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  1. I had my Orchard secured for nearly 4 years before I closed it. Everytime I called for "graduation" I was denied, despite having FICOs in the upper 600's, no recent derogs, and much higher limits on other cards.
  2. Congrats! I also had a big removal, but with EX. Don't you love it when you get those breakthroughs?
  3. The ideal length of time is 32 months I believe. Otherwise, I think it has a lot to do with what your CR looks like. In my experience, new positive accounts usually re-gain any inquiry loss within 6 months.
  4. I started at $200 and it took 2.5 years to get anything else. Last year, around this time I was upgraded to the Target Visa for $1000.
  5. I remember reading somewhere in either FACTA, FDCPA or FCRA that a CA could not attempt collection efforts over a cell phone. I can't remember off the top of my head the exact wording though. But yes, more than one effort is illegal.
  6. I just asked for information on balance transfers and I got a friggin hard pull. The stupid CSR just said that marketing would send me info and what happened? Next day I see a hard from them. I sent a letter of complaint to let them know that I was not informed that a hard pull of my report would happen, but the jerks have ignored me. If I wasn't all about my Hilton card, I'd have sockdrawered them.
  7. pmsa- I am also in the N. VA area and am looking to buy a condo. We used a buyers agent refered by a good friend. So far, I'm very glad to have him. We just submitted a contract, and if it's accepted, the BA is worth his weight in gold to me. I too have been doing my research, but there's still so much that I didn't know.
  8. I have a similar situation with MBNA. My baddie has not been paid and I've tried every way from Sunday to get it removed from my report, but the darn thing won't budge. It's my last blemish, which is erroneously scheduled to be exsponged from my report in frickin 2009. I've pretty much almost given up at this point. I don't have any additional advice, but I do wish you the best of luck getting your MBNA beast off the reports!
  9. I've had an Orchard secured card for nearly 3 years now. Not once have I been offered "graduation" to an unsecured card. I've never been late and have much better scores now than when I got the card. The only reason I'm keeping it open, is that it's once of my older TLs. My card has an expiration date coming up in Feb. We'll see what happens. I'm NOT paying an annual fee this year.
  10. Amex has been soft pulling my reports on almost a monthly basis lately. They pulled twice in Oct. I do have a small CO with them from 1999, however it is very much past the SOL. My question is why would they pull the cr so often for an amount less than $200?
  11. My JOKO score is a good 300 points off my FICO. And the resons below are what they give me: To improve your score the following areas should be addressed: 1. Too many serious delinquencies (Reason 24) 2. Too few satisfactory mortgage accounts (Reason 46) 3. Bankcard account balances are too high in proportion to credit limits (Reason 06) Since when did someone have to have a mortgage to have a good credit score? Reason 1 makes me laugh too- My only baddies are 2 super old COs that are about to drop off the CR and both are under $1000. Serious delinquincies my flowers.
  12. I'm interested in knowing this as well. I'm getting tired of seeing the stupid 30% default rate sitting there. I have way better rates on my other cards. The only 2 reasons that I'm keeping the Juniper around at this point is a) account age and I've been told it's a prime bank.
  13. I'm struggling with the same situation you are, without the BK part. Hopefully someone else here has tackled the MBNA dragon and can give us some pointers.
  14. I logged in-no such favorable luck for me. Bastards.
  15. Juniper and their quirkiness has landed them on my chocolate list. Perhaps they can keep Target company; it's no longer the only card on my chocolate list. I applied earlier this week for a Seamiles card, got the 7-10 day message. I checked today, denied. Reason: Sufficient Juniper credit. I've got an $800 credit limit on another Juniper card. Sufficient credit MY flowers. This coupled with their recent rate jacking has now landed them in the sockdrawer. Instead of putting $400 into savings this month, I'm going to use the money to completely pay off the Juniper card that I have.

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