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  1. Thanks for all the responses. I will send off a follow up requesting further, more detailed, validation as stated above. And then plan on contacting AG and others once the 30 days passes and they fail to comply. It doesnt make sense that I should be expected to assume that I owe a debt simply because a CA sends me a figure on their letterhead. If thats all it took, then I am in the wrong line of business.
  2. Hi all, So i sent off five Texas style DV letters back in late November. So far one has dropped off all reports. Today I received an attempted verification by another CA who only sent "Verification of Debt" on the CA letterhead with the original institution name, account number, CA reference number, open date, charge off date, and account balance. I do not consider this to be proper validation, nor does it provide me with any legal instrument with signature, any delinquency dates, or any documents from the OC as requested. SO my question is, do I wait until the 30 days are up (green card signed 11/30), before responding with the follow up request letter, or do I send it now, quoting the 30 day window is still rolling? I am past the SOL on this one. Thanks!
  3. Hmm, I'm actually looking at that card for December. Got a pre-approval for $100 if $1,000 spend in the first 90 days. Hitting that $1,000 is going to be a strain though. It shouldn't be hard, as you will overpay for nearly everything you buy there. There's a Best Buy less than a mile from my house. I'm glad it's there. I don't like buying bigger-ticket items online, or even further away from home. If anything goes wrong it's nice to be able to just toss the item into the car and go in and exchange it, and be home with a replacement in ten minutes or less. Saving a few bucks is less important, although I usually shop around quite a bit. I don't think I've overpaid for anything of any significance. The only purpose BB serves for me is when I'm stuck with one of their GC's and I swing by to swap it for an Amazon GC, I have never seen an item at BB that I can't get for substantially less at AMZ, plus I can usually get 5% cashback, or at least 5 pts from Forward. If nothing else I can get 3 pts with the actual Chase Amazon card. As far as big ticket items, I guess I've been lucky. Amz does have one the the easiest return policy out there. If my TV goes out under warranty I can take it to an LG service center. BB now price matches Amazon and various other online stores.
  4. Great thread nolanryan! Love the updates.
  5. care credit as well... 0% for 18 months.. asked for 3500, received 6500...
  6. Semi-successful weekend for me.... Got a preapproved Target RedCard ($200) while checking out... this got me excited, so I came to see what other cards are possible, and got both Zales and Gordons at $500 each... with such good luck, I applied for both Lowes and HD, but got the 7-10 notice... application spree is now over until I get more work done on my reports, but I am happy with the additional $1200 in credit...
  7. have deleted 8 out of eleven for myself, and 7 of 12 for DW.... like others, it has taken more than one go around to get them deleted... now I am down to getting one at a time, even though just hours ago they gave me the cant dispute online messages for the ones I now can dispute... go figure... also got both of our employers taken off...
  8. So i dispute with an OC last week, and thye send back a letter stating that "OC lacks sufficent information to investigate your dispute. If you would like OC to invesitgate further, please provide 1) names of any authorized signers 2) copyof credit reports 3) specific dates that were negativley reported and that you would like us to review. So my question is what is my next step? I provided my address as well as SSN on the original dispute, so they should be able to pull up the information. thanks eugeniuss
  9. uneducated reply here so use at your own risk- I would think that they are violating by: 1) harassing you by calling again and again 2) disclosing debt to third parties via voicemail both are violations via the fcdpa, not sure if they apply to private business though... (edit for spelling)
  10. live in texas, am looking up where i found this info

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