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  1. lol ya think? Everytime I check the boards im like NFCU again? time for me to take a break from cb probably, I feel like im having dejavu everyday. LOL the same thing happened a few years ago with PenFed and Patelco. But I have to admit, although the endless new threads on the same CU can be annoying, I have found it is usually to my advantage to jump on the bandwagon. Back then, I thought Patelco had something to do with India...turns out it stands for PAcific TELeCOm. I never did jump on that bandwagon though.
  2. Thank you Tee, especially the part about no hard CLIs. TheChosenOne pretty much answered my questions, but I do like getting more helpful tidbits like yours.
  3. Actually, I've been wanting to join Navy FCU for years but never could until recently when they finally let the Air Force get in on it. They must have opened up their membership even more, I have noticed the floodgates wide open rush here on the boards lol. Chosen One, I have a lot of good cards already (and I've always been partial to credit unions rather than banks) so I really don't need anymore cards, I haven't applied for one in years. Mostly I just wanted to join since I finally can and since I've been looking for a good Roth IRA certificate, their EasyStart one where you can ad
  4. I had to drive I-10 through LA once in 5 o'clock traffic and I was terrified, but it turned out to not be scary at all - there were so many cars everyone could only go 20 miles an hour.
  5. I don't think you'll have a problem with that, Florida doesn't mess around. When a person is hired for a job in Florida, the employer is required to send their info to the DOR or they get fined. Now, working for under-the-table pay or refusing to work at all is another story. Although I do know someone whose baby's daddy spent weekends in jail until he got a job for trying that.
  6. OK, so I want to open an account at Navy FCU. The products I want are a savings account, a Roth IRA certificate, and a credit card. Questions: 1. They're going to pull EQ, right? When? 2. In which order should I request the products? 3. Which credit card do you think I should get and why? 4. My EQ score is 707, will be even better when August numbers report, what do you think that'll get me? And if anyone would care to post a screenshot of how their account looks online, that would be splendid. I didn't see a link for a demo on their website. Thanks!
  7. I don't like it, I think it tastes like licorice - yuck.
  8. LOKI, I'm sorry if you're mad at me for making a comment but I think you're very pretty and you have a beautiful smile and not just because of the whitestrips. Thanks for posting the pics!
  9. Well just promise that if you can't take it anymore you'll try the gum instead of a real cig. It doesn't taste that bad, it used to to taste like chewing black pepper flavored gum but now they have flavors. I thought the worst thing ever was that stupid nicotine patch. I had the weirdest dreams and my heart raced all night - ugh! It's not natural for even a heavy smoker to get a steady stream of nicotine 24 hours a day. Reminder - NO SMOKING CIGS, MARV. I really think it will get better with time.
  10. Yeah... Math ain't your strong suit... LMAO! I noticed that too but I was too polite to mention it.
  11. Congrats on the 60 days. I'm so proud of you! I hope you can fight off the urge, but if you absolutely cannot, have you ever tried Nicorette gum? It didn't make me stop smoking, but it was the best substitute for a cig I ever tried with none of the weird side effects. I'm ashamed to admit it but I still use it for when I go to the movies. It does have nicotine in it so that would be bad for you but still better than a cig I think. I swear it makes you feel like you just had one. I mix it with Bubblicious so it tastes better!
  12. Whoa! While I was typing my reply, I had Googled the Florida Department of Revenue and saw this webpage. Now you must choose direct deposit or they automatically send you a debit MasterCard. I never got a letter or anything telling me about this, WTH? Although I did notice their checks changed from the kind that comes in an envelope to the kind all folded in one piece with the perforated ends you tear off a couple months ago. I wonder when this takes effect? I just got a paper check a couple of days ago. I'm going get the direct deposit form mailed in first thing Monday b
  13. Yes. The way it works for me is the employer automatically deducts it from his pay and sends it to the state's department of revenue, then they send me a check.
  14. Hi MarvBear! Tell me all about Chantix - my doctor just gave me a prescription for it the other day but I haven't gotten it yet. What were your side effects? Did you try the other pill (the one that doubles as an antidepressant)?
  15. Write CVS corporate, tell them they suck and you're going to Walgreens.
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