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  1. Thanks for the kind words of memory in your post, MP80. Really takes me back. Just FYI, I have been doing some private reminiscing tonight and found this post where GEORGE admitted his male identity. So, I think we can settle that one. For reference, see below:
  2. This is some real SAD news. Did he kick the bucket or whatever happened to him? A truly benevolent soul. . . . I had a vision of comparing my entire wallet of cards with him like in that movie, "Up In The Air" - ever seen it?
  3. Thanks for the reminder Hege; I must have forgotten back in 2008. Can I share with you how I voted or is that considered private?
  4. Dear Sir or Madam: I hope this message finds you well. I am recently back on CreditBoards after a hiatus of over a decade. In this time, I have moved several states, in and out of several homes, jobs, and relationships. What a comforting constant to realize that my account here is still active and in good standing. So, thank you in advance for reading. I have a quick question for Mr. Hegemony or other qualified members with tenure. You see, I joined this site 14 years ago while a college student living in a dorm, and at that time, there was a most entertaining user here who made shrewd work of bold, underline, colored text as well as creative interpretations of card network policy. I found this most inspirational and it kept me returning to the site. Since that time, I have stewarded my credit well with no baddies and now have achieved a FICO (not FAKO) of 835. This gentle man educated me on some of the finer points in life. For example, a love of PEPSI, and a most ardent appreciation for the DELTA AMEX card (now I have two). I have fond memories flying home from college one time back then, and challenging an employee in the airport gift shop where I had attempted to pay for a soft drink (could have been a PEPSI) with my card. She made the egregious error of asking me for -- wait for it -- my ID. Let me tell you, I showed her who was boss, and directed her to the signature panel (duly signed) on the reverse of the card. Most regrettably, she stated it was her manager's policy and she could not complete the transaction without ID. The water fountain would have to do, and it did. Anyway, now as I notice my own grey hairs in the mirror in my 30s and recall fondly this kind man, perhaps a grandfather himself at the time, I realize I have forgotten his name and turn to you for help. Is this upstanding mentor still reachable here and if so, how may I contact him? I would love to know what he is up to and how he spends his time. Best regards, Chad
  5. Will Amex still let you "convert" a Blue for Students to the regular Blue card? I did this back in 2006 or 2007 without a problem. Maybe a CLI would be possible if the card is no longer classified as a student account...
  6. No, after you put in the 4-digit card number, it will either automatically offer you a CLI, or prompt you to fill out a more lengthy form requesting one. That latter form is what triggers the hard.
  7. After calling about three times, I got a knowledgeable rep who checked my Blue for Students conversion options... for the record, the choices are either regular Blue or the Cash Rebate. He said that nothing else is available. The Cash Rebate isn't a good card for me, so I took Blue.

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