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  1. We have no written contract, and it was turned over last week and he just got a notice today (not even 30 days) so not reporting on his credit report, I let them know I need to bill a secondary insurance they said they will keep it on file untill I send them an EOB saying the 2nd is billed, my concern what if the 2nd takes 30 days then it show up on the credit report, I just want it taken back out esp since not even a week old
  2. I had to turn a patient over to collections, they came in saying they had a 2nd insurance (not quite a year so hopefully the 2nd will pay, mind you all the calls and letters I sent they never said this) I just turned it over last week to collections, I called to have them removed taken out, they will not do it, is that legal?
  3. Yes are income changed and we got behind, so I was just asking so I knew what the rules where or others experience, I frankly think you come off as rude, this place never used to be that way. Thank you for your input
  4. I think mine is a FHA loan, they say you can only do a loan modification every 2 to 3 years does anyone know if this is true and if you bank wont do are their other compactness that are legit that can do one
  5. No cop didn't cite her, but it has on the police report improper turn, I am hoping the 3rd party will go in my favor, I can make payments to my doctor, its the $500 deductible that sucks I have to pay mainly.
  6. Ah, they other person has full coverage but as I said her insurance is saying I am 100 percent at fault will mine is saying she is. Wish I knew what basis her insurance is saying that is my fault. Even the police report said she did an improper turn. Just not sure if I should get an attorney or take her to small claims or what. They said it could be 6 months or more before the third party decides who is at fault and what if they say I am or its 50/50 what then?
  7. According to Geico I have no medical coverage on my insurance policy (I have full coverage on my car but I guess no medical) not sure if we are a no-fault state (Idaho) no medical insurance for me yet so out of pocket, so far $200 but I need to go for more visits (Chiro) need to go this week again probably be $60 bucks a visit. Neck is sore and out, getting zings in it and my hands are now numb
  8. Mine is Geico and hers is Farm Bureau
  9. oh and will add now my insurance says I can't know why her insurance is saying its my fault and I guess she has two witnesses (no one was with her and I saw no witnesses and her witnesses are friends with her on facebook) I am not allowed to know what the witnesses saw or said either.
  10. I did just talk to my insurance, they are having to send it off to a third party because her insurance is saying its 100 percent my fault, said it will probably be 6 months before any decision made, my insurance will pay for my car repairs I had full coverage but not the deductible or medical bills. So not sure what to do now, she turned in front of me when I had the right of way across a double yellow line to turn into a gas station I was going West she was going East I had the green light, I was in the right turn lane a big truck was in the lane to go straight and the left turn lane was emp
  11. Hey Brazen! I have been awol for a while, yes I was not injured bad, but have some neck pain but it could have been worse, a few days before my wreck my daughter was in one and totalled her car (that was her fault, following to closely) but she wasn't injured thank goodness. She has had some medical issues has to live with them for the rest of her life but they are treatable, one is auto immune the other with her bladder, just sucks cause when they act up makes her feel like crap. No snow its been a mild winter here, but still ready for spring. How is everyone your way?
  12. I was in a car wreck back on 01/16/2015, it was not my fault, my insurance says yes 100 percent her fault, her insurance of course is saying 100 percent my fault. So I guess they send off to a third party to decide. What sucks is my insurance says I have to pay my $500 deductible (was $9000 to fix car) and my medical bills untill the third party decides (which can take up to 6 months and who know what they will say) I think it sucks I have to pay these bills when not my fault, I have asked my insurance why they can't cover it till the third party is done with there decision, I have been with
  13. CU denied me due to past delinquent payments (I would imagine it would be on most of the medical bills that got turned over to collection) I had a car loan at this CU before and only was late on two payments but they have it showing on my credit report in the negative because of those two late payments.
  14. Applied at CU will see what happens
  15. I am with Cap One they say they can't refinance if you have loan with them
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