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  1. I remember when I was 17 in college and a Capital One rep was on campus. I wasn't old enough for a card, nor did I have income and he still insisted I apply. I got a T-shirt for it that day, lol. I didn't think about it though back then because I wasn't aware of how it would affect me. Strangely enough, I actually got the credit card. I have ZERO clue how. I would absolutely climb up the chain on that one..
  2. https://www.kcentv.com/article/news/nation-world/chase-bank-forgives-all-credit-card-debt-for-canadian-customers/507-666abb69-5d2e-4031-bc74-4d89f7634eae
  3. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/10-000-appalachia-will-see-medical-debt-forgiven-highlighting-national-n1035141
  4. Finally.. it is CITIBANK!!! I finally got someone through on the phone when I answered. Somehow my payment got rejected from my bank. They fixed it but I got a CLD on the card because of it down to my balance... *sigh* Escalated to another group since the transfer was supposed to happen and it was a bank error.
  5. Sorry Mods - I just realized I posted in the wrong forum (news)... can someone move it for me pretty please. I don't see a delete option to repost it in the right spot.
  6. I have answered a number of times and no one is there. The call is immediately followed by a local number when this happens, so I am fairly certain it is a JDB of some sort. Initially I ignored the calls and they only happened once a day. I started answering out of curiosity since I'm past SOL for all of my debts. Then the calls increased in frequency. Now I just answer and put them on hold and see how long they last. Anyone know who they are? I've tried googling, and I've tried calling from another number and I can't get a name... TIA!
  7. So how do I remove it. He's getting mail for me now through that address. My opt out apparently doesn't work across addresses somehow... I could forward the mail from a PO perspective, but really doesn't address the issue.
  8. I'm on my dads cards as an AU. Unfortunately those cards utilize his physical address which is in a different state. Now that address is showing up as mine on my credit reports. Is it typical for this to happen and how difficult would it be for me to get it off of there since it is tied to his cards.
  9. https://truthout.org/articles/federal-plan-would-update-overdue-bill-collection-methods/
  10. https://www.forbes.com/sites/juliewalmsley/2019/05/29/uber-drivers-without-credit-can-now-lease-used-cars-for-0-down-and-185-a-week/
  11. My 14 year old has a debit card attached to his bank accounts at USAA that I transfer money into as-needed either from his savings or mine. I don't think I'd give my teen a credit card.. you are braver than I
  12. Having had clearances in the past myself, this is a bad idea to add a card with a concerning utilization limit. Let him build his own credit by starting with a secured card if no other options are available. Once in the military, he can get a card with NFCU or USAA - both are more likely to give better credit than you think to a new person in the military.
  13. Yes, I am signatory now on the bank accounts (with survivorship). I'll check into the living trust recommendation. Thanks!
  14. These knuckleheads keep calling me on a business line. They have been told to not contact me by the number they are calling. Every time I call the # they provided for callback, I am given a different collection company name. Online shows the same thing... 866-288-4342 is the callback number provided, shows up on my cell as 412-785-1536. Anyone know who they are so I can send them a do not contact me / pound sand letter? All of my debts are past SOL in PA. I would appreciate them to not call me at work for "personal matters".
  15. Unofficially I was acting as Executrix via my dad's POA. There was never a letters testamentary issued - we were told we didn't need to do so, again possible "bad advice". No notices were placed about contact information, only her obituary. Not to mention they are cheaper to obtain when the person first passes at the funeral home than they are to get them the 2nd time. I think I paid $20 for the first copy and $5.00 for each after that the first time around. I was told they would be $20 each after that if I had to request them from the state.

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