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  1. I could have had one of those a few years ago instead of my gold card, but I didn't want to pay 500 a year for it. Aside from him being 19 and probably added to all of mommy and daddies cards as an AU, what's so special?
  2. shadekitty

    Need a loan ASAP

    It took me about an hour to app in the office with them, and the funds were direct deposited next morning. Typical loan info, like employer, address, income. They were a bit invasive with other info asking about assets (understandably), but it's not required and I told them pretty much I wasn't providing those details..
  3. http://www.wpxi.com/news/top-stories/pennsylvania-judge-allows-lawsuit-against-student-loan-servicer/890750406
  4. shadekitty

    Wells Fargo Financing / Hard to get?

    The op didn't specify what they were financing... I have two autoloans through WF for nearly 50k and I got them with 650 scores. With those scores find something better than WF ...
  5. Probably also connected to holiday spending. They want to see who may be a risk as we get closer to the end of the year. I've noticed most of my auto CLIs seem to happen this time of year.
  6. shadekitty

    Pay loan for better rated loan and payment

    Avant is terrible to work with. One Main isnt much better...but at least doesnt have prepayment penalties. If you dont need the loan.. Pay it off ASAP and close it. Start putting money aside in savings and get a secured card if needed.
  7. shadekitty

    Target Red Card/Forster & Garbus

    How old is the debt? What is the Date of first delinquency and what state are you in (SOL)?
  8. https://slate.com/technology/2018/11/dhs-credit-scores-legal-resident-assessment.html While my dad has gone through this process over the past 2 years, I paid for credit monitoring each month. I also got his score up from under 600 to close to 800 *just in case* it mattered... Now it may matter for others...
  9. shadekitty

    USAA Settlement?

    30 days after the SOL hit.
  10. shadekitty

    USAA Settlement?

    Burned them for just over 20k via 2 cards. Im just now 2 years past SOL. I still have my homeowners and insurance through them and a secured card. I'm not crying over the fact I cant get a credit card with them... But I'm surprised my account was spared.
  11. shadekitty

    USAA Debt Reporting

    Mine dont update monthly for USAA... At least I dont see updates. My Amex (through their repayment plan) does...
  12. shadekitty

    Need a loan ASAP

    My plan is to have it paid off by March .. Maybe April at the absolute latest. I sadly just didnt have it all in cash yet since we are just now beginng to save now that my kids are off of SSI and on the loophole here in PA that gets them insurance.
  13. shadekitty

    NFCU My offers section

    591 fako or fico? Is this NFCUs score? For tge longest mine said 590 but my real score is much higher than that. For whatever reason, my real score only updated last month on NFCUs site...
  14. shadekitty

    Thank you! Pre-qualified for a mortgage, offer accepted!

    Houses are expensive.. Not only is tgat good wisdom... But make sure you have the means to pay for repairs when things go wrong....
  15. shadekitty

    Need a loan ASAP

    Quick update. Got the loan for 3k at 27% (yikes). Payments are $112 a month. Not a big deal about the interest since tgere isnt a prepayment penalty and I can knock that one out fairly fast. It did carry a $150 "app fee" through OneMain... I guess its better than maxing two cards out...

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