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  1. I'm under the Optima program right now after paying off a $1200 gold card I walked away from nearly 7 years ago. I applied for the card from the letter I received after paying it off in December 2019. It's a 12 month program I guess to see how well I do with it to upgrade to something else. I was assigned an "agent" through the program. Payments were drafted monthly (I split it up into 3 payments). The paper I got to apply had to be physically mailed in.
  2. I need to update my signature but just wanted to provide an update. This year has been rough financially. Emergency surgery ($13k copays) etc... But I still here and managing. I just finished my last $100 payment to American Express last month and was approved for Amex Oasis today. For some rebuilding their Amex relationship may not be worth it since they like to blacklist, for us it was worth repaying. I'm just happy it's done and over. Slowly other creditors are coming around as well. Happy Holidays CB!
  3. And I do try to use these opportunities as a learning lesson, but when you have kids on the spectrum it doesn't work the same way.. I wish it did. I'm just not understanding why any of this was explained to me so that I understood they were treating my 15 year old as an adult when I was the one who signed all the paperwork. I assumed I was taking on the financial responsibility here... apparently that isn't the case. When I went to college at 16, I couldn't even sign for anything on my own. I had to have my parents retain financial responsibility for me. They wouldn't let me register even when I was paying in cash.... so this is all new for me 20+ years later..
  4. Contacted the school.. this is not outsourced billing. The school does their own billing - this is their "collections" company they partnered with to collect since the debt was not paid (since I didn't get the bill). I did go up there today and pay it, and was told that the collection would stand as is and no one at the school could confirm or deny that this would affect his credit report at 15. The collections company won't talk to me since they want to talk to my 15 year old.
  5. You obviously don't feel the same way that I do about a child who didn't enter into an agreement getting contacted to pay for something he didn't enter into agreement over. Why couldn't the letter have been addressed to me? I get the bills for his medical and insurance claims, why wouldn't I get his bills for college until 18? I signed all his papers at the school. How can they legally bill him when he signed nothing? What gives them the legal right to collect from a minor? That's what I'm wondering - the collection company did not explain it, but kept referring to a federal law that I know nothing about. Nothing I signed stated that he would be the POC for future monetary transactions. I agreed to all of that, yet they are contacting him... I'm trying to find out why. My 15 year old is obviously not equipped to pay these bills or deal with them yet, why they are being sent to him instead of me is what I'm wondering... and how do I deal with it now that it has gone to collections... the school said it won't go away once paid.
  6. I have been told they work with the school, it is still a collection letter according to Heartland, for a bill that I never have gotten from the school itself. Apparently a number of us parents in our local facebook group haven't gotten their bills either. I posted today and a number of parents are complaining about similar issues. Two parents who did and paid still got a collection letter. Obviously they don't have their act together at this point... I would LOVE to pay for the class, had I gotten a bill. It requires a login and the login is included on the bill that they mail out, otherwise it would have been paid today. I'm not trying to get out of paying the bill - I want him to have dual credits, but what is it with the nonsense of trying to hold a 15 year old responsible for debt that *I* agreed to. I was the one who signed all the papers. The school is sending another bill in the mail this week, but that does not take care of the harassment by Heartland to my 15 year old via mail. Why do they think this is okay? My kid can't drive, can't work, can't sign contracts on his own - why would they expect *he* can pay?
  7. We enrolled my teenager into a votech school this year that gets dual credit college credit at our local community college. We were told at the open house that if we didn't pay that night that we would get a bill. The bill never came, and now I have a letter from a collections company named Heartland ECSI to collect the "debt". To be clear though, this letter does not have the information stated that "this letter is to collect a debt" so I state "debt collection" lightly when I refer to them as a collection agency. I don't think that this will insert into his CR in any way, but I am not sure. They keep citing some federal law that makes the debt legally his when enrolled in college, regardless of his age. They are insisting that my 15 year old child on the spectrum send a cease and desist letter. Since it is his "debt" the letter has to come from him.
  8. I remember when I was 17 in college and a Capital One rep was on campus. I wasn't old enough for a card, nor did I have income and he still insisted I apply. I got a T-shirt for it that day, lol. I didn't think about it though back then because I wasn't aware of how it would affect me. Strangely enough, I actually got the credit card. I have ZERO clue how. I would absolutely climb up the chain on that one..
  9. https://www.kcentv.com/article/news/nation-world/chase-bank-forgives-all-credit-card-debt-for-canadian-customers/507-666abb69-5d2e-4031-bc74-4d89f7634eae
  10. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/10-000-appalachia-will-see-medical-debt-forgiven-highlighting-national-n1035141
  11. Finally.. it is CITIBANK!!! I finally got someone through on the phone when I answered. Somehow my payment got rejected from my bank. They fixed it but I got a CLD on the card because of it down to my balance... *sigh* Escalated to another group since the transfer was supposed to happen and it was a bank error.
  12. Sorry Mods - I just realized I posted in the wrong forum (news)... can someone move it for me pretty please. I don't see a delete option to repost it in the right spot.
  13. I have answered a number of times and no one is there. The call is immediately followed by a local number when this happens, so I am fairly certain it is a JDB of some sort. Initially I ignored the calls and they only happened once a day. I started answering out of curiosity since I'm past SOL for all of my debts. Then the calls increased in frequency. Now I just answer and put them on hold and see how long they last. Anyone know who they are? I've tried googling, and I've tried calling from another number and I can't get a name... TIA!
  14. So how do I remove it. He's getting mail for me now through that address. My opt out apparently doesn't work across addresses somehow... I could forward the mail from a PO perspective, but really doesn't address the issue.
  15. I'm on my dads cards as an AU. Unfortunately those cards utilize his physical address which is in a different state. Now that address is showing up as mine on my credit reports. Is it typical for this to happen and how difficult would it be for me to get it off of there since it is tied to his cards.
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