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    Chase Slate

  2. Just in case anyone wades through the drama, and is concerned about using other cards while travelling you should also avoid the following- Chase Sapphire Reserve (pg 12)- Citi AAdvantage ( pg 10)- I couldn't find any AMEX terms online, but checked my files and, surprise, surprise, they have the exact same wording. So, Hege, what card DO you recommend we use when travelling?
  3. Meanwhile, the rest of those holding an AMEX BCP will be getting 6% back at grocery stores
  4. Aahz

    0% BT

    The only other bank card is the Edward Jones MasterCard, but you need to be an investment client of theirs. Otherwise you can check regional credit unions as it's not an uncommon SUB with them.
  5. Barclays pulls TU (almost?) exclusively.
  6. Did you ask them to combine one card into the other completely or did you specify an amount to move from one card to another? Twice I closed donor card completely (had to leave behind $500), once I just moved like half the line.
  7. Or statement credit or gift cards @ one cent per point
  8. All three times I combined limits with Barclays I did so through Secure Message
  9. Wait, so Uber drivers don't understand how money works? Shocking!
  10. +1 It came from Miles4More.
  11. speaking of that, what are the odds the weather will change after a cold front moves in? A lot higher than Chase suing after a charge off based on the data points in this thread.
  12. Not sure if this is new since 2014, but the terms on the landing page in the first post currently state- 1. Qualifying purchases made through Ebates with an Ebates Cash Back Visa Credit Card (the "Card") will earn 3% Cash Back (minus returns and adjustments) in addition to Cash Back earned on purchases for shopping through Ebates. A "Qualifying" purchase is a purchase made through Ebates, excluding travel purchases such as airline tickets, car rentals, hotels and vacation packages. Certain store products and other purchases are also excluded.
  13. For any decent advice we're going to need more info. What are your current FICO scores (true FICO, not Vantage from Credit Karma, etc)? What are your current open tradelines with balances and limits (or starting blanace for installment loans)?
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