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  1. I just got approved for $750 AirTran with 3 old co's. TU-625
  2. I have essentially the same scores and co's. No lates for 4 years. I was just approved for an AirTran cc with $750 limit. I have recently been denied for a pre-approved Chase. BOA also denied me after opening a checking/saving account. Will ask for reconsideration
  3. I have been wanting to change banks and should not be in their system but... if I am, I don't want to wake up a sleeping dog. I have also read that they have a collections section so you would be giving them more info. Think I will just live with Wachovia.
  4. I have dealt with these salamanders. After the second dv letter they will send the same lame form. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING. You will have to press them to show you the proof or delete. I had to send an its letter. They will finally fold but they will try your patience.
  5. How did you get Crap 1 off your back????????????
  6. They pulled eq. Denied.....plus I lost two points. All scores about 615.
  7. I have a CO with crap 1 about 4 years old. I Sent a not mine to the cra's and they came back verified. The new twist is now they list it with a balance and a new CO date.
  8. Good question. I think it depends on the court system. I answered 6 months ago and it has been sitting since then. I check with the court every two weeks to see if there is any action. I have heard that some will die if not pushed forward. maybe some of our experts have more info. Good luck
  9. I think the lates will stay for 7 yrs unless disputed and dropped. I just got a FICO alert that my score had gone up. The reason being that some of my lates had aged to where they didn't carry as much weight. java script:emoticon('')
  10. My eq score ( fico)raised 17 points with no activity today. I'll take it!!!
  11. Hello again. I disputed with big three an old co from HH. Reading my older reports, the thing was co 1/00. For my trouble they are reporting on EQ and EX CO again starting last month. Prior to this it was no report. This gives the impression that it was charged off recently. Have I shot myself in the foot or is there a way to have them correct the impression? Thanx
  12. Why did they deny you? What are your scores?
  13. I just got a new report from TU and they deleted 4 collections. Keep up the good work!
  14. Chaz


    I was served in June, answered in July, and have heard nothing since then. I check with the superior court clerk (Georgia) to see if there is any movement about every two weeks. I cannot find anything in the state statues that addresses moving a case forward. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I feel the court ought to be scheduling a trial date or something by now. I don't want to get blinded-sided by some statue. Thanks, Chaz
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