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  1. Okay. I will let these 4 cards age for about 6 months. I will use the next 6 months to tackle the EX file. Hopefully after Christmas he will have a high score and better cards. And, dropping FP and Fingerhut shouldn't hurt too much in a year since they were all these accounts opened around the same time. Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!
  2. All the TLs were just added in May and June. FP started reporting in May and the others in June. There are no other TLs on the file. There is nothing reporting except these 3 TLS and one more on the way with Discover IT. So, the score might have gone done with the Judgement being removed. So, I will check the FICO for TU on myfico.com. And, we might have to let these age since he has no other history. I am going to also add him as an AU to help with the age of accounts. But, he is 53 years old if that helps!!!!
  3. I started DH credit repair last month. In the beginning, he only had 3 Baddies on TU , nothing positive. The first 2 deleted easily because they were within 6 months of being deleted. The final one, a Judgement was disputed yesterday online as obselete and today I get an email that it was deleted. It was supposed to be reporting until 2/2015. Thank you TU!!!. I have added 4 TL but only 3 are reporting. First Premier $300, Firestone $900, Fingerhut $500. He was also approved for Discover IT Secured- we sent in deposit of $500 but we have not received the card and it is not reporting yet. He was denied... Wal-Mart and Barclays with the Judgement reporting. So, he might be approved now. 7 inquiries. Fico according to Barclays was 650 with the Judgement. Unsure what it is now. Should we let these age? Should we pay for FICOs? Or, what should be the next steps? We are on our way with EQ and TU both clean. Still work to do on EX. They are being difficult. ( EX- 3 baddies. 2 unpaid utility charges (reporting until 2015 and 2016- we might PFD and a Judgement reporting until 12/2014) Thanks everyone on Creditboards!
  4. Wal-Mart has a range of 300-620 ( Didn't notice that before)..... And, Barclays has a range of 300-850.
  5. Is the FICO for Wal-Mart the same for other GE cards? Or, is it exclusive to Wal-Mart.
  6. Strange....... it must be an internal scoring by Wal-Mart.
  7. I recently applied for both Wal-Mart and Barclays for my DH on the same day within minutes. He was declined for both and both pulled TU. Wal-Mart says his score is 404. Barclays says that his score is 650. Which one is closer to being accurate?
  8. Yes..... It is DCU. Thanks again!
  9. Thanks for the information!!!
  10. I have read that it is best to pay off two cards monthly and leave a small balance on one card to maximize the FICO. So, I called on one of my credit card for the date the statement cuts. This is the response that I received: Your statement closes on the 3rd of each month. Your due date is always on the 28th of each month. We report to the credit bureaus the last day of each month (excluding Saturdays). So, to make sure that I am doing this correctly.... I need to pay in full by the 3rd or before the 28th? Thanks in advance!
  11. Thank you so much. I will add him as an AU on a couple of my accounts. We also have NFCU but he had old checking account where he owes them about $70 and never paid it. So he has to resolve this issue so that he can try to get a card with them. In the meantime, I am looking for maybe one more so he will have 3 open accounts of his own and the AU accounts reports.
  12. Are there any other suggestions for the topic? I started repairing my DH reports and it was already thin. But, EQ deleted the 3 negative accounts and now his file is totally blank. No TLs and No inquiries. He is 53 years old. Where should we start..... On TU he has 1 Judgement that I plan to dispute next month and this one will also be blank. Firestone approved him last night with $900 limit. Discover offered him a secured account. What should we do?

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