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  1. How do I get to a live person on Experian? It wasn't this difficult to get someone on the line before. I need to speak to someone about adding a phone number to my credit report so that I can get approved for a card as I have a fraud alert on my report. But I've called several numbers - 888-397-3742 and several others. All seem to go to the same recording and I've tried entering different combinations but can't seem to get someone on the phone. Can anybody help? Thanks!
  2. I had a cc with chase years ago - it was charged off and I recently tried to apply for credit - I have 4 checking accounts with them now - but they declined due to that chargeoff years ago. It's fallen off my credit by now, and I've gotten my scores in the high 600s so far. How long before they don't do this anymore? I have a similar situation with Citibank and Bank of America - and these three basically issue most CC's in the US. How do I fix this without paying for the chargeoff?
  3. Yep, it's that easy. Just click "join PenFed" on top. If you don't fall within one of the categories there's a choice to help you join another way, which is joining one of two military associations for a one time fee. Thank you - just joined today and we're good to go. Trying to decide if i should apply or wait a bit. Need to fix an issue on my EQ file first.
  4. I got the boot? If so, then how did I just respond here?
  5. this has to be some sort of fraud This has to be one of the dumbest ideas I have heard recently. Not only are you wasting a lot of money on returned payment charges, however you are setting yourself up for adverse action like account closure from bounced payments. I would not condone this method for ANY reason. Like I said in my earlier post, I expected to get flamed for this. I was merely answering a question for people out there. I didn't say it was right or ethical, just that it works. You are at risk for closure, etc if you do this frequently. But it'll work as a one ti
  6. Here's a sneaky way to boost your utilization. Others on this board probably would flame me for this. Say your due date for a CC is the 5th of the month. But the cycle ends on say, the 9th. You make 2 payments. The first is your normal payment on the due date, the 5th. The second payment - you wait till the 8th or 9th (depends on if its a weekend or whatever) and then you pay that one - for the full balance - using an alternate bank account. It can be a fake one or one you know will bounce the payment. By the time the CC realizes the payment has bounced, the cycle is over and they
  7. I just searched reinsertion and info seems to be all over the place. What I want to know is - is it easier to merge the file and then fight with them later if they reinsert the negs or to write a letter asking them to delete the bad file?
  8. I compared the two credit reports. Both are identical except for the baddies. I can still tell them to merge. For the sake of discussion, how do I have them delete the baddies if its reinserted? Whats the benefit of merging rather than deleting the bad report?
  9. I've done searches here but never quite got a clear answer. Is it easy to join Penfed? I checked eligibility and seems that you can get in if you join the red cross? I signed up on the red cross website for free, does that count - or is it easy to join one of the member associates to gain entry into penfed? Anybody have experience with this? Thanks in advance!
  10. Ok, I'll drop this then. And to foeplay - thanks for the offer, but I'm already happily married for 8 years and 3 kids (that I'm aware of so far). Keep looking. Maybe well change this to datingcreditboards.com or something. ;-)
  11. Just spoke with Equifax again and showed them both confirmation numbers. They asked if I wanted to merge them both and I assured them I didn't. It appears that the "good" file is what I see with SCP and others. The "bad" file is what they send out to the banks. They said I need to send a letter to them to delete the bad file. I'm trying to compose a good letter to send. Let me know if you have any feedback. here's the text: To whom it may concern: I use a credit monitoring program that pulls my credit daily. According to my credit monitoring program, I have a clean file and
  12. I've heard of people just saying they're a relative, without them verifying. But guess I'm SOL.
  13. scubafanatic


    ANy chance someone could sponsor me for Navy Federal? No family members remotely close or anything like that to membership.
  14. I do. I just checked them. I got two different credit reports from Equifax on the same day. Different confirmation numbers, however one does list the lien, while the other does not. The name and SSN and all that match on both. How is that possible?
  15. Upon further argument with Equifax, they said to pull the annual free credit report, which I did - and it said I needed to provide further Identification, i.e. mail in SS card and DL,etc. When I called to argue with them about it, I spoke to the people responsible for the logins, etc and they said they looked and can't find a file for me at all. This is frustrating.
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