus offer and extra companion offer later this year, so I thought what the heck, might as well get one again. Instantly approved for $10K.
  10. Hmmm... thanks for pointing that out. Although, I don't really know what Advance Purchase Rates and Non-Refundable Rates are?
  11. I might be the only one here liking Capital One....or maybe it was the acquisition they made of ING Direct. I loved ING Direct and would hang at their local cafe several times a week. I think Cap One should build on that.... more cafes and more lounges.
  12. So I have been enjoying the Amex Aspire this last year and surprisingly I feel that it might be the only hotel card I don't use primarily for churning. Every year two of the benefits is a free resort weekend night and a $250 resort statement credit. I have a resort nearby that's eligible but I might not feel like spending 250 on food each time. Is it possible to charge purchases at independent stores (on-property) to the room? If that is the case, I could just book a room and then buy clothes for $250 each year.
  13. I haven't seen a $2K coat, but a $2K dinner jacket that I was drooling over when I was a college student. Needless to say, I didn't have the dough. Btw, I think the headline of this thread is something you would find on CNN or Fox News. Of all friends and relatives (rich and poor) I know with student loans, only one is delinquent. Maybe that's an anomaly, but I wouldn't say people are refusing to pay.
  14. I'm never above 30% util. And I'm not a consistent revolver. The reason I want low APRs is because I occasionally have large purchases that takes 2-3 months to PIF. I wonder what my Citi AT&T Universal Card would be like if I had kept it to this day.... in the early 2000s it was giving me a 6.24% APR. Those were the days!!
  15. I must have missed out, because I didn't see any of my student loans. It went directly to the university to pay for tuition and other expenses such as books.

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